15 Feb 2016

I thought about you sitting with a few friends watching a football game. You're all sitting on the fence, with you legs locked over the middle bar and you arms draped over the top. You hang back off the rails sometimes letting your long hair catch the breeze.

Sometimes the game catches you attention and you point out onto the field, but I really can't tell as I can only see you from behind. Your shoulders are bare and you're wearing a skirt and sleeveless top. Sometimes I can see you neck, beautiful bare skin catching my attention. Sometimes, your skirt flicks up a little when the cool wind catches picks up and I think I can see a glimpse of you ass under that skirt.

I'm sitting having a drinks with some mates at the grass behind you and I cant stop getting distracted by your body. My eyes move down from your neck to your ass, hanging in the air, small tight and making me wonder what it looks like naked.

Every now and again you lift slightly and I can see your legs stretch up and disappear into your skirt. You're yelling something at the game and your body bounces on the railing. My eyes cant help but follow the your inner legs up and imagine were they meet in the middle under your skirt.

I imagine you're body completely shaved and I imagine the taste of your skin. My lips are dry in anticipation and I catch my breathe as my cock starts to swell in anticipation.

That's when I decided that I must meet you ...

Its a warm day and you're happy to share it with your best friends. Your not that interested in the game, just enjoying the sun, a drink and a few laughs. There's a cool breeze that brushes against your bare legs. The winds light touch on your skin sends a shiver along your legs and reminds you of the last time you were kissed. Your mind starts drifting as your body remembers the touch of his lips. You remember his lips kissing behind you knees, the light touch of his cheeks against your thighs as he moves up slowly. Leaving a trail of wet kisses, cool against your skin.

You snap back to reality and your friends. Daydreaming has left you wet and you can feel it clinging to your thin silk thong. You sit up slightly and adjust your skirt and notice someone watching you from behind. Far back on the grass a guy is staring his eyes fixated and intense. Instantly both embarrassment and arousal sweep through your body, wet again instantly and flushed with heat. He smiles and for a moment you embrace each other with your eyes. You can tell he wants you and you know your body wants him ... now.

Turning back to your friends you bite your lip as your body shivers. In an effort to cool yourself down you stand up on the fence, adjust yourself again and sit down. Hoping that the breeze will cool your overwhelming heat you relax you legs and sit back, hanging a little further off the fence.

He starts to stand ...

Watching you on the fence was more than my body could bare. My excitement exploded and my cock was hard against my jeans. I stood up and started to walk over, my eyes glued to your ass, your skirt hanging in the air as you dangled off the fence. The closer I to you, the more my heart pounded and sent fresh blood straight to the swollen head of my hard cock.

You could sense something behind you and without looking you knew I was carefully approaching. You smiled quietly to yourself and laughed with your friends. Not wanting your friends to realize your attention was lost, you lean forward to take a sip from a cool drink. Leaning forward, you start to expose what's beneath you skirt. You knew that all the guys may also see your wet sex, but this just added to the expectation. I could tell you hoped that I would come much closer.

From behind, the view of your wet white undies clinging to your wet pussy made my cock swell and pulse, pushing hard against my zip. Your thong barely covering the your shaved pussy and clung to your wet lips, creasing and pinched in between your legs. As your ass drifted back down, your skirt lifted in the cool breeze to expose you bare ass, spread wide open, hanging from the fence. It was more than I could bare.

Without thinking, I stepped forward, my pulsing cock matching every breath I took. To involved in the game, none of your friends noticed me lower myself under your hovering body. I turned around, my back now against the fence, in the shade underneath your suspended body.

I could see my friends again, staring, eager for my next move. Some of them already unknowingly fidgeting with their own cocks as I looked up to see your pussy hidden behind the silk and lace, wet now the heat in your body.

I reached up with my lips and gently blew on your legs. Your body twitched in surprise, away at first, but then as if your realised what was happening, your allowed your body to drift down, wet and warm onto my lips.

The scent of your pussy engulfed my whole being. The sweet smell of your sex surrounded all my senses. You unknowingly took control and my body reacted. My tongue pushed against the wet silk, forccing its way to until I could feel your hot skin. My hands grabbed your ass, hard thumbs wrapping about each check, pulling them apart adn spreading your body wide. Your body opened wider, gaping now, wet and pink. I pulled you down onto my face and my stiff tongue penetrated your wet sex.

You could feel the strong fingers reaching into the crevice of your ass, his thumbs wrapping around on either side of you pussy. You could not turn back now. He opened your lips wide, exposing your vulnerable soft flesh. Wetness flowed endlessly from somewhere deep inside, warm and sweet down your legs onto his face.

His strong thumbs stretching you wider again and your flesh gaped open, exposed ... what was he doing ... pulling you down ... onto his .. hard tongue. Like a hard cock his tongue thrust into you wet pussy. You pushed onto his face, his chin nestling between you spread ass, covered in you own sweet juices flowing now freely from your gaping pussy.

Then his tongue softened, spread flat and withdrew. Your body showered him with sweet honey as he kissed your lips. He then pulled you down again onto this softer tongue and started a gentle ascent up the length of your open pussy. Up across you swollen pearl.

His lips descended onto you clit, his mouth sucked it inside in between soft lips. You juices flowed again as he begun running his tongue down again. Toward your gaping hole, now full with honey, ready to burst down his throat. But he didn't stop, he wanted to devour the full length of your sex. Pulling you down lower again, your ass onto his mouth he devoured you entire body and your sex exploded in a torrent over his face.

After swallowing every drop, he licked you legs clean. Kissed you gently on your swollen clit and left you dangling from the fence. The breeze softly brushing, cool across you bare wet skin.