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Alison's Birthday

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Published 7 years ago
It was Saturday night, Alison's birthday party The night before you had flown up from brisbane and spent most of Saturday with your mum and dad. It had been lovely day. Nice to get away from the icy weather and also to just spend time with your folks. You were a little tired from the flight so around three you slipped away for a short nap but it was two and a half hours later when your mum gave u a gentle ...."I must have needed that" you told her Getting dressed for the party was of Alison's friends had dropped in to say hi and she had helped you get ready. The dress looked great, off the shoulder and very were self conscious about your thighs showing but Alison's friend said you looked hot as, and to tell the voices in your head to fuck off You said good bye to your mum and dad and drove off to the party a few kms away. It was eight by this time and the party was starting to rock gave the birthday girl a giant hug and then told each other how sexy you both was so good to see her There wasn't many there that you knew. Some family, but it was mostly Alison's friends, naturally most looked to be in their was nice to just sit back and watch the dynamics of the night....some were already a bit wobbly, some quietly talking and some dancing A voice beside you made you turn here alone? It belonged to a guy you had seen earlier...40ish. Trim body. Medium height and very short hair to hide the slight balding You turn and looked into his grey eyes and replied ..."sort of" Then went on to explain who u were in regard to the other family members there..."hi I am Simone" you said and stuck your hand..."I am Simon" he replied Simon was from brisbane and he too had flown up from brisbane on Friday night...he told you how he had been a neighbour of Alison's growing up and was like a big brother to her "You're not drinking" asked Simon to which you replied "not tonight and you?" "No drinking doesn't really do it for me". Simon was very easy to talk to, funny and told him about your holiday in Thailand and how I was still away for another 6 weeks "Don't you worry about those thai girls. Can you trust him?" he asked. So you went on to explain of the open relationship we had and that we told each other everything, how we had been like that for four years now and it had worked very well, all though you had never really had the opportunity to have a lover by your self The conversation turned to Simons career...He was a PT mostly working at nursing homes and accident rehabilitation hospitals although he did do private training as well...You mention your weight struggles to which he replied with the statement that he could have you into a size ten dress within six months..interesting It was a really nice evening taking about training and diets but by eleven the party was pretty rowdy so you both slipped quietly away. "Would u like a lift back to your hotel" you asked...Simon had caught a cab to the party "If it not putting you out. Thank you" You drove slowly back to the nice hotel on the esplanade where he was staying. There was definitely an undercurrent of excitement in the car as you pulled up.......Simon was nice "What about a walk"suggested Simon... You strolled along, close but not touching, not talking much just enjoying the night and wondering...what if...... You both paused to look at the moons reflection on the water...then you turned and gently kissed his lips Very gently he responded, his arms went around you and pulled you towards him...his body felt firm. The kisses continued, gently, for a long time it felt so hadnt realise how much you had missed the affection and the intimacy the kisses were creating. "I would like to go back to your hotel now" you whispered to walked hand in hand back to hotel then caught the lift to his floor....more kisses in the lift Through the door of his room and you melted into his arms....more kisses on your mouth and neck as he undressed you. First the dress then the bra to reveal your beautiful breasts. He paused to admire you then kissed them all over spending a long time sucking your nipples....he slid his thumbs in your knickers and started to slide them down. A moment of shyness then you closed your eyes and gave yourself permission to have a wonderful night. The knickers were on the floor as you lay back on the bed...more kisses but this time on your belly and down your thighs. Your legs seemed to open by themselves and very soon his tongue had found your clit. A gasp and then so much pleasure. His tongue slid over your pussy lips. It felt unbelievable, you were already wet but when he slipped one then two fingers inside you while his tongue caressed your clit you completely lost wanted his cock in you and you wanted it now You struggled with his belt then pulled down his pants to reveal a gorgeous cock...generous in length and a lovely thickness As he struggled to remove his clothing you waited hungrily and when he was completely naked you pulled him to you...his cock seemed to just slide in were so wet Wrapping your legs around him you pulled him deeper into you First slowly then steadily faster he slid in and out...he was so hard.. You pulled his head to your breasts so he could suck your was amazing, you could feel his body start to tighten as he came close to dug your nails into his bum cheeks as he came, your legs around his bum pulling him in to you as far as didn't want to let go...kept pulling him in. Gradually his cock softened and you both took some time to get your breaths back You played gently with each other as the calmness set could feel his semen trickle down your thigh but you didn't felt so nice to stroke his chest as he kissed you gently "Wow...that was amazing"he said "You are amazing" you replied as you dragged him into the shower for washing and more playing You drove back to your mum and dad's place well after twelve....snuck in the back door.....your mum in her bedroom sleepily asking if you are ok and if u had a nice night....very nice thanks mum You drifted off to sleep with your pussy still gently tingling and Simons phone number tightly held in your hand

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