Written by luckyanrobbie

22 Jul 2014

It was on the flight home that the enormity of what had happened struck home. We had spoken often of you having another lover but the ideas had always come from me. I was the one who had encouraged you almost to the point of nagging. After all it was my fantasy.

In your head you knew that I would be excited and pleased that you had sex with another man but the other part of you was scared that I would be angry and never wanted to see you again....and then there was the thoughts of what would mum and dad think if they ever found out, not to mention all the moral teachings of the religious upbringing that you had received as a girl

You picked up your bag from the carousel and then went out of the terminal to wait for the courtesy vehicle to take you back to where the car was parked. The thoughts still swirling round and round in your mind. What would I say, would I really be excited and happy, what if the family found out, how could you be so loose, and behind those thoughts the memory of Simons kisses. The feel of his hands caressing your breasts, his tongue on your clit and and that amazing feeling as his cock first slid into you. Then back to what would I think, what if mum and dad found out, round and round.

The screech of the tyres and the car horn shook you from your reverie as you drove back to Toowoomba. You had been so immersed in your thoughts that you had wandered into the next lane, the driver was abusing you, gave you the finger and then drove off

You pulled over shaking. After a time you gathered yourself and drove to the next servo and had a coffee

It was lots of things you realised, firstly you were tired, hadn't eaten much during the day, the anxiety of what my reaction would be, the disapproval of family members if someone found out, all conflicting with the pleasure Simon had given you and the desire you had to see him again

You were so exhausted you almost fell through the door, dumped your things and collapsed on the couch...after a time you got up and was drinking a glass of water when I rang. I knew approximately what time you would be home and allowed for the time difference before calling.

We chatted for a little while then you burst into tears.

The dammed up emotions of the last 12 hours burst forth and in between the bouts of sobbing you told me what had happened....I let your emotions run their course then told you how proud i was of you and how much I loved you. It was a long phone call. I finally let you go.

The image of Simon licking you, his cock in you, fucking you, it was so erotic....I didn't sleep much that night.

It took you a few days to get over the weekend. The flights plus the emotional turmoil had been draining. We had spoken a few times during the week but it wasn't until the weekend that your thoughts had turned to how Simon might be feeling.

There was also the issue of not having used a condom that night, did he have some dreadful disease. I had encouraged you to contact him of course but it was so scary, was he really that nice, did you want to see him again, what if you liked him too much and what if he didn't want to see you.

By Saturday afternoon you had made the decision to call him, just a brief call that's all. You nearly hung up when you heard the phone ring but screwed up the courage and held on.


The rich sound of his voice weakened your knees and you tumbled back on to the couch..."Hi this is Simone".....Silence..... Oh shit...you thought

Then the his words came babbling out. How he was so glad to hear from you. How he had never been with a woman like you. Never in his 16 year marriage had love making been anything like last sat night.

As he calmed down you went on to discuss many things and it was two hours later before you hung up the phone.

He explained how he had separated from his wife two years ago, there were no children and he hadn't been with any one else since the separation. The two issues of disease and partner were neatly resolved. He was so easy to talk to and the thought kept creeping into your mind .....what would it be like to have two lovers.

Before sleep that night you laid back on your bed and softly stroked your vagina, while thinking of us both.

Your body spasmed several times and then you gently drifted off to sleep with a pretty, though definitely naughty smile upon your face.