Written by luckyanrobbie

24 Jul 2014

We had discussed Simon in great detail of course..I wanted to know all about your night with him, what his cock was like, did you orgasm, would you do it again...

I loved to hear about every detail. It was something that played around and around in my imagination, something that I could play back over and over....for me it was an amazing aphrodisiac.

You told me that Simon had suggested that he come to see you in Toowoomba one weekend but you weren't keen on that idea....instead you thought you might drive down to see him in Brisbane. That way you could leave at any time it suited you.

It was around this time that I started to get anxious . I started to imagine that you may feel that Simon is more attractive than me, after all he was ten years younger and a whole lot fitter and more handsome. It was a conflict of emotions. On one hand there was the amazing eroticism of you with a young handsome man and then there was the thought that I might be superseded by him and thrown onto the scrap heap.

We had always tried to be as honest with each other as possible and I knew that I needed to discuss this with you. You were flattered and amused by my concerns but you assured me that I would not be made obsolete and just to relax and find a little brown girl to play with...no wonder I am head over heels in love with this gorgeous blonde.

You went down the following weekend to see Simon, you were very nervous. He had an attractive apparment over looking the Brisbane river. He kissed you on the cheek at the door, took your hand and lead you inside....

You stood and looked at him hesitantly.

"Hungry" he asked. "

I am actually" you replied "haven't eaten much at all today...I am pretty nervous"

"I am too if the truth be know" said Simon. "It's silly, after the night we had in Cairns but this seems more" he searched for the word...

"Real?" You suggested

"Yes....more real"

"Let's go get something to eat" he said, to break up the awkwardness of the moment.

"Good idea" you said relieved, "let's go"

You had a light lunch at a small deli near by and chatted freely ....he is a very good looking man you thought to your self...yes very good looking

Several times you had touched Simons arm at lunch while you chatted with him, and it was you who suggested that it was time to go back to the his apartment.

The combination of the flirting, his charming personality and good looks were proving to be irresistible,

You walked back to his building, both of you very aroused

"You are so hot" he whispered in your ear as you entered the lift, you smiled your response. Your hand "accidentally" brushed against the front of his jeans as you walked out of the lift ....you touched him again as he fumbled with the keys, then it was inside where you kissed passionately as soon as the door closed. He pulled you close and you could feel his hard body and even harder cock through the material of his jeans

He took your hand and lead you into his bedroom, more kisses as you hurriedly removed each other's clothing. You grabbed him by the hips, spun him round, pushed him back on the bed and then proceeded to devour his cock. It was such a beautiful cock, very hard with a definite bend towards his belly..

Sucking, licking, stroking. You cradled his balls in your hand then ran your tongue up the under side to the very tip of his knob and from there slid your mouth over him.

His eyes were closed and low moans escaped from him as you sucked his cock, taking most of him in your mouth.

He could feel himself loosing control but didn't want to cum so early. Gently he held your face and lifted you off.

"I want to fuck for a very long time" he said...."I want you too do that too" was your reply.

He sat you down and began to work his magic on you, kisses on your throat, neck and shoulders, sucking and licking your breasts, then slowly working his way down your belly to your wet and eager pussy below.

You had prepared yourself earlier by waxing and your naked vagina was so ready....you pulled back your pussy lips so that he could more easily lick you....he made circular motions with the tip of his tongue and gently sucked your clitoris. It felt amazing. Your legs were wide now and his tongue was entering your vagina It felt so wonderful....

"Fuck me now" you demanded "Fuck me now"

You were so ready for him, again his cock just slid in...withdrew once to get really comfortable then steady strokes, slowly at first at first,then gradually building momentum....

Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

You want him to cum inside you right then and there, but he slowed, rolled you over and started again with you on all fours....

My god that's so good....he had great stamina,

You spooned together on your sides, his cock sliding in and out, while his fingers caressed your clit....you came...so intense...eyes closed, driving yourself onto his gorgeous cock, his fingers stroking your clit, not stopping for a instant, his body shuddered, his cock could no longer contain the semen in his balls.

His semen squirted into you....you could feel it.

Your instincts took over as you drove yourself back onto him. Your body wanted his cock in you as deep as it would go....it was amazing,

You reached behind, grabbed his arse cheeks and pulled him in further still. Neither of you want to separate, he held you firmly by the hips and you were still holding him tightly against you...you were both exhausted

His cock slowly relaxed and then finally slid out by itself. His semen oozed out, there was so much. He cupped his hand and started massaging your pussy. Oh I do like you Simon, you thought to yourself again.

It was almost dark by the time you had both washed and dressed again...

"I am not going to stay tonight", you said

He had a disappointed look in his eyes but as you explained, I was your partner and you didn't want to sleep with anyone except me"

"We are fuck buddies, amazing fuck buddies". You kissed him softly good bye and with wobbly legs walked down to the car and started the long drive back to Toowoomba.

"Fuck that was good" you said again to yourself as the lights of Brisbane faded in the mirror..."Fuck that was good"