7 Aug 2017

I told my Ric that I had left my baby doll nightie, freshly covered in cum, over at my new studs home. Ric was disappointed I could not wear it all wet and spunky for him later tonight, so I asked Ric to drive me back over, as we later went out to visit friends for dinner, so I could pick my spunky, wet, teddy up for him. I made sure Ric's cock was rock hard as he ran me over there. I was rubbing Ric through his jeans … whispering in his ear that my newest conquest would probably not let me out of his home with out fucking me again… Creamy precum was flowing from Ric’s cock as he imagined my new stud taking me once more, let alone the damage my new man had done to my pussy earlier… I took Ric's hand into my lap and let him feel just just how wet my pussy was, as we pulled up, and trust me I was wet! I hopped out of our car, I blew Ric a kiss, and skipped up the drive to my new man’s front door … My new man, he knew I was coming back over and was already naked and his magnificent cock was warmed up and even semi-hard … Even though I had really not planned on fucking him, I would not say I would not fuck him (as we were meeting our friends shortly) … I knew I needed to at least suck that big cock. My mouth was literally watering as I looked at his sexy organ once more … I open facetime to Ric and I handed my phone to my stud and told him that I wouldn’t stay long. I dropped to my knee's. I would give him a good blow job as long as he facetimed Ric my cock sucking, I said. I knew it would be a great “surprise” for Ric, waiting in the car. I had little time, so I attacked his cock with gleeful abandon. He blew into my mouth quite fast ( I must have done a good job, haha) I kissed him goodbye, I had swallowed the spunk load, but my mouth was still strong in spunk flavour and my lips wet with drool and cum overflow.

I straightened myself, kissed my sexy lover and literally ran back down the drive, jumped into my seat and stuck my tongue straight into Ric's mouth. He went wild and kissed me back, so hard. Ric mauled me, he rammed his fingers into my cunt. Right in the drive. I pushed him back after 60 seconds or so as we had to go. I teased Ric discretely all evening and Ric gave me a fucking hot fucking when we eventually made it home...

Any horny wife will tell you that the power of a big cock on a handsome guy, who really knows how to use it, is simply and wonderfully life changing fuck… I cum hard and I cum often … the orgasms are practically ripped from my pussy, almost against my will …sometimes I find myself begging, yes begging for mercy!

Big cock is incredibly addicting … I will literally fuck a stud anytime and anywhere he wants … Ric know's I have been guilty of calling them randomly for a booty call … even with my sexy Ric laying next to me … Ric's dick is always ready to go, but sometimes, just not what I need … sometimes I just need a big new cock to fuck me hard.