11 Oct 2018

The thing is women are so good at sizing up a mans mood.... I'd hot hauled down to the old lion the xu was parked and the sun was going down I pushed in through the glass windowed door big brass handles and I glance in looking for my friends and see a really good looking african american girl as I close the door she's way down the long bar and I look away and spy Craig and Kezza supping suds mates from way back a coopers with a dash o lime I feel good with the music and rowdy bar Melbourne street jumps and the culture seems stronger than home...anyway after a while I have to go to the john threading my way through the crowd ....dresses and jeans occasionally brush me and there's perfume and pheromones in the air ....frottage is a wonderful thing and when women are skilled at it the nipples that hit ones shoulder blades zinging snappily acrooss your spine the denim covered butt pushed against a thigh ....that's what she did as I drew up to her she turned in to me her mouth and eyes smiling "sorry" her nipple tracing my bicep .. I couldn't take her in all at once she was so fucking beautiful up close and I knew shed found it interesting that I hadn't stared at her the way all the other men were ....we talked so I said my friends are hunting food would you like to come to ....I had to pee so we went to the loos friends and piled into the lime green torana .....Himeji I'll write about soon .....I did write about the fun we had at the restaurant but stupid me mentioned an illegal act so wasn't allowed and really pissed me off ?