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Dangerous Liaisons

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Published 3 years ago
Dangerous Liaisons The rendezvous - a park. The uncertainty made them both very nervous. Pulses racing. No descriptions given. The abyss. The unknown. The dangers that lied beyond. Yet they were both there - willing to take a chance. The thrill, the excitement, the moment - all far too much to turn down. The complication of determining who among the throng of people at the park was the one with the flame in their belly to pursue such madness! They both sit down, pretend to be fiddling on their phones whilst watching the exercisers. Rule a line through the ones that are sweating far too much already. A gulp in their throats. Hopefully that sweaty feeling comes later. A stiffness of his cock. A wetness of her pussy. Thoughts racing, spines tingling, nether regions throbbing. Eyes darting trying to locate the one. Looking for signs. A hard on. A gait that suggests a wet pantie rubbing gently against an eager clitoris. Checking for another email to narrow down the selection process. Perhaps another clue. The wait is unbearable. An email in her inbox reads, "I'm carrying a handkerchief in my pocket and will wipe my brow from time to time whilst walking........." She looks up. Decides it's best to walk. The man next to her stands up and decides to walk as well. He reaches for his pockets and pulls out a handkerchief, looks around, wipes his brow and starts walking in the opposite direction to her. "Oh god - that was close", she thinks to herself. She is overwhelmed with fear and excitement. She walks quickly. A myriad of thoughts racing through her mind. Wants to walk away and never turn back. Equally wants to see what he looks like. He won't know who she is. She has the ace up her sleeve. If he looks weird then she'll simply walk past him and keep going. She starts walking. She can feel her wetness - her clit engorged. She wants this more than anything right now. His hands eagerly touching her. His chest embracing her. His cock pinned against her body - throbbing - feeling its pulse. She wants his cock inside her. Slowly, inch by inch, delving into her wetness. She wants to hear him sigh when he enters her. She wants to feel him on top of her. His weight pinning her down. His body's rhythm at one with hers. She wonders what he might feel like when he explodes inside her. The warmth oozing into her body, filling her. Feeling his body thrust into her. Feeling him spasm, climax. Wondering whether she can contain her enjoyment or whether she would let out a scream of pleasure. Her primal instincts to the fore! He chooses to walk round the oval. He noticed her when she sat next to him. He hoped it was her. He liked what he saw. Voluptuous. He imagines what she might be thinking right now - whether she too is excited beyond control. He wonders whether she will let loose and be completely in the moment. Not worry about being caught in public. Making his cock her own. Stroking it, sucking it, fucking it like she had no other. He wonders whether she likes to be fingered gently or roughly. He hopes that she likes to have her pussy lips licked gently and slowly. His cock stiffens further when he thinks about curling his tongue around her clitoris. Slowly massaging it like only he knows how to do. His mouth is dry with anticipation. His body tingling. His core tense with apprehension. His cock throbbing and oozing juices of pre-pleasure. She now finds herself walking towards him. He looks slim yet strong, big hands, well proportioned - she tries not to look at his bulge but it's definitely there and is it her imagination that he has a hard on. She smiles inwardly and the fear is momentarily replaced with pure excitement. She wants to feel his body on her. She wants to feel him inside her. She wonders whether he is as excited and nervous as she is. Will she make eye contact with him as she walks past him? He wipes his brow as he walks towards her. He hopes it is her. How will she show him that it is her? They are now almost side by side. The electricity runs deep. Like opposite charges they attract. She is a vision to him. He to her. He looks at her, handkerchief in hand, hoping for some reaction. She looks into his eyes and smiles, acknowledging his presence. She slows down. He reacts and slows down too. He puts the handkerchief away in his pocket. It takes her eyes away from his eyes and to his hand and his pocket. The outline of his needs are there to behold. She looks over her shoulder then back at him. She gets closer. Real close so that no one can see between him and her. Without batting an eyelid or saying another word she looks into his eyes and puts her hand on his shaft, feeling its energy course through her. He closes his eyes and moans softly. She squeezes gently, in response to his throbbing. He swallows his amazement and hopes that he doesn't cum right then and there. He manages to engage his brain for a second and work back through where he envisaged they could sneak away and fulfil this fantasy. He grabs her hand and walks her towards the direction of the botanic garden section of the park. She liked him taking charge. She liked that he had planned ahead. He certainly had a strong grip. She hoped he would put his strong hands on her hips and pull him into her. She hoped he would run his hands down her back, squeeze the breath out of her. Roam her body like he had never roamed a woman's body before. She wanted him to crave every inch of her. She worried that he might not like her curves, her bumps, her cellulite, her flaws. He found the spot. An opening in the gardens that lead to a more secluded spot, rarely seen, rarely traversed. Within this confine they were safe to let loose. He had not let go of her hand throughout. He spun her towards him and as if to tell her that this was it, grabbed the back of her neck with his right hand and drew her face close to his. He looked into her eyes and then leaned in to kiss her. Mouths together, lips on angles to nestle perfectly into a union, tongues darting frantically, trying to find what each other prefers. She felt him. She felt his energy course through. She could feel him throb against her. His shaft growing against her belly. She could feel that she was wet and was ready to have him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her then and there - all inhibitions cast aside. Even if someone walked into the scene right now she would not care less. She would continue to ride him till they both came and worry about the consequences later. He found her right hand with his his free hand and directed it down towards his cock. She did not resist. She liked him leading, for now. He was hard. She ran her fingers along his trousers, tracing the width of his cock. It felt like it would burst through. She knew it would be a snug fit. She imagined sucking on it, slowing licking the pre-cum from it and seeing what reaction that got from him. She wondered what he liked. She knew that almost all men preferred a slow, long, warm suck of their shaft. She wanted to take him in her mouth then and there but he was in control, calling the shots. He kept kissing her, longingly, tasting her, savouring her, like he had no other. She was a good kisser. Tender lips wrapped round his in just the right manner. Her tongue doing just the right things with his. He wanted no more yet he knew that she was at his mercy now. He was certainly at hers and she could do whatever she wanted with him. He moved away from her mouth and focused in on her ear lobes, nibbling them gently, sucking on them tenderly, imagining that he would be doing similar to her clitoris shortly. The thought made him more aggressive. His hands grabbed her on her hips and he pushed hard against her almost wanting to shove his cock into her through the layers. He grabbed his shaft and directed it downwards, spread her thighs and eased in between her legs. He could feel her accommodate him. She wanted to feel his cock there. She wanted to rub against it. Feel how long and hard he was and use every inch to her pleasure. He pushed her up against the stump of a tree right next to a stone wall. He unbuttoned her dress. Only now did he realise that she was dressed for the occasion. She had discarded her bra a long time ago. He wondered whether she was pantyless as well but tried hard not to think about that and re-focused on her lovely upper body. She had little breasts with big, bee-stung like nipples. He couldn't believe his eyes! She watched him keenly. Every action of his was making her realise that he liked what he saw and was truly into her. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and encouraged him to nuzzle her breasts, do what he would to her nipples. He seemed mesmerised by her nipples and the size of her breasts. She loved his infatuation with them. She loved that he was like putty in her hands. She leaned her body back, bringing her hips forward and rubbing her mound against his hard on. She could take no more and wanted to feel the veins of his cock in her hand, feel the velvet skin, touch the sticky pre-cum, taste his sweetness. She pushed him gently away from her and then reached down for his cock. A firm grip to let him know that she was now in charge. Whilst initially startled, he quickly realised that he had not done anything wrong. On the contrary, she was so turned on that she had unleashed the shackles and was now taking control. He watched her as she looked into his eyes but kept stroking his cock. With the other hand she undid his trousers bit by bit. First the buttons and then the zipper. His pants now down near his ankles. Only underpants now to deal with. They did not last long either. He watched her eyes light up with excitement. She could not contain herself. There he stood - rock hard cock. muscular thighs and a stomach to die for. Chiseled lines tracing a triangular path from his hips down to his manhood. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it gently whilst she pinned him with her hungry body. He grew in her hand. She could smell the lust in the moment. She leant down and admired his lower torso as she worked her way down, lingering with her greedy hands along the way, feeling every inch of his sculpted body. Hands, mouth, lips all craved more of him. Her mouth lead the way from his firm stomach down to his thick mound of hair and then further down to his cock. He looked down at her and couldn't believe his luck. She looked like she wanted to devour his cock. He was stiff as he had ever been. Purple. Pulsing. Droplets of pre-cum jerking out in anticipation. She was examining it closely. It was as if there was a master at work and she was working out just the angles she would need to ride him to kingdom come! She leant in further, parted her lips every so slightly and kissed the tip - a butterfly kiss; barely a flutter but enough to send the endorphins racing. He looked down with pleading eyes. She looked up and parted her lips a fraction more and slowly took him into her. Warm, wet and welcoming - a mouth that had hungered for this moment yet managed to control the pressure applied to his ripeness. He closed his eyes. Breathed heavily. She sure was a master at this craft. She lingered and then with her tongue placed gently against the underside of his shaft slowly pulled away from his body. Pressure applied just enough to force him to reach out to her suggesting that what she was doing was incredibly hot and if she kept this up he would not be able to hold on. She understood, smiled and went back for seconds. Lowering her warm mouth over his shaft, inch by inch by inch by inch, looking up when she got to the very end, looking lovingly at him and then flicking her tongue back under his shaft as she slowly pulled away from him. She could sense he was close. Her right hand on his abs. Open palm racing all over his chiseled lower half. Then clawing at him. Then feeling him tighten up on her and then release and then tighten and then release. He was in the throes and she was coming along for the ride. Instinctively her left hand reached between her parted thighs. She formed a v shape with her fingers and then ran them from her curly mound down to her opening. The hairs parted, her outer lips well and truly spread, eagerly waiting to welcome his meat. She brushed up with her fingers again and brushed past her clit. She moaned and almost caught herself unawares as she had a mouthful already. He saw her struggle with his length but quickly worked out that she had moaned and was back in control. He now knew why - he could see her hand disappearing beneath her dress. Her elbow in motion. He pulled his cock out of her warm mouth and told her not to stop doing what she was doing. He told her he wanted to see her touch herself. He wanted to see her pleasure herself but not to remove her dress. She was surprised to lose control to him so quickly. He seemed to be living out his fantasy within a fantasy. She relented and went for it. She parted her thighs further so he could see the whole show. Pubes parting to reveal a pink treasure trove. Lips glistening with moisture. Inviting him in. She ran her fingers over her pussy and parted her lips even more so. Her clit was engorged and needed attention so she duly buttered it up with her pussy juices. She slowly stuck a finger into her pussy. Wetness all over her finger. She brought that finger back up and past her clit and then offered it to him to taste. He leant in and obediently sucked her finger dry. He wanted to show her that he appreciated how she had sucked on him and almost made him cum in her mouth. He looked at her, kissed her hard and then placed both hands under her bum and lifted her up and placed her on the wall by the tree. He spread her legs, looked at her longingly and then kissed her on her perky nipples. He kissed her underneath her breasts. His hands roaming her shapely body. He loved how she felt. He could sense her body responding to his hands, her pussy lifting up to him asking for some attention. She watched as he juggled with her pleasures. There seemed to be so much of her he wanted to touch, feel, lick, kiss, taste. She was lost in this heaven as she watched him feast on her. He slowly traced a path down to her pubic bone. He rested his mouth there, nose nuzzled in her hairs. She could feel both hands move away from her lower back and shift their attention to her inner thighs. They came closer to her opening, kneading away at her thighs, preparing for the main course. His eyes looked up at her, his mouth opened and his tongue unfurled out and gently lay on her clit. This sent shivers down her spine. Almost simultaneously she felt a finger of his slide deep inside her. A gush of wetness. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She felt his tongue move gently yet could feel the abrasiveness of his tongue. A sublime mix. His tongue traced shapes around her clit, expertly close enough yet far enough to heighten the experience. It was as if he was a conductor leading his tongue on a wonderfully complex piece of music that was pitch perfect. She let out a sigh on every well hit note, moving in unison, longing for him to rest his tongue back on her clit again. She felt him slide a 2nd finger into her. She felt full and let out a groan of pleasure. She felt him bend both fingers and massage the inner walls whilst his tongue traced a wet path up and down from his fingers to her clit. She tensed her core muscles and brought herself up of the wall to see him go down on her. It was a sight to behold. A man that craved her with such passion yet had the control of a surgeon. She wondered for a split second how many women he had been with to fine tune his skills to this zen level. As quickly as the thought came to her, it went as he pursed his lips round her clit and sucked on it ever so gently whilst increasing the frequency of his fingers thrusting deep into her and then rhythmically bringing them back along her inner wall sending all sorts of wonderful feelings coursing through her body. He sucked a little bit harder and then she could feel the palm of his hand rest gently under her clit bringing his fingers back out of her pussy and then he thrust them in, all the time sucking on her little love bud. And again. And again. And again. Flurry. Passionate fury. Palm brushing up and down her pussy lips that were now wanting this to never stop. Fingers thrusting in and out of her. Mouth and tongue working her clit over frantically. She felt her body tense up, her pelvis open wider, yet her legs closing in on him, her anus squeezing tight, her muscles start to spasm, her breath much faster now, her sounds more audible now, her body glistening with sweat, the musky smell of sweet sex, love juices on his sticky fingers. She closed her eyes, laid back down on the wall again, reached out and held his head lovingly, appreciatively and prepared for what was to come. He watched her lie back. He felt her hand cradle his head. He felt her body tense up. Every muscle in her being ready to squeeze down on her and release her body into sheer bliss. Every fibre of her being ready to pull in and let loose. He felt her thighs close in on him, her hips rising up, her clit grinding against his lips. He knew that she was now at the point of no return and she and he were going for it. Fingers, mouth, tongue, lips - all now racing for time. His cock throbbing up and down in the air ready to explode itself. He felt her back arch, hips rise further, body jolt and then she let out a shriek that lasted for what seemed an eternity. Her body convulsing on his fingers, her thighs together, squeezing his face away from her mound, her eyes still closed, her hand creased through his hair, still holding on, never wanting to let go. He picked her up gently, lay down on the grass, placed her on top of him and wallowed in the moment. She cannot come to her senses. She has never been this tense yet had this kind of release before. Her body feels light. She feels like she is not really within herself. Feels like she is a voyeur of this scene where this man has made her feel so free, released her from all the worries in the world. She feels her body slumped on his. She recognises his firm torso under her, his chiseled lines supporting her sweaty body. She rests her head on his chest, looks up at his beautiful eyes and sees the warm smile that creeps across his face. She smiles back as if to acknowledge that he has indeed made her feel the bliss she had craved. He loves the feel of her on him. He loves the droplets of sweat trickling from her body onto his. His wraps his arms around her and squeezes her into him, never wanting to let go. His hands trace a path from her ample bum to her lower back. Works his way to her lovely hips and then to her rib cage just below her breasts. She lets out a belated sigh. She slumps her head down on his chest and her legs part slightly to let his cock find its way to her mound. He closes his eyes and decides this moment is too pure to ruin and starts breathing in unison with her. He awakens to movement. The brushing of lips on his shaft. He looks up gingerly as if woken into a dream. He looks down and sees that she is straddling him, legs apart, neat bush greeting the tip of his cock, her hands placed on his hips strategically to allow her to run her pussy lips up and down his shaft. He looks up at her beautifully curved, womanly body. Her little breasts, beads of sweat still prevail, her eyes looking down upon him, looking for a hint from him that this is exciting him. He looks into her eyes and feels her grind her mound into his cock. She senses him start to stiffen. She leans down and kisses him deeply, her small breasts graze upon his chest. His nipples at one with hers. Their bodies come together. She leans back again and sees the tip of his cock peek out from her pussy hairs. She works herself up over the tip of his pulsing cock and expertly lowers herself and guides him into her. The feeling for him is breathtaking. Her hands placed on his chest. Her eyes looking deep into his soul yet her pussy masterfully guides his manhood into her moist cavern. He feels himself get even harder still inside her. She feels him swell inside her. She sways back gently, arching her back as she does, accommodating every inch of him inside her. His length bending inside her passage and filling her up. Her hips rotate backwards, her pussy opening applying pressure on his shaft to harden him even further. He moans. He reaches for her. Places his hands on her hips and thighs. She rolls gently forward again, her mouth agape, enjoying his throbbing meat. Her tummy rolling onto his. Sweat transferred, drizzling down his washboard stomach. His hands explore her shapely arse. He spreads her cheeks apart. Savouring every inch of her curvy figure. Fingers working over every curve, bump - electricity running through him. She works back away from him, pressure on his cock again. He hardens further still. Nowhere to go. If she keeps this up he will explode inside her like he has never before. He grits his teeth, digs his fingers into her hips, closes his eyes and moans deeply. He looks up at her again and realises that she has her eyes closed, one hand on his stomach and the other parting her own pussy lips to enable him to see the tacky moisture that is building up between her clit and his shaft. She lowers herself down and her clit brushes down onto his cock's pulsing veins. Her swaying quickens. The tempo picks up. She moans. He moans. Back and forth, rocking on his shaft, sending sensations through her body and bringing his cum closer to the surface. Pumping gently then vigourously. Her moist lips slapping down on him. His firm body reaching up to her, pounding into her. Fucking feverishly now. No inhibitions whatsoever. The world is just the two of them bringing each other to climax. Forwards and backwards - her hips thrust, meet his cock, suck him in deep then release him halfway out of her and then back deep again into her welcoming home. He closes his eyes. Breathing far faster now, sounds of ecstasy not contained anymore. His hands holding onto her waist, digging into her. Helping her fuck him. Rising up deep into her chasm. Moist lips releasing him and then swallowing him up. His thighs tense up. His tummy tenses up. His butt cheeks squeeze together. His fingers dig deep into her soft curves. His hand reaches for her mound and he pushes gently upwards to see her lovely clit and wet lips again. Breathes heavily and lets out a muffled roar as he blows inside her. Shooting warm cum inside her. Pouring fourth from deep within his body. Violently gushing out of him, invading her. She feels his hands tighten on her, his fingers dig into her hips. He is close now. She is very close too. She watches his beautiful, firm body seize up and buckle underneath her as he explodes inside her. His warmth rushing out of him and into her, filling her up and making them completely in unison. He is her and she is him. Oozing out of his pulsing cock and moistening her insides. No stopping her now. She rocks back and forth - his cock now a malleable tool for her to work with. She grinds away on top of him, the frothy white cum dribbling out of her. Her pulse quickening, her body shaking, her hips involuntarily closing in on him, her pussy lips squeezing every drop of love out of him. She leans back, digs her fingers into him, moans, moans, moans - her body starts seizing up on her - her pussy pushing his limp cock out of her, she leans back, closes her eyes and then falls down on top of his chest. Loving sweat, precious cum, pounded flesh, two spent bodies safe in each others' arms.

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