Written by MsD (MrMsD)

26 Jul 2016

Miranda breathed deeply, her heart beat pulsing as her mind buzzed. Her lover kissed her wet lips gently nuzzling them open with her eager tongue and Miranda surrendered herself to the hot wetness of Megs mouth, her tongue darting and seeking a response....which she gratefully gave. Meg stroked Miranda's hair moving her hand gracefully to her pert breasts which were small and sweet and there they lingered until Meg could feel the pink nipples harden, exactly the response she longed for and the invitation to pleasure her new lover to the depth of her soul. Miranda smelt the scent of her lover, an exotic , sensual bouquet that aroused her senses and she sighed as she felt her clit pulse. Meg caressed Miranda feeling her curves and softness of her skin and was gratified by the Miranda's little whimpers and sighes, sensing her attentions could now be on the sweetness of Miranda's pussy. Continuing her journey of feminine delights she gentle kissed a path from Miranda's breasts to her cute outie navel with its diamond piecing, lingering there to enjoy the taste and flick the diamond with her tongue. Meg couldn't wait anymore and her hands eagerly stroked the silken patch of pussy hair while moving her hand to open the gate to heavenly delights. Meg was excited by her lovers response as she was drawn upwards for an embrace and caress of her abundant breasts and released to continue her torture. Meg stoked the pink wet pussy with her fingers...gently opening the lips and stroking the clit while her other hand entered her delicious cunt and explored its wet depth slowly at first then quicker as Miranda's hips rose to meet her efforts. Meg now lifted her face to gaze at her lovers pussy and devoured it with her gaze and tongue reveling in its hot wetness and running her tongue over the valleys and peaks. Miranda was now panting and pushing Meg's head to her clit wanting blissful release. ...Meg bending to her wishes licked and sucked the beautiful pussy taking in the flowing juices and wanting more. Miranda felt her response grow and was heady in the sensations in her pussy and the eroticism of her first female touch....she called Meg's name and begged for more .... Meg gladly obliged as her wet long tongue flicked the engorged clit quickly while using her hand to fuck her lover. Miranda screamed as the climax came, strongly at first then repercussions of smaller tremors. Meg felt the gush of juice flowing over her tongue and greedily sucked for more, heartened by her lovers screams. Miranda became silent and lay breathing rapidly and waiting for her lovers embrace. ...she was not disappointed as Meg embraced her and kissed her tenderly, pulling the sheets around them as they snuggled into blissful rest. ...well for a little while!