7 Feb 2016

Hi my names Penny and this is the start of my story, after rereading my words I can say this is the start of a better life. It was a hot summers day and Nikky and had arranged to have lunch at our favourite little restaurant near my home. I liked the banquette style seating and the starched white table clothes, they use beautiful wine and water glasses as well.

Nikky has been my best friend since school and we are both nearing the mid-forties. Life was tough we both lost husbands our children have left us to make lives of their own. I can share with you that I have always had a thing for Nikky. You know things like when we peck hello i make sure our breasts make contact, i like to put my arm around her waist as we walk, i get a thrill when our hands touch.....that sort of thing.

Today i was feeling confident and wanted to push the boundaries and see what Nikky felt but not endanger a life long friendship. Feeling very naughty I dressed for the days heat with just a light cotton dress. I want to feel sexy so under my dress i had on a black thong and a materity bra ! Its one of my little kinks, i like to be able to slip my hand in open the bra flap and caress my nipples.

Wee met outside the restaurant and as usual Nikky had read my mind and also had a cotton summer dress on. Nikky leaned in for our usual peck on the cheek and i ensured our boobs brushed against each other. Nikky looks fantastic for 43 her body is firm with a tiny waist, hard round bum, and beautiful turned up nipples on medium sized breasts. I have admired her body for years.

The owners of the restaurant showedd us to a table in the rear, a bit more private for his regular customers. It had a high backed banquette so we could sit next to each other. We placed our orders and added wine and water, both drinks arrived quickly. Our conversation took its usual course.....what were the kids doing, work but then i steered the conversation towards sex. I was very nervous and drinking a bit to much wine.

I started by complaining about the lack of eligible guys in our age bracket. She agreed fully and confessed that she had a vibrator and dildo for the long lonely nights. We giggled over this and i realised we both had a bit to drink.

I asked if she still had erotic dreams and wants, she said offcourse sex may not be often but it was very impotant to her. I pushed a little harder asking if she recently thought about sex with another woman. I did get a spoken reply, i got a naughty smile and under the table i felt my dress being lifted. Her cool hand parting my legs. Wow what an answer to my question. I felt her fingers exploring my thong and how far she could move it to the side.

"Mmmm cheeky girl, i like your choice in knickers !" I blushed and ordered more wine.

My sexy side kicked in and i moved my hand over to ,lift her dress. As my hand approached her knickers i could feel the heat from her pussy, Nikky was hot. I took my hand away and reached up to my water glass and took out an ice cube. My nervous hand darted under the table. I finally found a worthwhile used for my epoxy nails as i made a hole in her knickers. I slipped my fingers in a ripped open the crotch.

I looked Nikky in the eye and she winked and said "go on, do it" so i played the ice cube over her pussy lips. The heat from her pussy was exciting me, making my own pussy wetter and my nipples hard.

Nikky parted her legs so i could slide my ice cube onto her clit. As i did she took another swallow of wine and a deep breath. I held the cube on her clit testing her resolve but she didnt react. I could feel the cube melting, a little trickle of iced water cooling her pussy and wetting the seat.

Becoming more adventurous i grabbed a second cube determined to slip it inside her and hold it there with my finger. By now my pussy was wet and aching for attention but i wanted to continue my game with Nikky. I slipped the cube into her and finger followed, her pussy was hot, smooth and very wet. I could believe the joy it brought to be inside Nikky and seeing the happy look on