7 Feb 2016

Nikky was standing over me and her erect nipples were beyond my reach.

Then it happened, i could feel his cock start to throb inside me as his cum raced up the shaft, my orgasm was starting, so i slammed my full body weight down on his cock. I thought i was going to split but my orgasm started. I was aware that Nikky was working my body, i could feel her sucking my nipples, caressing my clit and then pulling my hair and tickling my arse. My body exploded, i was feeling everything at once, my mind lost in a cloud of lust. I was shaking as if frozen every nerve ending reacting to what was happening.

After i short while, maybe only a few seconds, my mind cleared and i realized i still had his cock in me, i was naked and i had my fingers in Nikky's pussy. Nikky helped me up sliding his wilting cock out of me. Hi crotch was soaked and cum and squirt were running down my thighs. Nikky and I grabbed paper towel and cleaned up our waiter redressing him. We quickly washed ourselves and i put my bra and dress back on. And we went back to our table with silly grins on our faces.

Nikky looked at her watch and said everything had happened in less than 15 minutes, the waiter wasnt even missed. I turned to Nikky " how the hell did I end up naked ??" Nikky replied " I could feel your body reacting to my touch, i had just kissed your mouth and as i looked at your face i could see your eyes glaze and knew your orgasm was coming. So i stripped of your dress to keep it clean and undid your bra for me to squeeze your boobs. I was right you gushed all over him and my fingers and i truly loved the bliss on your face"

It was over coffee the light bulb moment happened it wasnt the huge cock that caused my monumental orgasm, it was Nikky's touching, kissing and fingers that brought me on. The feelings that ran through me were a lifetime of desiring my best friend. With my heart in my mouth and with the fear of rejection or even ridicule, i whispered in her ear " Will you be my fulltime lover ?" Nikky took my hand and started weep...." i have waited 25 years to hear that. When Ray was alive he wanted to become swingers. I agreed but only if it was with you and David. Ray thought it was David i wanted and i never told him it was you. Like you i came because of you not just a big cock"

With that lunch was over and I invited Nikky bome to clean up properly. Yes i paid the full bill but didnt leave a tip for the waiter he had it in other ways.

What happen when we got home is another story but you will have to PM me to say you liked this one before I tell it.