Written by wantoncpl3

8 Mar 2012

We were staying in an apartment near the Storey Bridge in Brisbane and I woke up horny, as the sun streamed in through the north facing windows.

The apartment was next door to a high rise block and a number of balconies faced our window. People were already seated on the balconies eating breakfast and I figured that they could probably see down and into our window. We were naked and just covered by a single sheet and the thought of being seen filled me with excitement.

As my lovely lady woke, I kissed her and rolled into an embrace. She felt my morning hardness against her thigh and reached down to touch it, as I kissed her more urgently. Thinking of the possible viewers, I lowered my head to her breast and renewed the kissing,raising her nipple and making her moan.

Her hand gripped my cock tightly and I knew she wanted to start the day as I did, so I pulled the sheet aside and we were both totally on view. She has a lovely body, breasts still firm and a narrow waist leading to full sexy hips.Her tummy is taut from exercise and I loved kissing down along her rib cage to the hollow of her belly and on to her shaved mound.

She spread her legs to allow me access to her pussy, still moist and pungent from the night before. The smell and taste filled my senses as I licked and sucked along her swollen lips, dipping my tongue every now and then into the depth of her womanhood. She was writhing as I sucked her clit and pushed my small finger gently around and then into her ass.

She manouvered over me and we fell into a 69 position, my legs were over the edge of the bed towards the picture windows and I became harder, as I envisaged the diners watching her bob her mouth slowly up and along my erection. She gave my cock and balls a wonderful licking and sucking before turning and swinging her leg over me. Holding my cock she positioned her pussy lips over it and so very slowly encased it, her pussy lips grasping me as she slid down, then up again.

I reached for her breasts with both hands and played with them as she rode me, pulling the nipples out between my thumbs and forefingers, hoping all could see. Her left hand went around her back and she played seductively with my balls as she rode me slowly, her eyes tightly closed and oblivious to the early morning audience.

As I played with her clit, she rode me faster and faster, her hips gyrating and rotating as she ground against me. My cock became so engorged and reached deep inside almost touching the back of her. I felt myself nearing a climax and just before I exploded, she leaned back,cried out and a massive orgasm shook through her, as she came and squirted. As the waves receded she raised herself and went down on her knees at the foot of the bed, leaning forward between my open legs licking and sucking me clean..as I looked up and over at her, I blew her a kiss, then looked up through the window to see three balconies where couples were standing and clapping...