1 Jan 2016

My role as a travelling salesperson means that I get to cover alot of territory.

Several months ago my sales pitch was aimed at a lady in her twenties. She gave me the opportunity to enter and made coffee and what not. When she returned to bring the sugar she presented in a teddy. She was hot. She realised that she had a positive effect on my equipment and she led me to the bedroom were she proceeded to undertake measures that brought me immense pleasure. After she had exhausted all of my bodily fluids I was encouraged to return on my next trip to the area.

The next month I was in wa were my pitch led me to a particular place of business. I had to speak to the office manager who was in her fifties.

During the presentation she got close to me and since there was no one watching undid my zip and proceeded to give me a thorough oral examination.

When I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago my presentation took me to a lady who was in her 30s. She seemed to notice that she had a positive effect on me and she led me to the bedroom for a horizontal exercise session. I was then invited to stay for a dinner because she knew that I was away from home.

Imagine my suprise when in walked her mother (the 50 year old) and later from the airport her sister (the 20 year old).

I stayed for dinner but I think will leave the story there for another day...