26 Aug 2018

If it really turns you on that much, then I think we should just do it...

Date night…(Part 1)

The Preparation...

Entering the bathroom, I see you leaning forward onto the vanity, not yet in the new red dress I had seen you carry in earlier. For a moment I stop and just watch, you are so sexy in just your lace bra and panties, leaning forward over the vanity counter, carefully applying your makeup in the mirror, getting yourself ready for your evening ahead.

You are meticulously preparing your face and body for this new man and your first date with him. I quietly come up and move in behind you, I softly place my hands on sides of your waist, then gently run them down over your outer hips as I begin to kiss your naked shoulders, I admire your face in the mirrors reflection. You keep on with your preparation, seemingly ignoring me.

Through the material of your knickers, I caress your bum, I drop to my knees, I begin kissing, nibbling the right bum cheek, then the left. My busy roaming hands slide slowly up and down each bare leg. I move back to rubbing my hands over the wonderful lace backside of your underwear, I move my hand to feel between your legs, I find a wonderful building warmth and emerging moisture. My attention is having an impact on you, you are definitely not ignoring me, it is all suddenly, too much, I need you…

Quickly standing up, I spin you around to face me. You momentarily are annoyed and begin to push my hands away, you have to get ready and go, but it is not long before you smile and relent. We kiss, you kiss me back, very hungrily, very passionately. I hold your head between my hands. My right hand drops and I reach to rub your growing pussy warmth through your underwear. My tongue is hungry for yours, I become more adventurous between your legs, my fingers evade your gusset and I press two fingers up inside you.

As I do, your breathing changes and you softly, sexily, moan into my mouth.

I continue to explore, I pluck a breast out of your pretty lace bra, I lick and suck your exposed nipple. I pull my two fingers from within you. Now with two hands, I unhook your bra, I remove and drop it to the floor. I get off on the sight of your exposed breasts and I eagerly caress and massage your breasts with both hands, I eagerly alternate sucking on each excited nipple.

I drop, kneeling before you. My face is at belly level, I can smell your emanating sexual scent and I need to taste your fluids. I lift your leg, pulling it over my shoulder. I peel your warm gusset to the side. My hungry tongue delves into your smouldering liquid excitement. I explore your delicious sticky, moist folds and begin working your button. I pull your arse to me and bury my face deeper into your pussy wetness, a delicious meal, fit for a king…

My tongue continues the devilish assault on your swelling button.

I feel your building lust as your body moves into a needy aggression. You lustingly grind your groin harder onto my face, thrusting your body forward. You begin pulling my face deeper into you, you close your eyes in an obviously very strong orgasm and your body actually shudders at the intensity of your orgasm, you are delicious to watch as you cum. Momentarily spent, your legs go weak, you are suddenly leaning back onto the vanity so that you can remain upright, panting softly, you are a very sexy sight, from down here, from where I am kneeling you couldn't be more beautiful.

I stand up, my face covered in your sticky sexual excitement, my cock is ready to go, I am so aching, erect and hard.

I hurriedly spin you around, your belly against the bench and bend you forward at the waist, I press your hands on the vanity. With no reluctance or resistance from you, I peel your panties down to your knees, I drive my erection into your cunt. I bury my erect cock right up inside you, I need to penetrate as far as I can reach up inside your body through your excited wetness. Using your hips for leverage, I drill into you, pummelling your arse, thrusting like a wild man.

Harder and harder my thrusting assault continues. You hold the vanity tight, bracing yourself, pushing back against my assault. You push your arse out onto me, now sexily urging me on, you are such my dirty girl! I grab your hair, I pull your head backwards, tilting your ear to my mouth.

As I hotly breathe into your ear, we make eye contact in the mirror. To drive you harder, my mouth utters verbal filth and very lewd ideas, for your upcoming date night, your mind absorbs my words, close your eyes, I know then your imagination is now in top gear, running wild. Continuing my thrusts while roughly holding your hair, I feel my own orgasm rise and release from my balls. You open your eyes and press back hard. You know instantly I have swelled in size and my cock is shooting my excited load of cum into you, I hotly hose your pussy walls.

You can tell by my facial reflection in the mirror, that my orgasm is also intense and you now watch my face in the mirror, the sexual excitement on my face, as my cock continues it’s orgasmic spasms. I cum hard, my balls flooding you with hot fluids, I am relishing pulsing my streams of thick cum inside you. It is especially hot for us both, considering this is just before you leave me for the evening.

Now with cum running out of you, you stand straight, my cock pops out. Breathing heavily having cum twice yourself “That was unexpected“ you say as grin at me, “I’ll take that creamy little gift with me” you coyly say. You smile and laugh, you push me back and away, you pull your underwear up from your ankles and back into place, you send me on my way, you need to be left in peace, you have a date and you have to get ready, you grab a flanel to wipe up the cum running down your legs, you are of course, very busy...

You have a big night yet ahead of you and now I have left you, running late…

I watched from below as his big heavy balls emptied their entire creamy contents, splashing hotly and filling my wife’s sweet cunt...

Date night…(Part 2)

The hotel...

Of course now running late, I have finally made the hotel. My date called from the lobby to say he had arrived. The next two minutes felt like two hours. My new date met me and we stopped at the bar for a quick drink to get acquainted and now my sexy date has escorted me to his booked room. He loves my new red low cut dress and is feeling my arse as we walk through the corridors. Once in the room, I fight off his initial amorous ardour and I push him cheekily to the bed. I tell him to strip and wait patiently patiently on the bed.

I slip into the bathroom to get myself changed. I changing into my bodysuit, I slip my hand between my legs to clip the gusset studs, I am totally stunned, my vaginal excitement is so much that thick fluids are leaking through my lace panty gusset as I remove my knickers. Now fitting into my lacy bodysuit, I can barely press the bodysuit studs together, my fingers are so slick, wet and slippery. I am so horny and I can’t even begin to hide it.

I emerge from the bathroom wearing my new Victoria’s Secret lace bodysuit. My date watches me as I crawl up from the foot of the bed, stopping to straddle his belly. I lean down and passionately kiss him, he is impressive in girth and length and I reach down to grip him tightly, already really hard and horny, he hungrily tastes my lips. Without relinquishing my tight grip on his beautiful cock, I move off to kiss all over his sexy body.

Having kissed and teased him sufficiently, I stop kissing his body and I move my pussy upward to his head. I straddle his face, my hand slides underneath his head, pulling his face into my excited gussety moisture. He is very keen, instantly licking, kissing and probing me with his tongue, I drive and grind my gusset wetness onto his face (I, of course, neglect to mention to my date, the creamy gift my husband had earlier deposited into my pussy, just before I left home. I really hope my date enjoys his warm meal, haha!)

He obviously does, he really devours me, he had electric shocks intermittently running through my body as his mouth sucked and his tongue flicked across the lace fabric and rubbed onto my swelling clit underneath. Reaching out with my other hand to brace and balance myself against the headboard, I build myself into a grinding routine, rhythmically grinding my lace gusset, my clit and cummy excited pussy, even firmer against his tongue, my pace quickens as my first orgasm with my new man comes quickly, catching even me, by surprise.

As I recover from the unexpected quick oral climax, I raise my hips from his lips and slide my groin downwards, I straddle his erect cock. Sliding up and down the length of his hard cock, I can feel his firmness straining against the protective fabric of my bodysuit gusset, his horny cock searching for access to my creamy folds.

Kneeling up, I flick my gusset open, fully exposing my aching sex to him. I lowered my pussy lips along the girth of his beautiful cock, my wet and inviting pussy lips now massaging as I began sliding my lips the full length of his rigid, fully erect cock, but teasingly not yet allowing him inside me (despite his best efforts to thrust his hips and penetrate me, haha!)

My need has built to excruciating, I willingly give in to him, finally pushing downward and rotating my hips, my pussy swallows him, I willingly take his entire hard cock, he penetrated me, he entirely filled my body with his cock in just one, sloppy wet thrust. I pushed my body into a sitting position, I grabbed his hands and slid them up inside my bodysuit until my breasts are fully cupped in his hands, I encourage him to grope me, to squeeze my nipples, it is magnificent.

Leaning myself backward for balance, with his hands massaging my chest, I move my hips, I begin rhythmically sliding forward and backward, loving riding him as I grind my womb onto his magnificent, bone hard, cock head.

Continuing my luscious ride, I increase my rocking pace, we locked eye contact, I moan to him “I am gonna cum”. I bucked faster and faster, my lusty urgency was out of control, I ground my clit onto him as a sparking electricity built inside my wetness, until finally a second orgasmic wave reached its peak and gushes throughout my sweating body. As I cum, I am sure I saw stars!

Taking control he rolled me quickly onto my back, He grabs my legs, my ankles are moved onto his shoulders as he firmly trapped my thighs against his chest. With slow deep hard thrusts of his hard cock into me, he is the boss. But as he fucks me, I find I am not done yet, I find I am stunned as I actually need more. I reach down with my right hand and begin rubbing my swollen clit, I am looking directly into his eyes.

I am enjoying the dual pleasurable sensations of his hard cock pounding into my body while I am stimulating my own clit. As my third orgasm of the night builds, I cum hard, my propelling orgasm had me riding him hard, until he also could no longer can hold himself back. He cums with a real loud roar, I am sure we will get a noise complaint!

I felt his fat cock spasm and cock head swell, I felt his cock shoot steaming bolts of hot cum up into me, thickly lathering my pussy walls. I was seriously being loaded with some gallons of fucking scalding hot cum.

That caused my third orgasm to continued even longer, I was really relishing his heavy explosive orgasm. I was seriously getting off!

As we finished, I was fucked, in total exhaustion I collapsed backwards onto the destroyed hotel bed, my body was totally filled with his lusting semen, I am sure semen tears were running from my eyeballs I was so full. I was now, also fuck arsed, totally spent.

Moving over to lay with me, he kissed me tenderly, our lips embraced in a short passionate kiss.

“I will need another round, before you head home” my date naughtily whispered into my ear…

My pussy was red and sore, I was unwashed, I hotly smelled of my dates body and I was deliciously filled with my dates sex, when I finally left.

I barely remember my eventual drive home, my date sent me home, well fucked and totally screwed…

Date Night…(Part 3)

Red dress home...

You are finally home and now in our bedroom, I can see you have had an arduous evening, but your eyes are alight and filled with fire. Unzipping your dishevelled red dress, I offer you my hand to steady you as you push the dress to the floor. Dropping it, you step out of it as you remove your heels. I lead you near to our bed, I lie back on the bed as I watch you continue to undress. Braless now, only in your lace knickers, you throw yourself on top of me. I roll you over, I grab your wrists and pin them above your head as I began nibbling on your neck, I inhale the strong scent of sex on your skin. Kissing you passionately, we grind our hips together, exploring the sexual tension racing through our bodies.

Kissing my way down your chest, rolling your breasts in my hands. I adore the love bite marks he has left on the white skin of your supple breasts, I also sample your breasts, I suck and lightly bite at your nipples, hardening them as my cock strains hotly against your semen scented skin. Kissing my way down your stomach, I kiss past the strong odoured semen wetness, overflowing your filled gusset and wetly showing between your legs, my fingers soon are tracing your skin down your right leg, to your foot, back up your leg, down your left leg and back up again.

I hook my fingers through each side of your panties, your hips raise to allow me to slide them off you and I expose your reddened vagina. I roll you over onto your stomach, I kiss across and down your bare back, you feel my aroused cock pressing onto your warm skin. My hands caressing your exposed and bare arse cheeks. Tracing my fingers down the back of your thighs, I am following every curve of your sexy body. Finally my fingers began rubbing your seminally soiled vaginal wetness, gently massaging, your pussy, I find you are very puffy, very swollen and very red. I cannot resist sliding one finger, then two, up inside you.

Pulling your arse upward, my tongue quickly joins my fingers in your salty, semen slick of wetness and I taste your entire sexy evening from within your red and swollen labial folds, you spoil me, bringing home such a delicious meal. I press the vibrations of a new toy against your swelling clit. The combined sensations of my tongue and the vibrator build the pleasure in your body and you begin to enthusiastically thrust towards orgasm. I need you myself and I selfishly do not get you there...

Standing up quickly, I grab your hips and I thrust my erection fully inside you. I revel in the thick seminal slush you have bought me home.

I relish the slickness of the spunk loads you have bought home inside your sexy body. I take my time, slowly withdrawing the entire length of my shaft, then driving forward, burying myself inside you.

You will not miss that previously denied orgasm, you take over control, you take the vibrator from me, you hold it against your clit and that missed orgasm again quickly builds.

Your slick creamy wetness, your horny contractions around my cock, drive me on also and I roughly grab your hair into a bunch and pull your head back while needily fucking you from behind.

I am unable to stand the creamy pleasure’s emanating from your sexy body, the sexy strong taste of another man’s cum fresh on my tongue, fresh from your cunt. My mind awash with my imaginings of your evening, I cannot hold myself back any longer, my orgasm floods gallons of cum in release, (I have edged all evening, awaiting your return)

My husbandly need to reclaim your body, my cum now thickly spraying your walls, depositing heated cum into your body. Sexily you also cum on me, pushing back against me, holding me tight, over my orgasms edge. I am pushing my semen as deep inside you as I can it, I load you up, blowing my load, painting your cunt walls, plastering my semem over all the eveings other evening’s cum loads.

With my steamy cum delivery abating, I officially reclaim your sexy body and your dirty mind...

In exhaustion, we both fall forward, me beside you, I pull you into my arms as we bask in the afterglow of a very full, very horny evening.

I cannot wait for a full recount of your date night, when we wake in the morning…