18 May 2018

When I arrived back at our weekend cabin recently, I found that wife had fallen asleep on the main bed…and she was almost completely naked!!

My wife only had on her cossie top, pulled up to reveal her breasts, and her legs were spread wide open! I have no idea what she was doing before I got home (Well actually I did, haha)…but her pussy lips were parted open slightly, and glistening wet…Her cossie bottom lay loose spread, tossed onto the cabin floor...

So…I did what any loving husband would do – pulled my pants off, knelt onto the bed, between wife’s spread legs, and started jerking my swelling, hardening cock – imagining how good I would feel inside her!!!

I was bold enough to jerk off while she slept, but didn’t have the nerve to slip my aching cock head between her pussy lips…( She does not like to be woken, haha!) If she woke up and caught me jerking, what would she do or say – she had fallen asleep naked, her pussy exposed – I mean, it’s gotta be her fault? What were the naughty thoughts she had been thinking when she fell asleep like this on the couch, haha! A sexy thought rode through my mind, what if she woke up and I was buried inside her… I mean, she’s always laughed at me looking down her shirt and trying to spy on her changing, countless times, and never gets upset, and she certainly knows how I feel about her…for her…

Staring down at my wife’s glistening pussy, stroking my cock, I could feel my balls tightening, about to release a huge load of cum, pent up from all day, shooting all over her belly, pubes, pussy and thighs! Suddenly, I froze, as my wife sighed in her sleep, and shifted her body slightly on the couch – I then gasped as her legs spread open, even wider, actually pulling her pussy lips apart, openly exposing her pussy-hole – she was gooey and wet inside!

I could plainly see, the small sticky threads of her excitement, stretching, glistening across her vaginal folds..

This was way too horny for any wife-loving man to resist…it was almost as if she was awake, and inviting me to enter her! And, at that point, I was too far gone, consumed with desire for her, to stop… I moved in closer and onto my knees, I leant in forward, pressing my swollen cock-head to her moist pussy lips…My cock head spread her lips open and I found the opening of her wet hole, I continued pressing my erection into her opening, softly …

I gasped as I felt myself about to pop through her entrance! Then, with a final gentle thrust, I felt the head pop, pop through her opening, and my sexy wife’s pussy walls massaged along my shaft… Now softly myself, I leaned slowly forward, feeling every inch of my cock sliding up inside my wife’s pussy, until my pubes squished wetly against hers, I felt her pussy lips around the base of my cock shaft – I was all the way in, and it was pretty hot!

I knew I wouldn’t last long inside my wife, so I carefully leaned forward and put my hands on either side of her, watching her sleeping face – she seemed to be breathing harder – I slowly pulled out, then thrust back in, then again and again! I was about to explode inside my wife to flood her sex, to unload my horny seed directly and deeply into her womb, and I wouldn’t, couldn’t stop myself!! I closed my eyes, I was thrusting in and out of her tight, very wet hole, she was asleep and I was fucking her, it was pretty damned hot!!

I grunted as my cock unloaded, I began pulsing, I thrust all the way up into my wife’s pussy as I creamed her, exploding, spurting gallons of cum, deeply delivering fresh seed, way up inside her.

My wife seemingly responded to my orgasm, her body, I am sure involuntarily, even bearing down onto my cock, all the while her eyes remained closed.

As my cock’s swelling and pulsing finally slowed and I was squeezing my shaft, pushing my last drops of cum into her, I am sure I was groaning softly, I opened my eyes…I looked up from her sweet oozing pussy, at my wife’s face, I was stunned to see that she was now wide awake, and smiling, smiling wickedly up at me, now that’s a beautiful wife!