Written by tommy10

25 Feb 2013

I think of her.....constantly!!!

Someone who changes everything, her beauty overwhelming. The woman you remember every minute you make love to her and then want so much more as your appetite is never,ever fulfilled. Those eyes that penetrate deep inside, the kiss that takes your breathe away and the body that excites every sense and makes your knees weak.

Those were only the physical attractions, her laugh was contagious. Her job reflected her caring nature and to spoil her...never with money.

To have met on a site like this is unthinkable, especially considering the circumstances of both parties! but we did, against all the odds.

To begin with a small comment and building over 18 months of casual contact till that one faithful day, when finally on a lazy sunday morning a e mail saying

" like to have a coffee today??"

I remember my mind racing to find a way of making this happen, yes was always going to be the answer.

Well things were never the same from this point on, we met, talked, had lunch for about 3 hours. As we parted i asked for a kiss, there was no hesitation....our lips touched and the impact of such a simple thing was astonishing, the passion flowed so effortlessly. I didn't want to part, i still remember placing my hand on her hip and for the first time felt her soft skin, my heart raced.

We finally did part, her eyes fixed on me with her eye lids half closed...we kissed again this time my fingers running through her hair whilst her arms grasped me tighter. There was no need to hide my obvious arousal as it was her that pressed against me, then the moment she touched my face the first of hundreds of times she would.

After some deep breathes and adjustments to our clothes we finally did part only to phone and chat on our way home about what just happened. A overwhelming energy passed through me, something happened deep inside not just lust! beyond that, more touching something until that day i really didn't think i had...a soul!!

Our relationship escalated quickly and we met on numerous occasions panning over 6 months. Each time we had sex was no greater or lesser or ever the same, it was just us exhibiting our passion on each other, one regret was it was never long enough but i feel it never would have been.

But all things come to a end, not because we wore tired of each other just the pain of not being together was accumulating to a point that when we were separated it just hurt too much. Strange reason to part, loving each other too much??

Time goes by.......

Then a text whilst i was away working interstate,

"I'd like to spend this weekend together, don't reply until your sure of your answer"

It only took me a minute!!, i booked a hotel by the water, organised a car for us to use and a beautiful restaurant for dinner yes a little presumptuous but i would never let her know this was all in place.

A simple reply,

"Ok, the Crown Plaza friday evening about 7???"

Return text,

"see you then baby xx"

No more contact until we meet again......

I flew in, exhausted and looking really tired the only thing keeping me going was the opportunity to see the most gorgeous girl i've every met. I struggled through the airport congestion which always depresses me pushing,waiting, coldness of the place until finally i'm outside to feel the sun on my face. Suddenly i'm feeling alive....

Checking in early gave me the chance to freshen up, upstairs to the rooftop pool for a quick swim then a text from her saying...

" Will be a little late, sorry"

I go back to my room, dry off and lay on the bed with the towel wrapped around my waist....i drift off.

Something wakes me, as i look up there she is standing by the bed in beautiful red lingerie. I sit up to meet her, my hands stretching out to bring her closer. They glide down her side as she cups my face with her small hands, our lips meet sparking instant arousal... we kiss more passionately hands wondering, arms becoming more forceful as we explore each others bodies. As we both pause for a breathe she steps back and raises her arms, no words have yet been spoken but the first are very inviting, "that me baby... all of me".

Lifting her lingerie, her body is presented to me to be pleasured. I stand and my towel falls to the ground, i notice her look down and i stand unashamed with my cock fully erect pointing toward her, i move closer and press it against her, our naked bodies entwine as one, wrapped around each other we stumble and land on the bed. I turn her over facing toward me and then notice my belt on the bed, holding her hands together i tighten the belt binding her. The look in her eyes says to me "really" I stare back signalling "just go with it?"

She lays naked, her arms bound and vulnerable to my actions with one hand i hold her arms above her head stretched outwards on the bed, the other hand slowly teases her exposed pussy. Down one side of her pussy lips then back up the other making sure i touch the full length, i look into her eyes as i touch her clit.....her eyes close as again i lightly feather the prominent clit. Replacing my finger with my tongue causes her back to arch and she thrusts forward with her legs parting more, the taste so sweet, legs wrapping around my head beginning to lose control.

Raising to my knees i lift her pelvis and clamp it tightly with my arms positioning her cunt in my face making it impossible for her to resist my tongue. Her head positions near my hardened cock, as she has no way of holding it in her bound hands she makes attempts at gripping onto the swollen member with her luscious mouth. At times she succeeds only to release when the overwhelming pleasure of me sucking on her pussy causes her to moan uncontrollably. She hangs downward, my cock rubs against her face and she tempts to capture it but again gives up as i lick deliberately from top to bottom of her moistened opening, she kicks frantically as i feast on the juices flowing from her. Concentrating now on her clit, my lips suck and stretch it out until it releases and retracts into the safety of her pussy, i notice a more subdued reaction, legs squeezing my head, lips resting on the smooth head of my excited penis, pre cum on her cheeks.

She is close, i readjust my hold for a firmer grip, i can smell her about to cum, i can taste her so i position my tongue on her clit once again but this time firmly press against it causing it to lean to one side where i apply more pressure, her legs tense up i can feel her heavy breathing on my tightened balls causing a stiffness that will later fill her. A few simple flicks to and fro does the job, trembling begins, again the arched back a long continuous moan as she succumbs to overwhelming pleasure passing through her whole body....i release and lick my lips...she falls to the mattress limp, temporary in her own world her pussy still twitching with pulses of pleasure.

Looking down, finally her eyes open, i've now positioned myself between her legs mine parting hers to a width that will make for easy penetration. Again holding her arms outward my cocks head touches the lower section of her pussy, i lift slightly dragging the smooth dome up the full length as to lubricate before enter. The thickness of my cock causes me to be cautious, eye contact and a kiss to her slender neck as a begin a slow entry, the head has entered so i retract slightly before again continue on sinking into her wet, warm open pussy. Her eyes widen as my cock seems to never come to a end, then my balls rest on her very wet lips, i know she's expecting a flurry of fast thrusts but instead i push a little deeper.....and hold it there with some force.

Now is time to release her hands, i do and her hands instantly grasp the white cotton sheets. Pulling and tugging on them as she rolls from side to side. Long slow strokes gets her attention, not letting her know i could cum at any time i extract my cock and fall onto her naked breasts, sucking her always hard nipples, my cock feels the grip of her small hand wrap around and begin wanking me. Lifting back onto my arms her hand guides all 8 inches inside her, she looks in awe as my cock disappears time and time again into her massaging fanny. A tingle in my balls starts as i thrust harder and harder, her head tilted to one side, mouth open, eyes closed, hands again tearing at the sheets. She s time and quickly clamps her legs around me so i spray my cum deep inside. Her pussy is now full!!!

Laying on our sides i slide my hand ever so gently down the curves of her breast and thighs, i love this position so feminine. Her fingers in return run down my abs occasionally caressing my now soft penis, lips touch and i taste her breathe a slight pause then again we kiss. Such sensual lips, soft and smooth.....

Staring into my eyes she says " hi handsome"

I reply "hey beautiful"

her head rests on my chest and we lay in silence both content to be where we are......

I think i dozed a second because next thing i feel is a warm sensation on my cock, between my legs i see her mouth engulfing me, lips rolling down my shaft bringing it slowly to erection. As my cock becomes harder she struggles to take the full length so her hand grasps the lower section and wanks as her mouth speeds up lips rushing over the rim off the cocks head. I lean forward to touch her pussy only to find her fingers deep inside pulsating in and out.

Seconds later we both cum simultaneously, not as intense but a surprise considering it was only a short time after already coming.

We lay about, comfortable with each other, talking, laughing, having some drinks when we decided to go have some food.

Both light headed and tipsy the waitress leads us to a dim corner of the restaurant, as it's late there's not a lot of people about. Anne giggles as the waitress leans forward revealing a generous cleavage...." business or pleasure" she asks

a quick response from Anne " oh, defiantly pleasure"

The waitress smiles " good i'm so sick of waiting on business people all day"

Anne leans forward, her breasts loose in her dress as she has no bra or panties on, nipple exposed slightly

" any chance of some wine"

The waitress smiles looking directly at her breast, "certainly"

Anne leans back lightly biting her lower lip obliviously very aroused.

"sir, you'd like"

" ha i'd like.......you choose, beer surprise me"

"oh yes i will...."

The waitress leaves and we both joke about the electricity in the air, i touch anne's pussy only to find her hand there. I then pass a butter knife to her to use the handle on her pussy, she lifts her dress to show me both laughing. She fondles and releases my cock, the warm grip of her hand relaxes me. Turning the waitress is standing in full view, we are drunker then we thought. The shock causes Anne to drop her knife it falls to the floor, the waitress then crouches down to pick it up and on doing so rests her hand on annes inner leg. Her dress is sitting above her pantie line and turning in her seat Anne exposes her pussy accidentally to the waitresses lowered face.

Her hand breezes over Anne's pussy as the waitress looks under the table to see my erect cock sticking out of my pants. She risers to her feet, we both notice her top button has been undone showing her white flesh and a very erect set of nipples.

"Sir your drink, i hope you don't mind but i sampled the bottle" her grin was enormous

The bottle was a little unusual as the neck was long and slim, i tasted it and was surprised. I licked my lips and looked at the waitress

"interesting taste"

We ordered the food and the waitress left. I turned to Annie and said i think she put this bottle in her pussy.She looked directly at me and said "no, surely not. Give me a taste"

Her lips sucked on the bottle in a erotic way "get fucked, my god she did it tastes like pussy on the outside. She did say she sampled the bottle....omg are you allowed to do that"

"Ummm are you allowed to use eating utensils on your pussy" we both had tears from laughter.

Our food arrived and anne asked for a drink the same as mine. The waitress returned and handed it to Anne, she stared as she sampled it...."tastes a little different, his was sweeter" anne said with a grin.

The waitress moved to be between us and private from the other patrons, she grabbed the bottle lifted her skirt and pulled her white lace g string to one side.Her eyes closed and she inserted the neck of the bottle into her smooth hairless pussy...."enjoy babe, i did"

Anne slowly licked the bottle and preceded to suck on the neck until there was no taste of the waitress's pussy left.

The waitress mentions

"His steak has truffle oil on it, it goes with all meat and tastes sensational.....try it babe"

As she walks away we both drink our beers with vigour.