16 Jul 2016

It’s a warm night in Brisbane, the lights are bright people are out and we have just finished an enjoyable dinner. I offer you to come to my place to sample some home made chocolate ice cream cake. As we walk and talk I can’t stop looking at you, enjoying the sight next to me. Your body, your smile, your laugh…intoxicating.

We reach my apartment, you take off your jacket and we walk to the kitchen and you ask where the plates are. As I get the ice cream out I watch you reach down for the plates…your nice legs and great arse brings a shiver down my spine. As I walk past you I brush my hand past your arse…you are not bothered by this. As we put the ice cream into the plates, I mention how beautiful you are. You blush and say ‘you really think so’? I put my hand on your side and nod…our eyes lock..I then put my other hand behind your neck and pull you in close…I give you a gentle pull my body closer, I nibble on your bottom lip then start to explore your mouth with my tongue. We start to kiss each other deeply and passionately, waves of energy are rushing throughout our bodies.

I lift you up and carry you to the couch…I rest you down (you sitting upright). I am sitting next to you, still kissing you passionately and deeply. I move my mouth to your neck, taking my time with you. I then move up and start to suck on your ear lobe, breathing ever so softly into your ear. My hands gently but firmly pulling your hair whilst massaging your head. My hands start to explore your body, I help you slowly take off you top and see your breasts hidden behind your silk bra. I start to rub your inner thighs, scratching your inner thighs, slowly moving my hand towards the heat brewing between your legs, I take my time teasing you. I then fall to my knees in front of you, looking into your eyes as I slowly take off your underwear. I then pull you closer so that you are almost at the edge of the couch. I finally touch your wetness, sliding one finger in pulling it out and then sucking on it. I then lean in and lick your inner thigh, teasing you again until I finally taste your wetness. Sucking and licking your clitoris while slowly my fingers explore inside of you. I keep pleasing you as I hear you moan and groan. Your body shaking and trembling as your body needs to orgasm…you need this feeling, you crave this feeling and I know that you deserve this feeling. I keep pleasing you until I feel your orgasm. I watch your face as you orgasm, I slow down my the pace of my tongue and fingers so you can enjoy the ecstasy coming from your body. I sit back up and kiss your again, feeling your wet mouth against mine.

I then pick you up and take you to the bedroom, you stand before me. I take off your bra and remaining clothing, you help me do the same. We kiss again, our naked bodies now rubbing against each other. I reach up and feel your amazing breasts, cupping them, gently squeezing them, pinching your hard nipples. We then lay.....(Part 2 to come)