Written by Anonymous

5 Mar 2019

It was her night to be spoiled, pampered, and to indulge her sensual self without concern for anything else but pure uninterrupted pleasure. Her man was ready, clean shaven, freshly showered, wearing nothing but underwear and her favorite cologne. His lean muscled body assured her that his Yang energies would draw out her Yin, once again into perfect rebalance.

The room where she was to be pampered was warm and dimly lit. A scented candle and soft sounds of distant thunder and rain added to the ambience. She knew that the tensions of the week were about to be truly washed away under the strong hands of her man. She was addicted to his touch. He knew it, yet he was more so to her body. He worshipped her.

She smiled with anticipation as she stepped out of her warm salted bath. He wrapped a soft towel around her beautiful petite body and gently patted her dry. She could see his rising member under his underwear, and a rush of excitement ran through her in anticipation of what pleasures it would later bring to her body. She felt moist between her legs, and not from the bath, but from the anticipation of what was to come.

He led her to the massage table, picked her up and laid her face down upon the towel. She loved it when he began his Qi ritual on her back. Her bliss was about to begin. She smiled as she closed her eyes, waiting for his touch.

He started at the base of her spine. Magic hands pulling subtle surface tension from her skin, first across the left buttocks down the leg and off the tips of the toes, Then exactly the same with the right, several times until he could sense it was enough. Her Qi re-direction had begun.

He then began to move upwards from the same spot, redirecting her subtle Yin energies up her spine, across her neck and shoulders, down each arm, and off the tips of the fingers of each hand. She could feel the stress being pulled out of her and cast away by him as he flicked it from his hands on command. It was etheral and sublime. He softly whispered words of love and affection to her as she fell into an initial level of surface sub space.

The massage oil he applied became warm in his hands as he spread it all over her willing body. His powerful hands searching for tension knots in her muscles. He found them all, pressed and kneeded each one, casting them away, as if by magic. She fell into a deeper level of sub space as each one left, and like a sleeping baby, she hardly noticed as he turned her body over. Her face was peaceful, her breasts rising with each slow gentle breath. Unconsciously her legs fell open, anticipating pleasures. Her Yoni glistened with moisture.

He did the same to the front of her body, every inch felt his touch. Her face, neck, breasts, belly, hips, thighs, legs and feet. He felt for blockages on every chakra point, and commanded them to open up with his touch.

She especially loved it when he moved his hands over her Mons Venus and down her inner thighs with the promise of what was soon to come. His finger tips gently, softly brushing the opening of her Yoni, it's lips and the rose bud they enclosed tingled, causing her to catch her breath. The moisture between her legs increased with her anticipation. She loved the way he teased her.

Tags: arousal, control, domsub, romance