31 May 2016

My husband begs me to talk filth as we are have oral sex. I will oblige and constantly tell him how delicious his cock tastes between my drooling and sucking. I will not simply say "your cock tastes great" I feel a naughty need to be creative and say things like "Oh baby, this goddamn fucking hard on of yours has got my cunt so fucking gooey and wet." He loves me to kneel between his legs while he is flat, naked, and on his back. My luscious breasts (I have heaps of filthy adjectives) are exposed there for him to fondle while I inhale his beautiful cock to the back of my throat. You can only picture me, kneeling there, with my arse poking out and him looking over my shoulder to our mirror that is in the back of me. I spread my arse hole for him as this really get him turned on.

He will ask me "what else is getting hot?" besides my wet pussy hole and I will say "my arse hole is so fucking hungry for his cock to fill it" "I want it penetrated whilst my mouth is full of your fat cock" I am sucking his tasty prick. I continue to say, “I would let anyone plug my arse, if they just happened to come on the scene” Then he goes on, saying that he has brought with him this really horny fucking guy that he met online from Swingersheaven. I go along with this by making these really loud slutty slurping sounds as I am blowing him. "Do you want this guy to fuck you’re tight little arse hole baby”, he asks. I come off his cock just long enough to say " Fuck yes, Baby, Fuck Yes!” I want his hard cock, driven up my randy arse. I want both of you cunt fuckers to fuck me and shoot me full of hot, thick, cream, both at the same arse fucking time. " Tell me more, baby?", he begs. I reply “Then I want you both to feed me your arse’s, I want to lick both of your fucking arse holes, you stroke your cocks, stroke until you fuckers get hard enough again, to fully "sandwich fuck" me. I want to be opened by your cocks, filled with your cum to overflowing, I want to be covered with your cum, I want to be drowned in all your sweet, salty, tasty, fucking cum. I want your creaming loads blown all over my cock loving face, my breasts, my arse and all through, my fucking hair. Loads blown, I want you to take out the camera and take heaps of “screwed” pictures of me, post them on Swingersheaven, so every horny fucker out there can see and share and maybe even enjoy a “toss off” to the evidence of the great fuck session that we have had.

Usually, about now, my sexy husband is blowing my silky reward, shooting and squirting his creamy ball contents down my throat, with all my ribald, sexy, filthy, talk going on and when he is done, drained and sated, I will open my mouth, showing my man that I really lust him and his tasty, creamy cum. I show him as I dutifully swallow every last dreamy, warm liquid drop.

I hope you all enjoyed my dirty wife story, my recounting of our sexual antics, just as much as I did, with me sitting here at my computer, totally naked, typing this out, all for you guys to share . I may even have a little pussy moisture on my fingers as I type...

PS: Just as an add on! I do love it though when my husband does tee up a horny “swingersheaven” fuck, I love it, it just love it to bits!!!!!!!