Written by MsD (MrMsD)

14 Aug 2016

Mike touched her face and stroked her long blonde hair, Millie purred and felt his love engulf her mind. His long lean body she eagerly touched, caressing his back while smelling his masculine scent and she rubbed her face into the long soft grey hair on his strong chest. Millie reached and pulled his face to her nibbling his full bottom lip and flicking her tongue to meet his, then swirling and entwining their tongues and their lips into the depths of passion.

Mike kissed Millie's neck, and shoulders using his fingers to play with her pale pink nipples and nuzzling her ears, breathing heavily. He wanted to love her, not just physically but with the depths of his being because in his aching heart she was his in everyway and could match him not only in his desires, but in ambition, sharing many likes and hates. He knew Millie loved him freely and he her but they could never express this in words choosing actions to avoid any hint of commitment and acknowledgement of love. He loved her green eyes that shone like jewels and her full lips that she wicked used to adore his cock in the most wickedly erotic ways, sending him to the heights of pleasure in a way no woman or man ever had and for this alone his jewel was a prized possession.

Millie kissed his body, alternating her touch and lips on his sensitive flesh, the softness of his inner thighs and the curve of his arse while using her fingers to explore the tip of his excited cock and balls, he groaned at the pleasure she was bestowing. Millie turned Mike onto his knees and kissed his lovely white bottom , using her hand to stroke beautiful balls, hanging like glorious jewels with his cock the most precious of gems and Millie loved playing with gems! Mike's groans grew louder and Millie lubricating her fingers took the opportunity to finger his arse, remember the first time she felt his arse orgasm, just magical. She felt his body tremble as she played and she loved it, but wanted him to cum so wedged herself under his raised body and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking it firmly and eager to taste his cum. Millie's fear was exposing her ravaged body to Mike and feeling his disgust at her imperfections, it was illogical but real to her as many accidents had robed her of her beauty. She often sought even the most simple of compliments to soothe her damaged ego, but nothing came . Mike's touch on her pussy felt wonderful and for a brief moment her inhibitions dissolved and her excitement rose as he used his tongue to explore the lines of her pussy and tease her clit into surrendering its pulsing strength. The sweet sounds of groans, swishing and sucking filled the room as Mike and Millie enjoyed their passionate love play and the comfort of mutual if never mentioned love. They knew adventures waited for them as they shared their passion with others and looked forward to encounters on swingers. (To be continued)