Written by Del29

19 Jul 2013

Moved to Aus 20 yrs ago. Through an on line site found an old girl friend was here too (in another state) although she was only mid teens when I dated her 35 years before! Got in contact and we had dinner and chat- she was with someone after several bust relationships. Kept in touch and caught up when in town on business. 2 yrs later found out relationship had ended.

So we could have a few drinks I suggested she stay with me in town on next trip (no sex sleepover) but she got sick. Next visit I was invited to stay with her and I extended trip to 3 nights. Went on the town last night and stayed at hotel (no sex policy) although it got interesting during the evening and lots of will power not to follow through - made worse when next morning she said she would have fucked.

Anyway, next trip was only 2 months later - stayed over and again a few drinks and got very amorous with dry humping. I said I wanted her but she backed off so I went to the spare room with a ' you know where am'. Tossed and turned in bed asi heard the shower go on. 10 mins later door opens and in she walks asking for a good night cuddle and gets in bed wearing only a thin nightdress. It got crazy and hands everywhere but as I ran my hand up her leg and towards her Y she pulls back, leaps out of bed and says no. Goes to her room while I am stunned as I thought it was game on.

However 5 minutes later she comes back and apologies and says she it was a natural reaction for me to expect sex ... So would I now please fuck her brains out! 20 sends later and I am trying to mount her but she is a bit dry so go down on her ..... Had to hold her down while she pushed into me and came! Then the fuck of a lifetime!

We repeated this a few times before she felt it wasn't right (I am unhappily married) so we stopped the sex and remain beasties as she didn't want a live in. Made me realise I was missing lots in my life hence now on this site.