Written by wantoncpl3

7 Mar 2012

We had walked from a public family beach to the next headland.As we climbed over the grassy area at the top, we viewed a long sweeping beach that was empty, save for a nude guy coming out of the surf.

Climbing down the hill, he saw us approach and wrapped a towel around his waist. He was welcoming and told us that this beach was mostly quiet and that the sand dunes in the centre would offer some shelter and privacy. I laughed as it was obvious he could see we were horny for each other.

I was married to another and had been visiting this lady for a couple of months in her house and hideaway weekends in hotels. This was the first time we had ventured out to a beach together and I was keen to make a fantasy come true.

We chatted a short time and then walked for maybe 5 minutes to the middle of the beach and found a spot in the dunes that offered a comfortable spot to be naked. As we undressed, I felt the sun and breeze on my body and became erect at the touch of them both. My lady friend was usually shy, but was in need as well and dropped straight away to her knees in the soft sand,grasped my cock by the base and closed her lips over the throbbing head. I stood tall and felt her warm mouth close over me as her finger tips played with my balls. The sun felt so good on my body and the breeze joined her fingers in caressing my scrotum.

Her hands made me feel so tall, so strong and I felt extra horny, as I closed my eyes and felt all that was happening to me. She dipped her head and amazed me as she took nearly all of me in to her mouth and throat. l reached down and let my fingers run through her soft blonde hair and marvelled at this younger, beautiful woman as she feasted on my cock. She sucked at it so greedily and I wanted more. I raised her up and stood before her, my cock reaching high towards the sky as I feasted my eyes on her naked brown body, her jutting breasts and curvacious hips. I wanted to be inside her, but our nest in the dunes was small and the slope up to it steep.

Taking her hand, I led her back down the dune to the flat sand of the beach and we stood naked to all who might see us, kissing passionately. Her hands and mine were frantic over each others bodies and as I reached between her legs my fingers came back wet from the juices that had already flowed from her. She sank back to her knees and sucked on me again, her hand pumping my cock into a hardness I had not experienced in years. The head was swollen and purple in the bright light and knotted veins stood out along it's length. Her lips felt so soft and her tongue flicked at the head as she lapped my precum into her mouth.

She dropped onto all fours, faced the surf and looked back longingly at me, her hand now between her legs opening her pussy lips. I dropped onto my knees behind her and allowed her hand to guide my swollen cock head to her soaking opening. I pushed forward and slid so easily into her. Her pussy clamped onto me and she moaned as I thrust deep into her, my hands holding her by the hips.

We were both at one with our surroundings and surrendered to the breeze, the sun and the beat of the rolling surf. As I closed my eyes, I felt at peace but so horny. I thrust in time to the beat of the surf,feeling her thrusting back in perfect harmony with my movements..I thrust slow and long, feeling every nerve ending and the soft silky feel of her glasping at me ..I thrust faster, feeling her urgency, feeling her silky soft lining pulling on me, feeling my own climax building as the surf and breeze beat time. She came and cried out, her body taut and pushing back against me as I flooded her insides with a raging surf of my own, my head tilted back and a roar coming from my throat.

We walked afterwards to the surf, my cum running down her inner thigh glistening in the sun. As we stood at the waters edge laughing, the nude guy walked up, laughed at her shyness as she hid behind me and said..great show,come again anytime.

We have since become married to each other and have been back a few times.