23 Jan 2016

My mate Paul and I have known each other since kinder. Birthdays Christmas etc were always spent together. His mom has ginormous boobs which seem to struggle to stay in her shirt. Although I suspect she had seen me look and never said anything but a smile, recently when I went over..

I knocked on the door. She answered and invited me in because she had sent Paul for eggs and milk. So I went in. She led me into the kitchen and popped them out. She grabbed me by the arm and said. Well what do you think? But he is my best friend. Well today you I am going to be your best lay. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my throbbing hard member and put it in her mouth. She began sucking licking biting looking at me knowingly. After the initial shock I lifted her up spun her around and spread her legs and entered her from behind. We quickly got into a rhythm and she was using a chair to hold on to. She also bit into the top of the wood backing. I rammed away as she was giving off a pleasurable.moan. She reached around and saw that my balls were about to erupt.

She spun around and said give it to me on the tits big boy and with that I squirted all over her tits. She licked some off button up her shirt told me to go to the bathroom to tidy myself up as Paul entered the front door.