Written by ShonaRic

18 May 2018

You are sitting in a very busy coffee shop, but at a booth table tucked away in the corner. As I enter the coffee shop I look around and I notice you sitting at the table in the corner. I make my way through the crowd across the floor, all the way to your table, and not once taking my eye off you. You didn’t see me yet. I get to your table and I also order myself a drink.

We are chatting and laughing as I slide my hand up and down your thigh slowly making my way to my pussy! Your hand rides up my thigh, making its way closer and closer to my cock. Your hand settles on my cock and you start to slowly massage my cock as I get harder and harder. You can feel how I begin throbbing, under your light touchs, through my jeans.

I then slide my hand up and underneath your skirt, touching your pussy outside of your panties. I believe I am now making your pussy wet and I can feel you warm as you are moisten up. My finger strokes your gusset, you move your panties aside with your other hand so that I can slide my fingers up between your wet lips. Eventually I am plunging my fingers deep up inside of you. Now you are really wet and your head is leaning back as you begin to moan. I then slide unnoticed under the table, I pull down your panties and spread your legs wide pulling your hips closer to my face. I begin licking your pussy. Flicking your clit with my tongue, gently, very gently biting on your clit softly. Stopping and starting teasing you with pleasure. I then stick my fingers deep inside your pussy again forcing them in and out of your pussy while stroking your juicy wet pussy with my tongue. You start to lose control of yourself and can no longer keep it in and you cum for me, so hard that you soaked my face with your pussy juices, but we’re not done as you want more.

You drag me up from under the table and we sneak into a bathroom stall. You want my cock deep inside of your wet and now even more wanting pussy! You want me to turn you around and bend you over and fuck you hard from behind, but I make you wait a little as I tease you again. I begin unbuttoning your top to suck your nipples, I bite them gently and lick them. You’re stroking my cock and you unbutton my jeans. You begin to lick the head of my cock, slowly stroking up and down my massive cock with your tongue till you take my balls into your mouth. You then get all urgent, licking and slurping my cock till I am about to cum.

I am well ready now. I roughly turn you around and pull up the back of your skirt. I take you, teasing you at first, just putting the head of my massive cock onto the entrance of your dripping pussy. You want me so bad, I want you so bad. I then plunge my cock deep inside your pussy and you cannot help but gasp, we are both hot with pleasure! I slowly begin to fuck you, but you want more. You want it faster and deeper. I am controlling you now completely and you are at my mercy.

You want me to fuck you hard and pull your hair. I finally give in and begin to fuck you so hard that you lunge forward with my every thrust and I pull you back towards me with your hair. You then begging me, harder, harder, deeper, deeper!!!!


I do as you command. I am fucking you, like you want me to fuck you. We urgently go at it, fucking harder and deeper. Each thrust, my balls slap against your arse. I then spank your arse and you love it, you tell me to keep spanking.

I am fucking you, Hard and Deep and Fast. Spanking your arse while you pull on your nipples.

I lose it, groan load and blow your cunt full of my spunk. Your knees go weak and I hold you up.

It is so gorgeous to hold you on my cock as you shudder in your orgasm……………………