Written by its_taboo

5 Mar 2011

So near and so close

Snap poetry poured out as I scribbled away on black slate

Then contrary seeds sprouted to holt action

Unfulfilled hopes have led to uncertainty and apprehension

Even though my heart begs the virtue of patience; of reasonable compromise

Containing those negitive thoughts, I shepherd them away, because of the original intent to write about love!

Re-write! Re-write, and so begins the poets journey

As ink flowed, I am reminded of her soul breath caressing soft on face, and it's a mystery as to why that fragrant breath embeds so deep into my soul

Relax, and let mind pictures build and unbidden ... the fantasy begins

Swollen thoughts begin to flower, and they are scent enriched, evoking the promice of lusting madness

Why is lust so feminine a word? Why do i half hear in mind echo; only to have that erratic thought swept away by the memory tangle of her bed hair

Yes, hair styled by lover's abandon, and often shielding a face that alters with passion, ....or time, ....or love, because the girl that I envisage above has learnt to become ... a woman

I'm excited; it's not everyday that a man can experience an awaking

For a woman to give of herself is everything a man could ever need

And that face that I see above, and only lip spans away,... well why alter so?

This woman approachs mid-life and yet why do I often see a much younger face ...when she is near and so close