18 Nov 2019

My wife was in our “walk-in” robe as I entered our bedroom. I lean into the “walk-in” and kissed her, she smiled a cheeky smile and pulled away, “with you in a moment,” she said..

I spied, laying dishevelled, discarded on our unmade bed, were laying her pretty morning panties. A red lace and satin pair, I remember thinking they were so sexy on her arse. I had watched her pull them on this morning.

To me, this morning, they were an intimate but teasing protective covering for her sexual hunger. Now they were just a handful of scrunched up sexiness, joyously soiled, evidence of a very active afternoon. I lifted them, touching the wet gusset. I closed my eyes, imagining Shona’s afternoon as I pushed two fingers through the slimy stickiness of someones semen as it soaked through the soft gusset material. I imagined how it had been left there, what positions he had had her in and how many times had he had her.

This delicious stained, this sticky puddled satin gave a hint of just how much he semen he had pumped inside her.

It was thick, copious, and very heavy, I might...might need to lick it. I needed more, my erection was stimulated. Lifting the gusset to my nose, my eyes still closed, imagining so many sexy scenarios. I inhaled the aroma deeply, I needed to smell the strong heady scent of this afternoon visitor and Shona’s liquid excitement. I held the panties close, I could have easily licked and licked until nothing of his voluminous sexual evidence was left.

The copious and thick semen soaking her panties felt like a flooded mess. There was so much of it. He was certainly a man of immense prowess. Perhaps one single ejaculate had been this heavy. I could imagine her orgasm at something so heavy and insistent, flooding deeply into her womb. Splashing hotly across her walls, filling her tubes and womb, her sexual organs inevitably insufficient to hold the entirety of his gushing torrent.

But I thought more realistically instead, that it probably meant something else. It more realistically meant that he had fucked her again and again, repeatedly orgasming into her on our queen sized bed. Surely he had taken her first, soon after arriving, then again an hour later and so on, through the sweaty and steamy afternoon, waking her gently after resting to have her again. I imagined her orgasming too, her brown eyes hungry beneath his intense stare, the warm breath of his aggressive mouth, smiling then. 'You're want me again? Baby, you're insatiable....yes...I want you too'. I know that she will have submitted to him, eagerly stretching her legs as wide as he wanted. I imagined he pushed between her thighs, then sliding them up and over his broad shoulders so that he could slide and pump his cock into her squelching, sweet pussy.

Pussy, that glorious word. A glorious dirty word. When I picked up those panties and swept them up to my nose, I thought of her wild and abandoned sex with him that day. Shona has a very hungry, even insatiable pussy and she regularly needs it filled. Shona would not only have willingly submitted to his seduction, she would have welcomed him, pushing and grinding in needy excitement. Shona is willing to use other men in order to heighten the pleasures for me. There is no shy romance, Shona needs to be fucked and she accepts that horny fact with unbridled joy. All this comes to mind as I inhale the scent of their fucking, the heat, scent and the fresh warmth of it.

The gusset looks so thickly wet. I have to lick it. The panties stain had that thick consistency, rich, creamy and sustaining. His cum was salty, very dry and salty, but it had a sweet taste on the back of my tongue. This creamy mess has been inside my wife. He had pumped it there, insistently and demanding his repeated release. Driving into Shona, making her back arch, grind her body hard onto his erection, her nails lustfully dragging through the sheets of our bed. Cum has trickled from her body as, when he was done with her, she has then walked, after refitting the panties, parading about our bedroom, even walking wearing the panties with him to the front door to eventually say goodbye. She wouldn't shower. She wanted to smell of him. I sat myself on our ruined bed and I started to lick the semen off the gusset. As I lap it up, there is sufficient there in my mouth to swallow, I immediately gain a sense of how powerful his semen is.

When I look up, Shona is there.

She is standing in the doorway to the bedroom, dressed only in a tiny silk wrap and the necklace he gave her. She sleeps in it, did he know? She sleeps wearing it, even when she is in bed with me. But now Shona has watched me bury my face in her used crumpled panties, watched me inhaling and licking the stain that he left there.

I stare at her, my mouth open, discovered. It is as if I have been caught with my hands down my pants by a teacher. Without a word, on bare feet she moves to the dressing table and picks up her mobile. Takes a picture. I look up at her. Shona gives me a smile. Shona sends off the image. “Yes, do it Ric. lick my panties again, search out the wet spunk still soaked in the gusset of my knickers” she says.

Shona grows hungry and reaches out to take the panties from me but her hand lingers as she takes hold of the satin and lace material. I kiss her soft fingertips. She lets me, watching me, surprised and then even gently amused. I let go of the crumpled panties and she throws them to the floor.

My nose and mouth is full of them both, my mouth and my mind too. Shona has breached my defences. I see Shona taking him, imagining him taking her. I want to taste her, to fuck her myself, to reclaim her lusty body and mind...

“Your turn now baby?” she asks, pushing me backwards onto the bed…

Shona mounts my face...Heaven is certainly calling...