3 Jan 2016

There I was at the hotel bar. My friend who going go go with me to the football called in sick. What to do? Do I go to the game? Call it a night? I decided to finish my drink and see. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her come across. She leant over my shoulder letting her scent do its work on my penis which responded in the appropriate manner. She whispered the room number in my ear. "Give me five to powder my nose." She was late forties possibly 50. I was in my twenties.

After finishing my drink, I made my way up to the room. I knocked on the door. She opened the door wearing a hotel bathrobe. We kissed passionately as she led me into the room. She was impressed.with my fella as he was.paying erect attention to her. I striped her of the robe and through her naked onto the bed. On her back. I spread her legs and threw them over my shoulder. Her ankles were scratching my ears as I knelt down and began to devour her pussy. She was going commando and my lips, tongue and teeth partook in her pleasure. She seemed to enjoy it because she was pushing herself into me and even my nose managed to get in there as continued in her buffet. I also used my fingers as I inserted them in her arse which although suprised her she did not object. I alse used my fingers as I inserted my digits in her pussy. This wad no tine to be sweet and soft with her. The firmer, rougher almost that I was with her pussy in a vigorous motion which made her squirm and release.moanings and juices. Then all of a sudden she looked at me when she grabbed my head and screamed at me fuck me now. I need your cock in me now. So I jumped up unbelted, unzipped, dropped pants and rammed my member in her pussy. I banged away as her arse cheeks slapped up against my balls. The bed was creaking she was moaning and shrieking. I was on my tippie toes trying to get the last bit of thrust as I was about to release my love juice. She yelled I am coming. So am I I screamed back at her. Come on my face. I withdrew and at that moment I began to squirt all her her titties and face. We were both covered in sweat as we collapsed next to each other. She looked at me and said you naughty boy. I like to suck cock.

Why don't you. And with that I shoved it in her mouth. She used her mouth, lips, tongue, hands. She also used her eyes as she looked at me on and off as she eagerly devoured my member which could not resist and come erect. I also hands as I began to fuck her mouth. She could tell that I was about to come again and she went faster and with her eyes encouraged me to release my second torrent of come which she eagerly devoured. When I looked at her she shrugged her shoulders and said protein shake.

She began to play with my member. Your young you do not need a rest as she got my fella back up. So I through her on the bed in the doggie and inserted my member. She was shocked but went with the flow. Again I began to pound into her she pushed back as we worked in rhythym as I felt the friction of her body on my member which brought me even more pleasure. Pulling her hair and slapping her arse also seemed to bring her more pleasure than pain. Sweat was falling off both of our bodies as our vocal noises combined with the strain on the bed and the impact of my hips into her was all of sudden interrupted by her shriek oh my f****god, and her going into a sweaty spasm that for a brief moment had me concerned for her. But she responded by screaming do not stop you f****bastard keep going. So I did until I felt the orgasm leaving my balls and when I screamed that pit she sad come on my tits. So I did with the joyfulness if youth on her sun tanned but f**** gorgeous tits.

As we lay next to each other she was running her hands through my hair and expressed with joy that she did not think that I had I in me but she was glad I did.. I got up got dressed and left..