Written by Back_Swingers

1 Sep 2012

My Sexy Lady,

Your always there and always fair

Your love is true, as mine with you

A beautiful mother, adventurous lover

All good things in life can come true

I need you to hear, all my words are sincere

I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Now hears a twist full of spice

I need another horny young man in our life

Like Soldier for which we once knew

Time we bring back the swing!

I know its hard for you to fully understand why I'm obsessed with watching you with another man, so I'll attempt to explain my sexuality as I understand it to be at this point in my life....


Well I'm diffinately not gay as you know, however I wouldn't say I'm 100 percent straight either, I'm something closier to a Cockold or a man that gets off watching other men screw their wives. I know exactly when I started thinking this way and that was back when we were both barely legal and you mentioned one night in Bowen you would be ok to bring another man into out bed if I wanted to spice things up a little more.

Now that caused me to fully reflect on how I thought about sex and what I wanted in my sex life. From that point on and after discussing all kinds of sex you were into with men before me, I fell completely in love with you. As you know I wanted to try it all with you. You played along on and off over the years and I have nothing but praise and respect for you in broadening my horizon, when it comes down to finding out exactly what I need from our sex.

When I have a wank the only thing that gets me off is all my thoughts about you. I might look at other women but I'm not interested except to check out how she might be dressed. I then fantasize about what a certain sexy short skirt or long dress might look like on you and then if I'm having a wank I might role play you in my head in that short dress with another man maybe two dicks in hand ready to fuck you!!! lol Its true.... I say fuck because thats what it is and it feels like a natural primal instinct to me to share my women with other hot horny men but I dont want them making love to you thats my job I like it best when say, a man, we might have met like that first American sailor we picked up when we were both 18 and he was like 30, I watched you stroll over in that short denim skirt, that white button up top with some tit showing and your black CFM's. I dont know what you said but I know I still wank over that night!! We all jumped in a taxi and went back to my parents place. Watching you kneeling on the bed unbuttoning his fly and jip while he unbuttoned your top to play with your tits is a night I never want to forget.

I remember thinking when you pulled out his dick WOW! She needs both hands to handle a cock that big!!! The look in his eyes when you wrapped your mouth around the head of his cock made me feel totally awersome and powerfull because I felt in control and I was helping a brother get his load out. Plus I like to consider what he was thinking, which was probly something like HELL YES!! I'm getting my dick sucked by a fucking horny 18 year old brunnett in a short skirt while her boyfriend plays with his dick watching SUCCCESS!! I love watching you lay back with your legs spread as a guy like that lines up your pussy with his pulsating big dick then screw you on your back knees held against your chest, then with his big hands he rolls you over lifts your skirt up over your tight ass and pulls aside your g-string once more! You sounded so cute trying not to scream to loud with every stroke of his massive dick and the grunting sounds of any man inside any women as he's about to let rip, he grabbed your ass tightly with both hands than forced his cock hard into your swollen pussy filling up my sweet sexy young lady with the seed from a sailor abroad.... I know he used a condom but I prefer thinking of this as previously stated, in my mind theres nothing hotter than telling another bloke he can cum inside your misses!!!

I can never be with another women, I want only one women but I need to feed my testosteron with raw unadulterated sex!!

Thats as best I can explain my position...

Love is sweet

sex is raw

life is good

a man needs a little bit of whore...