15 Feb 2017

It had been a few days now since my hubby left for business to Japan, of all the days he decided it was a good idea to leave me by myself for Valentine. I decided to make the best out of it, planned to rent a movie and have some nice takeaway...what else would a mid 40's woman do all by herself on Valentine. The day before Valentine I went to check my mailbox (not the electronic one :)) and amongst the post was a big white envelop, addressed to Sarah...thats me...Sender my lovely hubby..."Dear Sarah, I'm sorry I'm gonna mis Valentine but let me try to make up. Starting tomorrow morning, there will be a website going live on which you will find instructions. These instructions need to be executed for each following instruction to be revealed. At the end, love, joy and happiness awaits you...the website address is as follows love Steven". Well at least I wasn't going to spend Valentine's day sobbing about being alone, and who knows at the end of this all I might get something out of this. So Valentines day arrived and I was all anxious to start my day...I opened my laptop and browsed to the website, logged in and was welcomed by my first instruction : "A courier will deliver a package this morning, you are to wear the content of the package to work and provide proof by taking a picture and posting it to the site. As a result your next instruction will be delivered..." I started to get really curious but had to rush to be on time for work !...I jumped into the shower and as I came out, the door bell rang. I quickly jumped into my bathrobe and went downstairs to open the package ! All exited I ran upstairs to open it. It contained a black lace g-string and matching bra. That is what I call a great start of the day, I put the string and bra on and immediately I felt sexy...this was gonna be a great day. I jumped into my skirt and shirt for work and of I went. I arrived at work on time, just before my first I quickly ran to the ladies to take pictures of my string and bra, I lifted my skirt and my naughty side couldn't help but taking a picture of me teasing my pussy, after all instructions didn't mandate a particular pose. My nipples were so hard that they pierced through the lace bra...I made sure the pictures I took left little to the imagination...served my hubby for being away on Valentine ! I rushed to the meeting room and uploaded the pictures to the website. My meeting seemed to take for ever, I was so eager to find out my next instruction ! As the meeting ended I went to my desk..opened my laptop and browsed to the website. The next instruction was awaiting me: "Black lace does really suite you well, and its great to see you are starting the day in the right mood. Your next instruction takes you to level 28 of the building were you are working in. Make sure you get there by no later then 11am. As you move out of the elevator you walk to the end of the room. Behind the plastic curtain is where you need to be..choices will have to be made....PS: your bottom drawer has a key that gives you access to level 28 "..I opened the drawer and took the key that was in there. Indeed, Level 28 wasn't accessible as they had recently started renovating that floor. I looked at my watch and it was 10:45am...time to get moving. As I entered the lift, . As I entered the lift, I used the key to gain access to level 28. The lift door opened and I entered level 28, big windows from ceiling to the floor. It was one big construction site, some men were working on the cabling elements, whilst others were finishing the flooring. They hadn't noticed me and I started walking towards the far end of the level, I arrived at the plastic curtain that was put across the entire length of the floor. As I entered behind the curtain, I noticed a man standing at the window staring outside. "Sarah..." he addressed me.."My name is James and I'm sent by Steven, if you follow my instructions it will lead to joy, love and happiness. Do you feel comfortable with that ?" A bit surprised I was able to mumble a rather silent "yes...". As Jame approached me, I could see he was a tall guy, brown skin, blue eyes and raven black hair. He was dressed very stylish in a black suite with white skirt. He stopped in front of me, my hart was pounding. "Your next instruction is to let go of something as you receive something you feel comfortable with that ?". I was so curious and anxious that I couldn't do anything else but agree. James presented me a little box, it was wrapped nicely. "Now I'll need to take something from you " he whispered as he kneeled down on one knee. His hand went slowly between my legs, I sighed but couldn't move. Slowly his big hand went up to my hips. He slowly started to pull down my string, hips first...then my behind...and then in between my legs...I couldn't help but getting really exited by the feeling and look of this beautiful man taking of my undies. As he stood up with my string in his hand, he told me to open my present and put it on. Proof of wearing it should be sent again to the website...he turned around and gonne was James. Wow...what was that ??. I opened the box that I received and it contained black laced stockings....I put them one and went back down to my desk. Sitting on my desk chair I lifted my skirt and took a picture...proof to be sent. I tried to focus on work but that wasnt going particularly well...lunch time saved the day. I opened the website to see if my new instructions arrived, and so they did. "hey sexy...I hope James was nice to you, I'm sure he was, he's a real gentleman. I'm glad to see the stockings go well on you, very sexy. Well I guess you must have worked up an appetite by now. Have some lunch and then head out to the Sauna down the block of your office. Be there no later then 1:30pm". I grabbed some sushi on my way to the Sauna but wanted to make sure I was there on time. I arrived around 1pm. As I entered the sauna I noticed there was little activity. I went to the counter and the lady greeted me"Mrs Sarah ? We are expecting you. please follow me" She guided me to the dressing rooms and told me to undress and put a bathrobe on. So I did..after a few minutes she came to take me to the sauna. Please enjoy a relaxing shower first and I'll have the masseuse pick you up for your massage prior to your sauna session..". I entered the shower room, it was steamy...I couldn't see much but managed to find a shower. The warm water was exactly what I needed to I opened my eyes and looked up I noticed 2 other ladies joining me in the shower. One of the ladies approached me.."Hi order for you to get your next instruction you will have to receive something and give something in return..." But I was standing naked, what could I possibly give ? She noticed me wondering and whispered in my ear...."I want you to kneel down...and taste my wet pussy...I want you to suck me slowly....let your tongue explore my clit and lips". I was baffled but at the same time a shock of exitement and tingling down my spine...I dodnt hesitate and kneeled in front of her. As she opened her legs I started to explore her love cave...sucking here clit and letting my tongue explore her entire pussy...teasing her butt...I started to get really exited and couldn't resist playing my clit...nipples. The second lady approached us and starting to suck her nipples, I could tell by the movements that my sucking and licking were bringing here close to an she started to moan I sucked her clit hard and let her cum on my tongue.The ladies instructed me to stand up...and escorted me to the room next to the shower The room had dimmed lights and the ladies laid me down on a big round positioned herself between my legs whilst the other pushed her pussy onto my mouth. I could feel her tongue starting to lick my clit...followed by hard sucking...exactly the way I like it....I was enjoying the wetness of the lady on top of me and felt I was close to an I was reaching my first orgasm she pushed her tongue deep inside me and I didnt hold back. As I was slowly coming to my positives again the ladies moved next to the bed...I could now feel an extra pair of hands touching my nipples, they were so sensitive..but these hands were bigger, and definitely not womens hands. As I turned my head towards the side I could see James standing. Naked and presenting me his hard cock...I couldn't resist and frantically started sucking his big tasted so hard. The ladies took tunr in sucking my nipples and playing my clit. Then James came and laid down between my legs...I could feel his hard cock pushing against my wet pussy. He pushed it in gently...tip first...lingered a bit and then pushed al the way in. I almost immediately reached another orgasm but James kept pounding me hard not allowing my wet pussy to relax...a constant rush of orgasms and sensation went through my body...then another cock was presented to me, I instinctively started to suck it..."Happy Valentie my love..." I looked up I saw Steve next to me...this was going to be a long wet Valentines day....