3 Apr 2016

We parked the car and stepped out into the sweltering heat of the day. The heat seemed to radiate off the bare rocky ground, the water in the bay before us was beguiling, best of all, it appeared we had the water below, exclusively to ourselves.

"I am soooo excited," My wife said.

"Me too, I need to get into that beautiful water," I replied.

"I want to swim naked!" My wife surprisingly said out loud. She was not normally a naturist, but I do love to watch her womanly, curvy body, moving about in the warm sun.

I walked over to my sexy, now stripping naked, wife. I kissed her on the lips, the kiss turned into a tonguing session and my cock started to harden.

"Hey, snorkelling first, you can fuck me later," she smiled, in her typically direct way. The sweet prospect of fucking her on this warm sunny beach, only made my cock harden, even more.

"Can you spread some sun cream on my white bits," she giggled. She lay down on her stomach and I squirted the now, sun heated cream across her full bare arse cheeks. I rubbed the cream in slowly, sensuously, in circles and every now and then “accidentally” slipping a finger between her arse cheeks. She squirmed constantly.

"Turn over" I said, slapping her exposed white arse. I squirted more warm cream onto each of her breasts and purposely onto her trimmed pussy mound. I took my time rubbing the white cream into her luscious breasts. Her nipples stood wonderfully proud. She was really enjoying the attention and even moaned gently. I then moved to her thighs, close to and around her pussy. I could not help but have a little feel along her pink pussy lips. She slapped my hand away with a cheeky smile.

"Let’s go have a snorkel," she said

"OK," I replied, jumping up to get the equipment out of our bags.

The water was delightful, warm and emerald green. For me there is something very sexy about my woman's naked body, underwater. The goose bumps and lack of gravity work wonders for me and I spend almost as much time watching her naked form, as I do the fish. Every now and then I would swim up to her, I would rub my hand over her soft ass or cup a slippery, sun creamed breast. She responds, grasping my cock, making me hard, then smiling through her mask, but then swimming, teasingly, away.

After and hour in the water we climbed out and opened cold drinks. We sat on our towel, laying out naked, warming in the sun, talking excitedly about all we had seen. It was pure bliss. We were a couple of metres away from the perfect clear water and we had no cares in the world.

While we were talking, we noticed a snorkeler coming towards us. All you could see was his snorkel tube and the top of his head. He was close, but my wife didn't bother getting dressed as he was surely likely to snorkel right past us.

Suddenly he stood up. We hadn't realised the water he was in was so shallow. It was too late for my wife to get dressed, as our clothes were quite a way behind us.

"I am sorry," he said with a very thick accent. He was walking out of the water towards us. He was so enthusiastic about the water, but as he stood in front of us, he politely pretended that he seemed not to have noticed that my wife was totally naked.

My wife stepped forward; she boldly made no effort to cover up.

"You want to come back into the water?" he asked, beckoning us. "Come, come," he again beckoned us into the water. We smiled, shrugged our shoulders and we slipped on our masks to follow him. My wife was still bravely, completely stark, sexy naked.

We snorkelled, following behind our new friend, he lead us to some very pretty spots. He dived down and then we all surfaced together.

"Do you want to see a real sea cave?" he asked. My wife nodded, even before I had a chance to speak. I found it hard to believe that my wife was comfortable snorkelling around naked in front of a complete stranger. We followed him back underwater, swimming for 5 minutes or so around the inside of a small reef. We arrived at an opening in the rock with soft light behind it. We surfaced, treading water.

"Would you like to go in?" He asked. We were both enthusiastic.

Our hearts raced, swimming through the underwater opening, but once inside, the cave was really beautiful. The walls were covered with anemones and fish swirled all about our naked bodies. It was a small cave, so we were very close together. I soon noticed our new friend had definitely not missed my wife’s naked buxom form. Inexplicably, I found his attention towards her really started to get me aroused. We surfaced together and all commented at how beautiful the cave was. I caressed my wife's thigh under the water, even delving into her pussy folds, and she held my hand and squeezed it. I asked her, whether she was okay? She just smiled and squeezed my hand again.

"Would you like to come and have a cold drink with us?" I asked him. I should have been trying to get rid of this fellow, but here I was inviting him back for a cold drink.

"That would be wonderful?" he responded and we descended to head back.

My wife swam through the cave mouth first and he swam close and directly behind her. My cock was throbbing, knowing he was looking right up into her pussy and arse as she kicked her way out of the cave. I thought I saw him rub his own crotch, but I couldn't be sure. He certainly stayed close behind my wife all the way back to the cove where our towels were. I would have got between them at any point, the situation developing before me, was really turning me on. I really was enjoying my beautiful, sexy buxom wife being on display.

My wife climbed out first and headed towards our bags to get towels and her clothes. Our friend was taking his time getting out of the water so I followed her to ask.

"How do you feel?" I whispered in her ear.

"Stark fucking naked!" she said, her eyes were wide. She grabbed for her dress.

"Don't get dressed" I said. She looked at me quizzically. "I am enjoying you being naked in front of him," I said quietly to her.

"You are so sick," she grinned. She hesitated for just a second, but then she smiled a mischievous smile and dropped her dress onto the rocks.

She whispered back to me, teasing me, It’s not just my skin that is wet...

Our new friend approached us "Apologies...I am Alessandro," he offered his hand, walking towards me.

"Ric" I said "and this is Shona," My wife smiled and leant towards him. He kissed each of her cheeks in the European way. I swallowed hard and was fascinated at this very sexy scene. My beautiful, completely naked wife, being so close to this sexy man, knowing she was already sexually aroused, it made my head swim.

A beer anyone? I asked. They both said yes and we all sat together on our towels. My wife brazenly lent back on her arms, showing off her white breasts and pink nipples. My wife displayed herself in the warm sunshine. The cool water had given her goose bumps and her nipples were still hard. She certainly embraced, really enjoying, being an exhibitionist. We chatted about the snorkelling. Alessandro was on holiday from Madrid. He was staying in a hotel nearby. Judging by his muscular body he was a few years younger than us. He was a keen snorkeler and told us about the many fish that he had seen. My wife looked fascinated and smiled and nodded, she remained quiet and didn't say much. We drank a beer each...and then another. All the time Alessandro, politely, seemed to ignore my wife's complete sexy nudity, although he did put on some very dark glasses he had in a water proof holder.

He was friendly, warm and very funny. His English wasn't perfect by any means, but we understood one another perfectly and his Spanish accent added to his charm. My wife had always been a sucker for a continental accent.

Alessandro hopped up, to go behind a rock, for a pee.

"What the fuck are we doing," My wife said, face flushed.

"Just go with. We am enjoying ourselves, are we not?" I asked, getting more aroused by the minute and feeling very frisky.

"I told you before, it’s not just my skin that is wet" she boldly retorted. Her face went a little red.

"Do you want to take it further?" I asked. She was incredulous.

"What, she asked, do you want me to fuck him?" she laughed nervously, probably expecting me to say “Of course not” My throat was dry, but I said...

"I think I do," I finally managed to say.

"You're a pervert," she said. She was going to continue but he came back and sat down. I knew she was sexually aroused. Although she was trying to hide it, my wife was squeezing her thighs gently and I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her nipples stood proud. She loved being the centre of our attention.

Alessandro returned, smiled at us and sat down. My wife, feet together, stood up and walked over to get something from our bags.

"You have a very beautiful curvy wife," Alessandro said to me, watching her walk away.

"Thank you," I said. My heart was pounding.

"You don't mind she be naked in front of me?" he asked.

"I do you mind?" I asked.

"Of course not!" he said with an expression of surprise at my question. We held eye contact for just a second and he and I immediately understood the situation at hand and we both smiled. I felt light headed with a mixture of lust and sexual anticipation.

"What are you two smiling about?" My wife said. We both turned to see her womanly form standing over us, naked, proud and gorgeous.

"How beautiful you are, Shona" said Alessandro. "You make me, how do you say it “caliente” he said. He momentarily looked embarrassed, as if he was unsure, had he overstepped a mark? He looked across at me. I smiled back at him and then I returned my gaze back to the sexual, naked goddess that was my wife. This seemed to be a point of no return. Our pulse’s raced and I even felt dizzy. How would my sexually aroused, naked wife, react to this bold comment?

My wife took control "Do you mean, horny?" My wife asked, tilting her head to Alessandro and smiling at him directly. She gently ran her hands up along her body, her palms brushing over her breasts and her erect nipples.

"Madre mia," Alessandro said. He looked over at me, not surprisingly with an expression of intense desire. I smiled back, it was on!

Without another word my wife stepped towards him and ran her fingers through his thick, black hair. He looked up at her and put his hands onto her bare thighs. Her leaking, naked, trimmed pussy was centimetre’s from his face. He stood up, slowly, even cutely, trying to hide his full erection. They looked at each other for a moment and then he kissed her.

He pulled her in closely and the kisses grew more urgent. I caught a glimpse of my wife's tongue as it explored his open mouth. Her eyes were now softly closed. His dark brown hands were massaging her white arse cheeks, exploring, and their bodies began to grind firmly against one another. She moved her hands down his back around to the front and down into his swimmers, grasping, discovering, his bulging erection. My wife, brazenly, started to pull his swimmers down, dropping to her knees. She ran her tongue down his tanned chest and flat stomach as she descended. She seemed oblivious to my presence, lost in dreamy lust.

His cock bounced free as his shorts came down and she immediately sucked the rigid organ into her mouth. Her hands slid up the back of his legs and onto his arse. She pulled him deep into her throat and sucked hard. Luscious slurping sounds wetly escaped her mouth as she sucked on his thick, raging cock. She opened her eyes and looked up at him but he was looking up at the sky with his mouth open. He began to gently grind backwards and forwards, enjoying the oral attention. Ashe pressed his hands to the back of her head, she moaned sexily. He was certainly enjoying fucking my wife's sweet mouth.

For a few intense moments I thought she might suck him to orgasm and swallow his thick fluids, but she stopped sucking and lifted his cock with her hand, admiring the view. She started to lick up his shaft, sucking and licking at the base, just as she knew I loved her to do to me. I noticed that her other hand had drifted downwards and was on her pussy, massaging an aching wetness with circular, slow strokes. She looked over at me for the first time, his cock pressed to her cheek, her eyes glazed as though she had just woken up. She stared directly at me. I smiled, I was awestruck. She looked down and saw how erect my own cock was. Her glazed eyes closed again and she started to wetly stroke his full length slowly, still tonguing his balls. Her gold wedding band glinted in the sunshine as her hand rolled up and down his straining cock.

I was sure he was about to come when she stopped suddenly. She lowered herself backwards and onto her back, never breaking eye contact with him, she opened her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and wetly glistening. I had never witnessed my wife in such a sexual trance. He knelt into her open wet folds and bent his face to her pussy. She watched him for a second and then her head slowly tilted backwards to the sky. She let out a moan as his tongue made contact, she instantly put her hands on the back of his head and pulled his face hard onto her aching sex and ground her pussy onto his attentive face. It was over in moments, my wife, laid out in the sun, naked, exposed to this new man and in a total sexual trance, orgasmed, she spasmed, writhed and orgasmed like I have never witnessed before...

He stayed eating her folds until she could take no more. He now knelt up next to her face and they began to kiss each other, as passionate lovers. He then fed her his cock again, her head was pulled down to his cock and she opened to swallow him again. He massaged her breasts and then his exploring hands moved down her body, directly to her pussy, she could not resist, she opened her legs, giving him, hotly, all access. He pushed his middle finger into her pussy and gently rubbed her button with the palm of his golden hand. She moaned and her legs she now spread wide open. She was totally submitting to his sexual advances. His middle finger went into her wet pussy easily. His fingers moved in and out of her body as she sucked his perfect cock for all she was worth. All I could hear was the wet sloppy, sweet; sounds of her sucking and his pussy fingering...nothing else in the world existed for them in those moments. The blood roared in my ears and I was elated

My wanton wife broke it off and suddenly sat up. She pushed him to the ground by his shoulders and mounted him. She bent forward, arched her back and grabbed his cock behind her. Her delicate fingers wrapped around his engorged organ. She, for an instant, rubbed the head against her slick wet lips, then he was swallowed, buried deep in her body, she finally had him in her waiting pussy, I witnessed his thick cock disappear between the shell-pink lips of my wife's cunt. She ground slowly down onto him with a sigh.

She then began to ride him. She rode slowly at first, savouring the engorged erection within her body, but soon with much greater intensity. He thrust upwards, driving into her, their bodies, sweating now, made slapping sounds as they smashed together, his balls tapping her arsehole with each punishing stroke. She again lent forward, her hands now on both his shoulders, her hair hung down around her face as he fucked and drove brutally up into her cunt. She had stopped riding him, allowing him his assault, but her whole body shook as she took his rhythmic cock pounding. My wife’s face was flushed and her eyes were closed. I could see she was so close to Cumming. She let out a deep, rising, guttural moan and pushed back down hard onto him. They fucked, moving in unison, driving up and down. She grabbed his hands and forced him to squeeze her breasts and nipples hard, then she orgasmed!

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...." she squealed through clenched teeth as she continued to drive forward her orgasm. He slammed his dick into her cunt as she came, again and again he fucked her, faster and faster. There was no denying his own primal urgency to deliver his load. My wife orgasmed so hard, she clenched her arse cheeks together, she rode him hard and then grabbed his hips and fucked him, even deeper, into her sweating, panting and luscious body.

He could hold back no longer

Like a pressure cooker blowing the lid, he came, he splashed, planted, his sexual seed. She threw her head back and clawed at his muscled chest. He furiously pumped thick cum into her cunt, pounding driving and fucking her hard and I am sure she nearly fainted, she cried out, “so hot, so hot, your cum is so fucking hot” Her back was arched, his cream delivery now completed. They were both still and silent for a few moments and then she totally collapsed forward onto him. She lay atop him, panting, still relishing being full of his wonderful rigid cock. Even with his thick cock plugging her opening, a thick trickle of white cum rolled from her cunt and down over his balls, pooling onto our towel. At last, his cock softened, and slickly slid out of her reamed body, more creamy cum, a heavy flow of warm semen followed his cock from her fucked body. Her pussy and thighs, even our towel was awash with their sexual fluids.

My wife extracted herself from her lover and moved onto all fours, crawling over to me. Her face was flushed and she had red hand marks on her tortured breasts, there was a shining flow of cum running down her thighs. She looked worried and guilty, moving towards me, but sexually satisfied at the same time. I smiled sexily back at her and we fell on each other in a tight embrace. Her hand now found my pre-cum leaking; erect cock, she moved lower to now attend to my awaiting erection. Her pussy felt so hot, so sexy and thickly sticky as I moved my own hands and delved between her wet thighs.

"I go," Alessandro said in a quiet voice behind us. She lifted her head from my cock, turning her head and kissed him deeply without letting go of my cock. He pulled his swimmers on and walked himself back into the water. We were again locked in an urgent embrace, my wife’s lips were back again, on my cock. I toyed and fingered her pounded cunt.

I loved and lusted her, more in that moment, then I have ever loved.