Written by canberravoyeur

30 Jun 2010

arrive at your door, wearing nothing more than a big jacket – the belt tied up tightly around my waist. You answer your door in nothing but a fluffy blue robe, and I can sense your excitement as I can see a tell-tale bulge at the front of your robe. As I step through the door your robe parts and I catch a glimpse of your nice hard penis, waiting in anticipation.

You close the door behind me and lead me onto the lounge. I undo my jacket and just before I reach the lounge I feel your hands around my waist, grabbing onto the jacket and gently taking it over my shoulders. Standing naked before you, I turn around, my nipples hard with excitement. I reach forward and take you into my arms, our lips meeting in a delicate and sensual kiss. Our tongues mingle and I can taste you on my mouth. Your aftershave smells devine and I can feel myself melting into your arms.

I reach out to you and remove your robe, letting it fall to the floor. Instantly I feel your beautiful hard cock pressing into me as we hold each other close, still kissing, our hands roaming over each other’s body. Your hands massage my breasts, teasing my nipples. My hands roam all over the place, caressing your hair, stroking your neck, roaming down your back and then around the front to grab on to your penis.

I move back against the lounge and sit down, placing my face in line with your nice hard cock. I give your cock a few massaging strokes with my hand, and then gently lick the end of it with my tongue, rolling my tongue all around the tip, teasing it with my lips, giving gently little licks and sucks before taking it all into my warm and waiting mouth. I love sucking on your beautiful cock, love how smooth and full it feels in my mouth, love how it looks and tastes. I begin to suck slowly at first, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth, especially loving the little groans that you make when I take it all in. I begin to suck harder, caressing your balls in one hand, while my other hands grabs you on the ass and pulls you closer to me. I continue sucking, feeling you getting harder and harder in my mouth. I dig my nails into your ass, pushing you harder into my mouth. My soft wet lips and tongue all over your cock, I keep sucking. Your hips start to move to match my sucking, and you grab onto my head with both hands, thrusting your cock in and out of my mouth, and I suck harder and faster until you let out a big moan – your throbbing cock unleashes its load of cum into my mouth and I swallow every hot sticky part of it, loving the taste of your hot cum trickling down my throat.

You then push me back on to the lounge and drop to your knees in front of me. You grab my legs and pull me forward til my now very wet pussy is right in front of your face. You begin to tease me with your fingers, slowly running them over my pussy, just lightly touching my clit. I arch my back and move my hips to get more from you, but you continue to tease, again lightly touching my clit with your fingers and gently playing with it, getting me all hot and excited. I try to put my own hand down there to speed things up but you push it away, intent on teasing me more and more. Your fingers start teasing my clit faster and faster, and I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter under your touch. I can feel my orgasm build inside me – my breathing gets quicker and louder and I moan in ecstasy. But just as I have reached the edge .... you stop.

Oh my god! Hanging on the edge of my orgasm it was absolute torture for you to stop right then! But I don’t have to wait long because your fingers are soon back, teasing my clit again. Already close to orgasm, it doesn’t take me long to reach the very edge of my orgasm .... and again you stop!

Oh this is torture! Sweet delicious agonising torture! I am surely ready to explode at your very next touch, so I beg you to finish me off – please let me have my orgasm! So again your fingers begin to tease my clit, which is now so tender to the touch I don’t have long to wait at all until my orgasm is at the edge again. But this time you don’t stop, your fingers flicking and teasing my clit until I can’t take anymore, and I explode in the most awesome climax, making your fingers so wet. I shudder with excitement and wriggle on the lounge, enjoying the fantastic release of energy and emotion.

Not ready to let me go, you hold on to my legs and drag me towards you again. You use your hands to part my pussy lips and to expose my delicate clit, which you bring your face towards. The next thing I feel is your tongue on the inside of my thigh, making its way towards my now very wet pussy. Your fingers keep my pussy lips apart, and then I feel your tongue moving oh so lightly over my clit. Your tongue taunts me, gliding over my clit so lightly it sends shivers down my spine. Already I am tingling with anticipation, with your tongue now doing quick flicking movements over my clit. My wetness is now all over your mouth and chin and yet you keep going, sucking and licking my clit til it gets so hard. As I feel myself reaching the level of orgasm again, you grab on to my thighs and bury your whole face into my now soaked pussy, your tongue fucking my pussy as much as teasing my now achingly horny clit. The feel of your tongue is amazing and I grab on to your hair as my body gives in to your teasing and I have a huge climax, my juices running all down your face.

You look up at me and I lay back on the lounge, pulling you up to join me. You lay on top of me and I kiss you deeply and passionately, tasting my pussy juices all over your lips. God I love that! Our naked bodies entwine as we continue kissing, our hands again wandering all over each other’s body. Already I can feel your hardness pressing up against me, and I open my legs, willing you to enter my now absolutely dripping wet pussy. You very willingly oblige, and your gorgeous hard cock slides easily into me. We both let out a contented moan, enjoying the beautiful closeness that moment brings with it. I wrap my legs around you and hold you close, kissing your soft lips as you move gently inside me. Moving slowly at first, your thrusts get harder and faster, the muscless of my nice tight wet pussy grabbing on to your hard cock as you move in and out. You grab my legs and throw them over your shoulders, pinning me down hard onto the lounge as your cock slides in and out of me, harder and faster. My pussy is getting so wet, I am so turned on right now! As you fuck my pussy I can feel another orgasm building, but I hold off so I can cum with you. As your thrusting gets more powerful I can feel your hard cock start to throb. My legs in the air, my pussy starts to throb too as I try to hold off on my orgasm. With one last powerful thrust, your throbbing cock explodes inside me and I feel your hot cum enter my pussy. This sensation is enough to set off my orgasm as well, and my pussy explodes in a massive throbbing climax to match that of your beautiful cock. Our juices mingle in a hot wet delicious climax, and we both moan with pleasure.

Totally spent, I lower my legs and hold you close, and we cover each other with long slow kisses. Our bodies are covered in perspiration and the smell of sex lingers in the air. We both fall asleep, you on top of me, holding each other ....