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You for Dessert...

As very special evening at home...


11 minute read

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You (my husband) have just made us the most amazing meal. It tasted wonderful, and was complete with my own juices you creatively added after having made me cum like a perverted woman with your fingers as you prepared. I teased my husband during the cooking of dinner saying, “I want to taste you then for my dessert.” We played ‘footsie’ under the table as we ate and we maintained eye contact with both of us smiling all the way through our meal. You had tried to tease me away from dessert saying, "We'll see, baby," as I repeated my request to taste you. After the dinner was done, I decided to do some teasing of my own. “Hmmm, well if you won’t let me taste you, I’ll find something else for my dessert” I say coyly and head back into the kitchen. From our family room you watch me, waiting for me to re-emerge. I return from the kitchen, walking with my hands behind my back so you cannot see what I have hidden behind me. You lean back on our lounge watching my every move. I slowly present a banana from behind my back. It is bright yellow and I seductively bring it up to my contrasting red lips, holding the fruit with two hands, as I would normally do to your sexy cock. I am intent on showing you what you are missing out on, what I am truely ready to do, so that I may have the desert I crave. I close my eyes as I suck the first stage of the phallic fruit into my mouth. I slowly slide one hand up and down the length of the banana, sliding along it with a gentle firmness. My lips release the banana enough for you to see my tongue flicking all around it. I slurp up as I’m getting the top all wet. Then I slide the long banana further into my eager mouth. I look directly into your eyes as it disappears and reappears from my warm wet throat, my throat that was built to swallow stiff cock. You shift in your seat, my teasing is having the desired effect on you now. My eyes glance lower to find you are building me an impressive erection in your jeans. I slowly walk within reach of you, still sucking the banana like a cock. I slowly slide the banana from my mouth as I kneel down, I spread your between your legs and nuzzle your erection. “Now I want my real dessert” I say with confidence as there is no way you will not feed me. You take the banana from my hand and place it on the side. “Take me out, baby,” you say, as you spread your legs wider to allow me easier access. “Mmmm,” I say as my fingers start working your zipper to get your erect cock out. I cannot wait to touch and taste your familiar but delicious cock. You watch on as you see my eyes light up and widen, as I see the hard cock pop up through your open jeans. I wrap both my hands around you and slide one of them up and down your veiny length, just as I had teased with the banana moments before. I lick the head of your cock lightly, poke the tip of my tongue into the open eyelet of the head and with hunger in my eyes, I look up at you. “Oh God, baby, that’s it, please suck me” you beg. I lick my lips and I wetly slide just the head into my mouth. I am holding your cock at the base and with the head in my mouth I swirl my tongue around the head. I’m so eager to taste your pre cum, but I also want to take my time, I am in no hurry, I love your cock and I always want to make you feel incredible as I do. “Oh baby, you are amazing,” you say as your breathing heightens, “that’s it my love, suck your man’s cock, you know just what I like.” You close your eyes and start to talk filth, filthy things we have done, are yet to do, all sorts of dirty imaginings. I love how you talk slut talk to me while I give you head, it really turns me on and keeps me supercharged. I could suck your tasty cock (all cocks actually, God I love cocks!) for hours. As more and more of your warm cock disappears into my mouth, I am workng it all wet with my saliva, I know how you like that. With a burning ache, I realised just how excited and wet I’m getting myself. I slurp up and down your cock with my cum-hungry tongue. I lick under the head as one hand slides up and down your shaft and the other caresses your shaved balls. “Your mouth feels so good, baby, don’t stop,” you tell me. I continue sucking, sliding up and down, pushing as much of your cock into my throat as I can and then drawing it back out. The pace is getting faster and faster. “Ready to taste your man?” you ask. “Mmmmmm, fuck yeah” I moan while your cock stretches my throat. I feel you swell and then your hot cum starts to pulse out, thickly coating my tongue and then directly flowing into my throat as you grunt and moan in your orgasmic pleasure. I swallow down every yummy thick pulse of your sticky dessert, I have waited, and I want it. As you relax a little, I immediately step out of my moist knickers and then drop all my clothes. I lay fully naked back on the floor in front of you and begin to rub my sticky pussy. I spread myself wide, giving you quite a show as I run my fingers up and down my very gooey, excited pussy. “My sexy man, I did enjoy that dessert did you like feeding me?” I ask. I also "Look at what state sucking your your cock has left me in, I'm so wet, God I need a cock right now" “I loved it,” you answer in a breathy voice. “Can I have some more dessert baby?” you ask. “You can have anything you see” I reply with a moan, “Mmmmmm.” You pick up the banana from the table and position yourself between my legs. You slowly rub it up and down my slit, coating it with my own sticky juices, then pushing it into me and pulling it out again. You look at me smiling as I continue rubbing my clit, with you banana fucking my slot. Then you take the pussy-juice-coated banana and bring it up to your mouth. You slide it across your mouth, coating your lips with my excited juices. Then you share the banana, pushing it into my mouth, having me suck on the fruit as I had done before, though it has a different taste this time, it tastes like me. I’m still masturbating for you, as you feed me with the banana. My fingers rub my clit, and every now and then I reach down to bring up some wetness to make it easier to massage my clit. I’m beginning to get closer to orgasm as you stop fucking my mouth with the banana and decide to fuck my pussy with it. You slowly push it into my very wet hole. There is no effort to work it up inside me, it easily slips all the way in, I am so excited. The banana is easy enough to fuck me with and you just sit up and continue to admire your banana plunging. I continue rubbing my clit getting closer to orgasm as you put your mouth around the buried banana and begin to ‘suck’ it out of me. Just then, I start to cum, squeezing down around the banana as my pussy convulses and my whole body shakes, I groan in pleasure. The flattened banana slides out of my pussy and you lick me clean. Your tongue licking my fruit fucked pussy feels so amazing. Your hunger at lapping up my juices and your tongue flicking around on my clit, riles me up again. You turn me on and push me over the edge again very quickly, pressing all my buttons and making me cum a second time, me groaning out once more as I press my pussy hard up onto your mouth. After a moment, you get to your feet and help me up. I’m still light headed from cumming so hard (Twice!), but I immediately notice that you are hard again yourself. “Mmmm more dessert for me my sexy man?” I ask you as I pull you into the kitchen. You give me a weird look and I say, “Trust me, you are gonna serve me” I pick up a new banana and a sharp knife. I cut the tip of the banana off and slice it length-wise, but only through one layer of the peel, not all the way through it. Then I work the banana out through the slit without disturbing the formation of the peel. It is now a hollow banana peel with an open end. I pop it into the microwave for about 10 seconds just to make it all warm and gooey. The inside of the peel now feels very close to what my pussy must feel like. I look up at you. You are just in amazement watching me, work your erection. I slide the “pussy peel” onto your cock, and hold the outside of the skin. I slide it up and down your hard cock, gripping with as much or little pressure as I like. You seem to be enjoying my handwork but not as much as my mouth. I slip it off and kneel down to suck your tasty cock and lick up the remnants of the banana flavor from your fat shaft, then I return to my feet. I am just dying to be properly fucked and for both of us to explode together, I bend myself over the kitchen table exposing myself to you and I invitingly spread my legs apart. I’m waving my arse at you, offering myself to you and urginging you to slam into me and fuck me sensless. You walk over to me, I know you are holding your cock and admiring the view of my sexy big round arse. You run your hands down my hips and then massage my arse cheeks. Moving in between my legs, you press, spreading them even further open, so that my pussy is splayed pink and puffy, open for you to nudge with your cock. Your hands work their way back up my body, over my curves, massaging my skin, and then around to my breasts, squeezing and pinching my nipples. I am concentrating so much on the attention my nipples are getting that I am startled when you suddenly, forcefully plunge your entire cock into my wet, gaping pussy, thrusting deep in one single move. You pound my excited hole hard, slapping my arse and talking very naughty. I begin to build in orgasm after only a minute or two, moaning loud as my fluids lubricate down your cock and balls. You push me down on the table, thrusting into me harder and harder. You have my face turned to the side with one cheek and my breasts pressed into the tabletop. I move to push my pussy back onto you, wanting all of you, way deep inside of me in my hungry need. You fuck into me over and over, and I orgasm squeezing your wonderful cock with my pussy milking you of your creamy load of cum. I feel you let loose your heavy cock load and you fill me, thickly coating my walls with your hot seed and then you collapse on top of me. When you step back from me you pull a chair out for me to sit down on so I don’t lose my balance. You cup my face in your hands and kiss me gently. I reach down between my legs and dip two fingers into the mixture that is our orgasms. I bring my finger up between our mouths, for the last taste, that is our shared dessert, and we kiss. “Yum, this is a delicious dessert, baby,” you say, “thank you, yes it is” I just giggle back, strangely coy now, but I’m very satisfied and relaxed. “Take me to bed, baby,” you say, acknowledging that we’re both exhausted. “Thank you for dinner, honey, but that dessert was my favorite part,” I say as we make our way to our bed. You smile and smack my arse on the way to our bedroom… You ask me, "What would you like on the menu for tomorrow night?" That is my man...

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