6sex6 The Number of the Feast Swinging

Six for Sex…

He bound her ankles and wrists to the chains of the sex swing, looking at her with titillating hunger, smelling her as he took his sweet time... all the while she was getting wetter and wetter, writhing gently- partly to help him get her comfortable and partly to squirm with arousal. A sweet sweet prize. She was vulnerable at this point; there were two other couples in the room, wearing their briefs still, patiently sipping their drinks and loose… Read more

What do you LOVE about the Swinging Lifestyle? Swinging

The best part of the lifestyle is the honesty and trust…

The best part of the lifestyle is the honesty and trust we have developed with each other as partners, with no secrets between us, nothing is taboo or off limits as long as we discuss with each other first, this has led to us having some lifelong friends some wonderful pleasurable times and fulfilling our fantasies.

Entering into this lifestyle a little later in life at the age of 40 has allowed me to grow so comfortable with my own sexuali… Read more

The Guide for Bulls Swinging

You’ve found that perfect couple…

So, you’ve wanted to be a “Bull” and now you’ve found that perfect couple. She’s a Hotwife looking for a regular lover. He’s a cuckold (or wants to be) and he’s willing to step aside and let you and his wife become lovers.

Now what?

This is where the men get separated from the boys, pal. I have real experience with this. I’ve seen the best and the worst, of both people and experiences. I’ve also talked to others and shared… Read more

How to Have a Happy Open Marriage Swinging

Key steps to successfully opening a marriage…

How to Have a Happy Open Marriage
A few key steps to successfully opening a marriage

Ppening a marriage is no easy feat. It takes communication, thought, and above all: so much love. How your decision to become polyamorous came about will vary greatly from couple to couple. There is no one-size-fits-all scenario.

Whether you’ve been monogamous for the majority of your time together, are opening up after a stint in a closed relationship, … Read more

My first “Orgy In The Woods” Swinging

The ultimate sexual encounter…

Shortly before Getting together with the Gorgeous Barbie, this is what happened......

My orgy experience

I’d love to contribute my experience in the lifestyle
I have always had an extreme interest in sex, A few years ago I separated from my wife of 20years , I have been busy fulfilling my group sex fantasies ever since,.
By far the best thing I have ever done to advance this was to Join a group called NBO (nude bi orgies) I was lucky … Read more

Why a man would want his wife to sleep with another man? Swinging

it’s all about her pleasure…

Why a man would want his wife to sleep with another man?
Because I am proud of her and want others to validate that
Because I enjoy knowing that other men find my wife attractive
Because she has interest in improving her body and appearance as she dresses for other men, feeling sexy and desired
Because I want to bring out the sexy and confident woman in hiding
Because it’s all about her pleasure
Because I enjoy viewing her as the free ind… Read more

Hotwife Ground Rules 101 Swinging

Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions…

Ground Rules

Another day of Hotwifing advice and of course..your questions and stories is upon us. Today I am going to address the topic of Ground Rules.

I have heard some major horror stories in the lifestyle from couples who swing and from couples who Hotwife and all due to this one most important topic. Due to the fact that there are 2 people involved in both lifestyles, you have to remember that feelings and emotions matter not just wit… Read more

Couples swinger journey Swinging

Promiscuous wife…

This is a true and honest confessions of a journey into the swinging lifestyle.
It all started about 4 years into our relationship after I had moved in with with M and her 2 teenage boys. It was both our 2nd serious relationship after both having 15-20 year prior marriages
M is a very cute and sexy blonde in her late 40’s and in her younger days, she was a professional dancer for popular performers that toured her city, so she loved to danc… Read more

You Might Be A Swinger IF... Swinging

Your sex toy collection costs more than your china set…

You Might Be A Swinger IF...

1. You are running out of reasons to tell your friends, family and coworkers why you can’t go out with them this weekend

2. You know most of your friends’ names only as couples (Rich and Joy, Frank and Jen) but you don’t know their last names

3. You go on vacation with three huge suitcases, yet are wearing the same outfit when you return as on you did when you left

4. You have already seen pictures o… Read more

I can never look at caravan parks the same again.... Swinging

my chance to be "Trailer Trash"…

We had just bought a second hand caravan and decided to go for a trip to try it out..... hubby was meant to come but at the last minute his work needed him to stay as there had been problems for him to solve. So instead I decided to travel on my own... stopped at a few free camping spots on the way up and then arrived at Hervey Bay.... Great park location right on the beach and quite a good site with trees and not too many people....

Being … Read more

Wild oats getting sown Swinging

After years of marriage I was finally free to explore…

My marriage was finally at an end, and I was left with no where to go. Over the years I had many rendezvous with men on the side and one of my most recent was Brian who had also just come out of a marriage.
Brian offered for me to stay at his place while i got on my feet, we had agreed that we would no longer hook up and were both determined to move ahead in heterosexual relationships.
That lasted until the first Saturday night when we’d had … Read more

Gangbang in the Dunes Swinging

Second time she opens up…

After Carren fucked Aaron in his van in the camping area behind the beach she changed. She was far more confident and also more open to her needs. We went back to the beach three days later but Aaron had moved on but my wife was horny and after laying naked on the beach she asked me to take her into the dunes to check out the action the supposedly went on there. I did explain to her that the dunes was an area that mainly catered to bi guys and ga… Read more

Bigger changes everything Swinging

Wife has first time with guy she meets on beach…

My wife and I have been married for 25 years. She is 55 I am 51. We have talked of spicing it up a little many times but Carren always says she is not interested in swapping or anything unfaithful. We have however started going to the nude beach and Carren gets excited looking at the naked people as well as displaying herself. Being a mature she is a little large in the hips and also the tits, has cellulite on her thighs but a pretty face and he… Read more

Our foursome with extras Swinging

Two married guys extra fun…

My wife and I had met a lovely married couple through mutual friends at a party. As it turned out our new friends lived in the same suburb from us just a few hundred meters away. We would go out for dinner and drinks and one evening they invited us back to their home for after dinner drinks and coffee. They had a spa bubbling away in lovely enclosed centre garden courtyard with soft almost darkened mood lighting and her hubby who had obviously be… Read more

First encounter Swinging

Joining a couple for the first time.…

I am going to join B and S for the first time. We have exchanged messages on SH and texts, but I have never spoken to them.  They have sent me pics.  They are an attractive couple.  We are meeting in a hotel room.  I feel excited on the drive down.  My mind is racing over all the things I expect to happen.  My cock is hard.  I am doing my best to stay calm by listening to the radio on the drive.  I pull into the carpark.  Butterflies ris… Read more

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I arranged a threesome for my husband Swinging

Ever since I experienced my first impromptu threesome a few days ago with another couple, I had been thinking of how to give my husband the same experience. He works away from home and although my sexual awakening with Cyndi and John had happened by chance while he was away, we had previously been talking about tasting the lifestyle and I knew I had his blessing. In fact, part of our arrangement was that I told him ever detail, so when I committe… Read more

2 hour parking. Swinging

We had agreed to meet Chris at a room early in the day,
It was the second time we had met Chris for a threesome, and he had asked us to come straight up, we knocked and he let us in, offered us a drink and we sat at three points..

"So.." i said, "what should we talk about..?" Chris and Amber looked at each other and smiled, leaned in and started kissing right away.. Chris had cupped and was massaging Amber's breast so while they were busy… Read more

Summer Lovin' Swinging

It was a warm summer afternoon as I sat in my car in a quiet suburban street contemplating what I was doing there, I had been talking to an older married couple for about a week or so after replying to their ad online and now it was time to meet. I was waiting for a final txt from "Mr B" with the address and confirmation to come over, it was certainly not my first time playing with a couple but there was something about this encounter that made m… Read more

The Beginning Swinging

I'm soooo nervous, dressed up to the nines walking down the street freezing my nipples of in this tiny red dress, why did I wear a dress when its sooooo cold? I've lost my friggen marbles. Then, I start to remember why. I'm going to meet up with a woman, at a club somewhere, just the 'two of us'. I can't really recall why or what for, whether I know her or even remember her name.. for some reason things seem a bit of a haze. But I know I feel exc… Read more

First and best party Swinging

Our first swinging experience didn't end up in a full swap, so when we were invited to a party the next week excitement was palpable. Louise looed wicked as always in her lingerie under a coat. As always we were late and the party was pumping. There were ten couples naked or in sexy underwear. We were introduced then sat on the lounge. Louise started sucking my cock as i watched others in action. A guy who was doggying a girl on the lounge looke… Read more

An Open Letter to My Younger Lover Swinging

As you sit next to me on my marital bed, butterflies flutter in my stomach. I feel like a schoolgirl on a first date. We have met three times before, but tonight is special. Your powerful kiss makes me weak in the knees. You stroke my inner thigh, sending shivers up my spine.

Tonight you are different.....a little more hesitant than normal. Perhaps it is because we are at my house. Or perhaps it could be the presence of my husband seated acr… Read more

Wife’s only gangbang Swinging

Quite a few years ago when we were beginners in the lifestyle we attended a swingers party,when we got there we were introduced to five other couples . There was a spa a swimming pool and a free bar,we were offered a drink and as we settled in for what we thought was to be a very interesting night one of the ladies asked my wife if she could have a quite word so they left the room a little while later she whispered to me that believe it or all t… Read more

Cruise ship fuck 2 Swinging

I pushed Jan down on the large bed., She removed her clothes and bra.Her breasts were sensational. Her pussy waand sucked mre s already wet. I started licking her clit and pussy. She screamed for more and soon se had a huge orgasm. he was a real squirter.
She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me deep in her throat She came again as I shot a load into her mouth.
She turned over so i could fuck her from behind with my hard cock while she sucke… Read more

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Cruise Ship Fuck Swinging

I have a fantasy about fucking a woman on a cruise ship while her husband warches.
I met a friend online and we were going on the same cruise out of Sydney. Her name was Janet and her husband bob was travelling with her.
I arranged to meet them on board before we sailed. We had a couple of drinks and Jan suggested we go to my cabin.

We kissed a deep sloppy kiss and my fingers were in her cunt she wore a bra but no panties. She begged me fuck… Read more

First Time With Other Couples Swinging

Our first experience with other couples was about 5 years ago. I was 21 atOur first experience with other couples was about 5 years ago. I was 21 at the time and my partner( now husband was 23). My parents and family were away so we had our 4 closest friends (2 couples)over for drinks and movies!!

We were drinking all afternoon and decided we should all get in the spa and playing drinking games. Anyways it was about 9pm and we were all drunk a… Read more

tallented tounge passion fingers for christine Swinging

my wife only having been with two men before me one taking her virginity the other having sex only two times with her she told me every thing that happened with them.Now our own sex life is great and we keep it interesting using toys sneaking in sex at risky places making her extremely horny i purchased a new dildoe for her quite a big one 12 inches with a suction base and i ask her to imagine that she was fucking someone else whilst sucking my… Read more

Mouthfull... Swinging

Sure, I love it when my men are romantic. Every woman loves her cuddles her hugs and her kisses.
I also really love it when they are tender with me and when they softly caresses all my body.
But I am also a sexual woman who loves to lose all control. I am a very sexual woman who loves it when a man takes full control.
This sexy woman loves to have her face and throat, well fucked.
There really is the point, for me anyway, wher… Read more

An most erotic dream this morning Swinging

I awoke from a most erotic dream this morning. My dream came out of the blue and left me wanting and breathless, when I finally awoke.
I will say I have been receiving texts from a “Swingers” friend (you know who you are Steve!) whom I have spent an erotic morning, skewered between he and Ric, previously.
The texts have been pretty hot and inviting but I have been caught up and not really able to follow through. Steve has asked me on many… Read more

Stranger in the night Swinging

I'd gone to bed early on my own while my wife was out drinking with friends .I felt her ease into bed early in the morning then a hand on my cock as I fully woke I realized there were other hands on me. Then I was forced to my knees and a cock shoved in my mouth as I felt my ass being filled with beads, 8 all told then I get thrown a collar and chain which is fixed to the bed for me to watch as my wife is filled with another mans cum which I am … Read more

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A time to remember Swinging

New and keen
I recently come to Amber and explained i have an interest in the lifestyle.
Knowing the result could be amazing or maybe something a little less positive..
Well after her initial surprise Amber spent some time reading about the subject, and some time later suggested we try a club to at least know if we want to explore it further or leave it behind and move on..
We found a club reasonably close to our place and set the date for… Read more

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