Written by Boolarra14

6 Jun 2016

Well after finishing work and after having a shower I checked out the to guide to see what was on, same old boring shit so I went and checked out SH to see what's happening and check out the chat rooms and checking out people then I decided to have a look at the entertainment and saw swinger clubs and seen what's the go. I looked at a few and I saw Madison's and che hed out there web site. Nervously I called Di who was very pleasant and asked her for details which she happily gave me and I said this will be my first time she replied that when I turn up she will show me around and introduce me to fellow patrons.

Buy the time I arrived I was nervous and butterflies in the stomach, I even sat in the car for about ten minutes weather to go in or not, but then again nothing ventured nothing gained. So with drinks in hand I walked in and rang the doorbell which Di opened the door up and only wearing a fishnet top and panties, I introduced myself she greeted me a smile and asked me to come in, she explained the rules and where the play rooms spa and where to undress and then started to introduce me to 4 couples who were sitting and chatting. Then a few more turned up couples single men and women all chatting, then I was introduced to this couple which I started chatting with and the husband went off to chat with someone else the. Clare (not her real name) was taller than me approx 6 foot we had a lovely chat when everyone started to undress and put on sexy attire on, I went to the area to strip down to my boxers and grab a drink to settle my nervousness. Well when Clare came back in her sexy out fit I was blown away her legs were almost never ending she looked stunning, she was a absolutely drop dead gorgeous I couldn't keep my eyes of her any way everyone mingled and some headed of to the playrooms and spa I went to see what was going on in the rooms there was mfm and in another male female going at it I went back to the main room where Clare was chatting to her husband I walked over to chat the Clare said ok he replied ok she headed of to the play room husband followed and wave to me to come along I followed nervously when we arrived to an empty play room Clare hopped on the mattress on her back and husband followed and there was a chair so I sat on it. Husband starts to kiss Clare and slowly removes her sexy top off boy she had the perfect tits Then slowly removes her panties to expose a bare pussy he then starts to suck on her pussy I sit there watching what a turn on as I was transfixed on what was happening he turn to me and asked me would I like to take his spot I nervously said yes he moves away to let me in i admire this sexy woman and I slowly taste her she was hot as I start to lap up her juices she starts to moan placing her hands on my head and pushing into her pussy, she was moaning and started breath heavily her husband asks would I like to fuck her which I nodded yes as I was lost for words he hands me a comdon shakingly putting on my cock Clare says hurry up I need you inside me now I get in position and placed my cock at her entrance she grabs my dick to guide it into her pussy she say my you have a nice cock big too I slowly push it to her pussy she raps her long legs around me and pull me in quickly and I start to fuck her she says faster I pound her like there was no tomorrow her pussy was tight it felt beautiful Clare was yelling fuck me pound me with your cock I comming we both came together well I didn't know we had an audience as I got up some one else took my spot and started to fuck Clare. I went to clean up and recover, I asked Di when's the next party on she told me and I said I'll be back. Until next time