Written by Horny40s74

30 Apr 2018

We had agreed to meet Chris at a room early in the day,

It was the second time we had met Chris for a threesome, and he had asked us to come straight up, we knocked and he let us in, offered us a drink and we sat at three points..

"So.." i said, "what should we talk about..?" Chris and Amber looked at each other and smiled, leaned in and started kissing right away.. Chris had cupped and was massaging Amber's breast so while they were busy i went behind and removed her bra.. they soon stopped and Chris stood up to remove his pants and Amber went straight down and took care of him the way she normally would me.. She is amazing down there so Chris of course wanted to return the favour which of course is what Amber was looking forward to most of all.. (she had mentioned more than once on our way over).

It wasn't long before Chris moved up and guided his thick shaft slowly into my lovely wife, they were gentle and sexy with each other, while i kissed Amber and sucked her tits occasionally, but mostly trying to allow them the space to enjoy.. Before long, they both came loudly together and Chris rolled to the side and was kissing Amber as i made love to her.. awesome, and as hot as the experience was it did not take long before i came, and she came again..

I hit the shower first, and to be honest, I took longer than I should have and just day dreaming about what had happened.. well, as soon as I was done in the shower i could hear them both moaning so i quickly returned to the room, yes sure were, they were at it again, this time i don't think they were just having sex, they were moving very slowly, locked together.. they were making love!! It was beautiful, this time i would not Interrupt, i simply moved to the foot of the bed and filmed them and their intimacy.. they got faster, and louder, then both frantic.. I have never seen her come like that before, and I will assume he hadn't either.. But, they didn't stop.. they kept going for a minute until finally they both relaxed and rolled over, then noticed me there..

I could not resist a second longer, climbed straight up onto the bed and kissed her softly, stroking her thigh and moved over into position, she pulled me in and we made love again with more intensity than i had ever experienced while Chris watched, and occasionally kissed Amber or sucked her boob or other similar things..

By now two hours had passed, and i had to move our car, I have to leave the room again to move the car and decided to take my time, let them chat i thought..

I let myself back into the room again only to see them together AGAIN, omg they are primal, but still aware enough to see me come in and pull me back in.. Our final session was as amazing as the first two...

As you would guess, we cant wait to see him again, and rest assured, i will give them just enough space to enjoy each others company.