Written by bi 4 some

29 Nov 2010

we had met J and S many times and they enjoyed swinging with us, both being new to the scene but both wanted to try new things, we sat around chatting and drinking for awhile all naked and relaxed, and us guys playing with our cocks as normal while the girls smiled knowing what we wanted, soon we started to play more kissing and touching one another, s was bi like me and the girls liked seeing us sucking and playing with one another, and who was i to complain, his cock is in me as much as i can get, i started by sliding my cock into my wifes pussy and fucking her doggy for awhile as j licked her clit, s was pounding her pussy for her too, soon we changed and i got to feel my cock slip deep in J pussy, mmmm it is nice tight and hot, we all played for some time, lin my wife now on her knees with s in her pussy, but i saw her smile I knew what she was going to do, while s pumped her pussy hard she grabbed his cock and guided it into her arse, his eyes lit up, he had been wanting to try it for some time, he pushed hard and his cock popped in fully, Lin giving a moan as her arse opened up wide to his big cock, and it is over 8 inchs and thick mmmmmm he loved it slowly working up his speed as she worked back harded each trust, j saw what had happended and slide under lin to lick her clit, i kept pounding away as we moved, it was great s was going mad now pounding so hard in her arse that J was having trouble staying on her clit, us guys looking at one another with silly smiles on our faces as the woman took us both deep,

well it didnt take long, her tight little butt had worked it spell on his cock, his face grimaced and im sure i felt his cock knock against mine in his wifes pussy he was pounding Lin so hard now ,, and with one hard trust and an almight moan his cock unloaded deep in her butt,

I carried on and J and i moved away and changed to the doggy possie, while Lin got under and they 69'd, my cock was going well, we fucked like that for some time but then j's pussy gripped my cock as she started cumming hard and without trying drained me of my cum, we both lay back laughing,, Lin had a face full of nice sweet cum for her efforts mmmmmm ,, S just couldnt resist, he went down and kissed her face and licked my cum up,,, this worked as i noticed his cock was now hard again, never one to miss a opertunity I rolled him over and sat down firmly on his manhood, he soon rammed up into my tight arse, as the girls lay back watching us both, with alaugh j sat on his fac so he could eat the last of my cum out of her pussy, boy that worked as his cock was harder than normal too, i pounded his bones as long as i could,

without missing a stroke i was soon on my knees and being shfted hard from the rear, with a nice hot pussy at my mouth, and J with a 10 inch vib probing my rear hole to now, S took his cok out while j slide the vib in then with a hard trust his cock went in too, and he pumped my tight hole harder than before, the vibrations going tho us both, j loved seeing him in me,, working his balls and cock for him and stroking the vib in me to as much as she could with S ramming it in with every stroke he took too, my anal cums were going wild, i was in danger of biting of Lins clit lol,

some 30 mins or more went by with us all going crazy, J playing with her clit too as my anal cums kept cumming hard, I told her to take the vib out and slide her fist in me and then for s to push his cock back in, oh boy did that every work, S feeling his wife playing with his cock inside my arse, we only fucked like that for a few mins before i flet a surge and heard s cumming hard, real hard, j laughed as she felt his cum inside me hot and sticky, but she played with it and i cum one last hard time, as she took her fist out of me i looked at her and she moved her hand towards my mouth mmmmmm his cum was so sweet and hot,

well that was another first for us all and hopefully not the last time we shall try new ways of having fun, roll on the next play day,,