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19 Feb 2021

6sex6 The Number of the Feast

Six for Sex


6 minute read

He bound her ankles and wrists to the chains of the sex swing, looking at her with titillating hunger, smelling her as he took his sweet time... all the while she was getting wetter and wetter, writhing gently- partly to help him get her comfortable and partly to squirm with arousal. A sweet sweet prize. She was vulnerable at this point; there were two other couples in the room, wearing their briefs still, patiently sipping their drinks and loosening up. They were kissing each other lightly and touching each other teasingly...He wasn’t going to let anybody hurt her though. She had entrusted him to be the gatekeeper of her body. Her body was his, and he would not let anybody violate her beyond her desire. He had finished his handiwork and gave her a solid kiss. He drove his finger into her pussy and brought it to the others to taste and smell. They all wanted to lick and suck his finger. He said commandingly but with the accomodating air a host should have: “ladies first, madame” he gestured to the girls to come closer to his glistening prize, disarming them of their drinks as they hovered over her. They were intoxicated on the thick smell of pussy in the air... they looked at him and he nodded with approval for them to commence licking, sucking and kissing his muse.... to be continued... He hovered near the girls as they moaned lightly with their own arousal, as they satisfied their curiosity he pulled down their underpants so they could be free to explore each other as well... The boys were getting towy and their erections were bulging out of their briefs by now: telltale wet patches where their cocks were throbbing out precum... he gestured to them to join and they quickly levitated over and removed their briefs in one swift action- they needed no convincing, they were just waiting on his word: his approval. There was a warm feeling in the air of comfort and deep desire among all six. The girls each took a breast as they made way for the boys - one stuck his coc inside of her, the other began lining his cock up with her mouth... it thrilled him to see so many people focused on his woman and he caressed each of the girls as they sucked her nipples so as to increase their desire and arousal... to be continued.. The guy with his cock in her was stroking her legs, but getting a bit rough. DRex knew his Queen could not cum that way, and nudged the guy away so he could show him how it was done. By this stage his cock was crying viscous streams of precum and he slid inside her assuredly, but with his usual senses joining hers to navigate her soul. She moaned with thanks and familiar arousal, taking the cock that was in her mouth deeper. It wasn’t long before she was trembling and released her first moans and yelps of deep satisfaction. Within moments she was squirting everywhere and the girls quickly busied themselves with licking her juicy throbbing pussy as he pulled his coc out for fear of blowing too soon. The guy removed his coc from her mouth and positioned himself for plunging into her delicious pussy, while the other guy and DRex had their cocs cleaned by each of the girls briefly. DRex pushed the guy with his cock buried inside his Goddess away and teased “you’re enjoying that too much, save your load big boy” and knelt down to lick her pussy and she began to moan with relief as she began to tremble out another mind blowing orgasm. They each took turns in licking her and making her cum back to back, sometimes moaning so loud and other times squirting like a waterpark... To be continued... When they weren’t licking her to see stars they were kissing her succulent lips or her pert nipples in a kind of unspoken rotation. When DRex got to her mouth he gazed into her intently and asked her if she was ok. ‘Untie me’ she moaned and whimpered in the same breath. He hesitated, the others wanted to oblige her but knew it was not their call. They each went for a limb to set about freeing her and he hissed at them “don’t you dare!”. Like school children smarted to obedience by some unknown punishment they paused... sensing their comradeship for her and tuning into the chemical bond they had communally formed with her, she gave another Yelp as she exhaled ‘save me’.’ They dared not move, for DRex was well respected by them, and he was determined to maintain some kind of control... but one of the four started to untie her defiantly, looking her in the eye with compassion and a kind of ocular embrace...the others fell in and began to untie their closest limb. DRex was outnumbered but infuriated and began to whip each of them with a flogger. By now his possession was free and he was fearful of what might happen next: he had lost control of all of them. But then his Queen took the flogger from him and kissed him with deep love and sincere devotion. He relaxed slightly in her embrace and the others seized the opportunity to overcome him and tie him to the swing instead... he struggled a little but the deal was soon made sweet with stroking and sucking and kissing from all directions; all eyes, all passions on him... TBC.. His mind was playing with him. He was aroused and still both high and a little drunk but there was a part of him that would not let him relax. His Queen had moved away from the group slightly with one of the guys. Had it been one of the girls he wouldn’t have minded (except for having one less set of lips fighting over his coc), but this guy had initiated her rescue. The defiant one. The one who started the coup. He was drinking from her glass and kissing her as they shared the quenching French rosé. Her favourite. DRex was caught between pleasure and seething jealousy because she was his and this was all going against his plan. Would he lose her? Had he been too tough? This guy was touching her and making her melt. Her pheromones must have been really pumping because the other guy amd one of the girls went over there too. Drinking. Laughing. The one lone female on his cock just wouldn’t do. He felt invisible and so did the poor girl trying to get his attention by sucking his cock dutifully.............TBC

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