8 Nov 2016

John suddenly, withdrew my attention from Julie and Tom , with his tongue darting back and forth over my clit , which was swelling in the excitement. I gasped in a sensual moan that only encouraged John to bite hard on my now swollen clit, whilst his fingers delved into my wet pussy. My hands reached down onto his head and pushed his face harder into me , I couldn't hold back a second longer and orgasm splashing him complete with my juices.

Julie and Tom had now moved from the foyer into the open terrace which was strewn with cushions and soft fur rugs ( perfect for fucking) . Tom had Julie bent over on the floor spreading her open so her pussy and ass could be Cleary available for the oncoming adventure. Julie stared to gently move her ass back and forth willing tom to begin, Tom knelt down and gently linked Julie's ass pushing his tongue into her, Julie moaned and before she knew it tom slammed his cock into her pussy and his thumb into her ass . Julie muttered " harder " " slam me harder" , Tom obliged and rammed her like a bull making her breasts toss back and forth in unison. But this time John had moved over to them started to mastubate above the action , this then became all to much and Tom ejaculated all over Julie's ass the , John ejaculated in Julie's face , Julie quickly lapped up johns cum .