Written by 5inchshaved

7 May 2014

As the warm night approached, dinner on the deck Peter and I were still naked but the girls had put on some clothes. My wife Jill had a short summer dress with a gstring on, her nice titts swingIng under the near see through cotton. Peters wife had a tshirt only.

Dinner had finished and as I cleaned up the kitchen Lyn came to see if I needed some help, the only thing that needed washing was my cock, so Lyn being such a helpfull person swatted down and start to give me a great sucking. As my cock got hard in her mouth Peter walked in the the kitchen area, "one more here that needs washing" as he stood next to me and Lyn moved to his cock and start sucking him. Over the next five minutes she sucked both of us while holding our balls in her hands.

As we were enjoying our good sucking we hadn't heard Jill out on the deck call out as a small boat came along side with two young guys on board. There boat had engine problems and they were looking for help, Jill asked them aboard and sat at the table with them, as we returned to the deck I seen the two young guys and near fell over as I was naked with a half hard cock and didn't know what to do or say. Jill then indroduced the guy Scott and Mark and told us of their boat problems. Scott said hi, hope we are not disturbing you guys? I said no not at all, how could we help? Scott explained the problem with the boat but as Peter and I didn't know much about outboard motors we were unable to come up with solutions to the problem. With that Jill said well looks like you guy had better stay here on the house boat tonight and send for help in the morning. Peter & Lyn agreed inviting the guys to stay on board.

We all sat round enjoying a few drinks getting to know each other when Mark asked if anyone would mind if he took his clothes off and joined Peter and I naked, Lyn was first to say go ahead please do and Mark stood up, off with his shirt and down with his shorts revealing the biggest cock I had ever seen, it hang down a good 8" and was twice as fat as mine when hard. There was silence as everyones eyes popped out of their socket looking at this oversized cock. Mark sat down and the chatter continued. A short time later Scott also descided to remove his clothes, all eyes watching as he to removed his shorts and let his cock hang out for all to see, not as big as Mark's cock but not far from it. A few more drinks and the girls were flirting with Mark and Scott. Both guys enjoying the attension.

Jill then suggested a game of spin the bottle, with twice the number of guys to girls Jill said the rules were as follows:

if a guy spun a girl the girl removes a piece of clothing

if a guy spun a guy, a second spin and if it was a guy again that person spinning was out

if a girl spun a guy she could have him for 1 minute to do as she pleased.

Any other rules would be made up as the game want on.

First spin Peter spun Jill who stood up and removed her gstring. Jill then spun Scott who was told be Jill to stand infront of her, he did and she used both hands feeling up and down his huge cock. Scott spun and before long both girls were naked Peter, Mark and I were out and Scott was spinning both the girls. From then on the bottle didn't move but both the girls did as they took turns suckIng scotts huge hard cock. Jill turned to me and asked me to hold onto her as she lowered herself down onto scotts cock, I moved over as Lyn sat on scotts face I held onto Jill's hand as she lowered her dripping wet pussy down on his huge cock, Jill moved up and down as the large head spread her pussies opening. The look on her face was one of lust with strain of her pussie being stretched like it's never been stretched before. It took some time for Jill to work her way down onto his big shaft stopping and moving back up until her pussy become adjusted to his size. Lyn enjoying her pussy being licked and sucked she turned her head and started sucking my hard cocks. Jill start riding Scott and from the moans she was letting out she was enjoying every inch of his cock.

I looked over to see Mark now sucking on Peter's cock, what a sight pussy licking, cock sucking and a huge cock pounding away a my wifes pussy. Lyn also wanting some of the action of a new cock she moved over and started suck Marks cock while Mark sucked Peter's cock. Before long Lyn was on her hands and knees waiting for mark to put his big cock in her wet pussy, as he moved behind her he slid his cock deep inside. Scott was getting close to coming when he sat up a bit and grabbed my cock and sucked me like there was no tomorrow, Scott also ran his hand up and played with my arse sliding a finger into me and started finger fucking my arse. It felt so good I could feel a load building in my balls and I said hear it comes as I let my load go in scotts mouth at the same time her let a load flow into Jill's pussy. Lyn received a load from Mark a few minutes later and Peter shot a load all over Lyns back.

We all sat down and had a few more drinks before one by one heading off to find a bed to sleep on.

I woke in the morning next to Lyn. When I walked out of the lower room I found Jill laying on the deck, uncovered, naked with her leg spead with cum dripping from her red swollen pussy. Later that day she told me that both Mark & Scott had fucked her two more times over night and she loved ever inch of it.

With two more nights to go, more to cum.............