Written by 5inchshaved

12 May 2014

We all enjoyed some bacon & eggs on the deck before heading to shore to drop off our overnight guests much to the disappointment of the girls as they enjoyed having four guys servicing there hot pussies for the night.

Once the guys hah gone we enjoyed the Warm day on the water swimming, laying in the sun, drinking and cruising the river. Late afternoon Jill laying face down sunbaking I gradded the baby oil, splashed some over her back and started giving her a nice relaxing massage. Working my way up and down her back and lower each time till I was massaging her beautifull butt that had a little redness from the sun. A little more oil and my hands and fingers were sliding into her butt crack and down to her pussy. With a few moans from Jill I worked my way sliding a couple fingers into her pussy and then one into her arse. Waiting for a reaction as she normally stops me going near her rear hole, there were no complaints so I continued fingering both holes. With my cock rock hard I removed my fingers and slide my body up and down on top of hers until the head of my cock was at her rear hole, I stopped for a moment then pushed my cock cock slowly into her rear hole. She tensed at first but then relaxed as I pushed in a deeper with every stroke. Before long I was pounding her arse as deep as I could then I came hard inside of her. I layed on top with our oiled bodies together with my cock still inside. Once my cock soften she pushed back and my cock slide out. Jill turned and told me that she would have loved to had my cock in her arse last night while one of the young guys had his big cock in her pussy.

That night was fairly quiet compared to the night before, Jill and I shared a bed together and after I fucked her sweet pussy while thinking about the nice pounding it had received the night before we were off to sleep.

The next morning over breakfast Lyn who must of been thinking about the night with the other guy told us she had the guys phone number, Jill's eyes lit up and before Peter or I said a word the girls had sent them a txt message. Before long the girls told Peter and I the guys had the day free and would like to join us on the house boat, Lyn then added that the guys had two more friends who would love to come along aswell. Peter and I just looked at each other and said the more cocks the better.

A couple of hours later the guys turned up in there boat, Mark and Scott with Nick, Jason and to our suprise a hot girl Kerry who was about 30. They all come aboard, the drinks started to flow, the clothes were getting removed and the party started. Once everyone was naked with hands going everywhere, Jill told everyone to stand in a curcil, Jill in the middle then started working her way around giving all 6 of us guys cocks a sucking, Lyn the. Joined her and before long Kerry was also in the middle, the 3 girls all taking turns sucking us 6 guys. As Kerry was new to Peter and I we grabbed hold of her hands and the 3 of us took her to the upper deck where was both started kiss her, started with her neck, down we went with a boob each and then down her body till Peter was sucking and licking this sweet hot girls pussy and sliping a finger into her hot wet pussy, I move behind and spread her butt checks apart and licked and kissed my way down her crack to her hot little arse hole. We both licked, sucked and kissed her till she was falling to her knees. When she did I moved in and slide my cock deep into her dripping wet pussy. As I pounding away for a while Kerry had been sucking peters cock while he was playing with her titts. Kerry then stopped and told Peter to lay down, when he did Kerry moved over and lowered herself down onto his cock then riding him for a few minutes. Kerry stopped again and told me to come in behind her and slide me cock into her pussy aswell. I moved in and pushed my cock into her while peters cock was still deep inside. It took a few minutes but before long this amazing girl had both our cocks moving in and out of her very wet and stretched pussy. Jill and Scott then came in, Jill moved around and lowered her cum dripping pussy onto peters face where he licked every bit of it. Scott stood next to me and fed his large cock into my mouth and I suck the taste of Jill's pussy from his cock. Jason then walked up and I felt his hand rubbing over my butt, moments later Jason was sliding a finger into my arse. I had to control myself as I nearly cum. What a sight and feeling, I had my cock with Peter's in Kerry's pussy, Scott's cock in my mouth, Jason fingering my arse watching Peter licking Jill's pussy. With Kerry orgasiming I blow my load of cum into her pussy and over Peter's as he also came, Scott then let a load go in my mouth and we all pulled apart lying on the deck. Jason followed me and suck the juices from my cock as he continued working his fingers into my arse. Jason then lifted my legs up, moved in closer and I felt the head of his cock pushing into my arse, Jill moved closer and sucked my nipple and rubbed my cock saying to me you can take that nice cock in your arse and then you will know how it felt when you fuck my arse. Moments later Jason had his cock half way in me, he slowly pulled out a bit and then push in further and started fucking me slowly. It felt good and as he got faster and faster before he came in my arse. He pulled out of me and I could feel his cum running out. We all got up and jumped into the water before returning to the main deck to enjoy a few more drinks. Jill asked how I liked my arse being fuck and told me she loved watching me being fuck and wanted to see be fucked by ever cock on the boat. Well that's to come