Written by Melbcpl2

12 Nov 2013

A night at the river

Brian my wonderful boyfriend decided we need to get away for the weekend so he booked a cabin on the river, Brian is 6ft 1 with blue eyes and a very athletic body, he prides himself on always going that extra mile when he does anything.

We arrived at campground, it comprised of about 20 cabins all facing the river, most separated by a car parking spot or a tree, Brian had booked the biggest cabin with a hot tub, king size bed and a large veranda facing the river.

We unloaded the car and decided to go for a walk along the river to get an idea of the surrounds, when walking back we passed the fronts of the other cabins, we both noticed that the cabins all had very small living spaces more designed for two, Brian commented “see Jess I did get the best for. Only the best will do for my girl.” He does treat me like a princess and I love it.

As we got closer to our cabin we notices a group of couples trying to arrange the chairs on there veranda so they all could fit, there were three girls and two guys all trying to sit on a deck made for two.

Brian said, “Having fun there I see” as we passed by.

“Yes, it would be easier on your deck,” one of the guys replied

Brian Looked at me and said, “lets invite them over Jess it will be fun”

Ok I replied, I was sort of hoping for a just us weekend.

Brian then call out and said “well you had better bring a few beers along for me if you’re coming over”

The group seemed amazed at his comment and one of the guys then said, “are you sure”

No problems mate, just bring a chair and a few beers.

The group then packed up and headed our way,

“Hi I am Steve and this is my girlfriend Maddy, and her best friend Jane and her boyfriend Aaron, and this lovely lady is Maddy’s Sister Karen.

We introduced our selves and soon got down to some small talk and clinking of glasses, an hour had passed and we were all getting along so well when I felt my tummy rumbling for some food.

“Would any one like a something to eat” I said

Maddy said “ yeh that sounds great, hay Karen go and get some platters from our cabin for me”

I was a little shocked that Maddy was getting her sister to be her slave, so I said I will help you.

We walked over to her cabin and started to collect all the bits and pieces together,

“Does your sister always get you to do the dirty work” I said

“yeh she is 3 years older than me and she has always bossed me around”

“ she only invited me away this weekend because I had broken up with my boyfriend two weeks ago and had nothing to do.” Karen replied

“ well stick with me girl we will have a few drinks and have a ball” I said not wanting to get into some downer conversation with Karen.

We returned to the group with two platters of food and started drinking and talking. About 2 hours later after a few drinks Karen started to look a bit worse for ware, she had taken to the bottle of Vodka was drinking and looked like she was about to pass out.

I said” Hay Karen why don’t you lie down on the couch inside for a few minutes and get your second wind.

She nodded at me and disappeared in to the cabin to rest on the couch.

We all continued to talk and drink forgetting that Karen had even left the group.

Around 12 the group started to head off when I turned to Maddy and said hay what are we going to do with Karen,

Maddy replied, she will be fine there; she will be dead to the world till about 10am

Great that’s just what I want some stranger asleep in my lounge on my weekend away with Brian.

We decided to stay up for a while to enjoy the solitude of our deck for the first time. It was lovely the moon on the water and the sound of a few crickets.

This didn’t last long as we soon heard the sounds of our new friends going for there lives in the cabin next door, each moan and grunt could be heard with out too much effort.

I giggled at Brian and he smiled at me and said, “well lets go out do them”

We scurried off to our room and before I had stepped 1 step in to the room Brian had grabbed me and spun me round and started to kiss me.

He was ready for action, and soon had my top off and we were on the bed.

We kissed passionately Brian biting my lip and neck and ears, then moving down to my B cup breasts. I knew where he was headed and soon enough he pulled my pants and knickers off exposing my now well-lubricated pussy,

I moaned with delight as his tongue flicked my clit and his finger rubbed the opening of my pussy, he loved licking pussy and loved getting me off this way,

“yes, yes oh Brian yes” I moaned enjoying each pass of his tongue across my clit,

Brain was now fumbling with taking of his own clothes wile trying to keep up the assault on my pussy, as he lifted his head to rip off his shirt I heard a moan that seemed to come from our room and it wasn’t me, I looked up and in the door way was Karen with her fingers in her pants enjoying the view of Brian’s ass and him attacking my pussy, I was shocked but a little turned on that we where turning her on.

Brian started to push his finger in to me instantly returning me back to his efforts, I moaned again “oh Brian Yes” he soon had his finger deep in side me pressing his thumb on my little brown cherry. He continued to thrust in and out bringing me closer to my climax, I then felt my nipple being sucked and looked up to see Karen now undressed and sucking on my left nipple. The excitement of the moment made me hot with anticipation. I was now on the edge of an oral orgasm and nothing would stop it,

Brian looked up to see the sight of Karen sucking on my breast wile fingering her self and revelled in the moment. Increasing his speed and sucking on my clit.

I soon enough was there and screamed out Yes Brian Yes.

Brian knew what I wanted next and rolled over on the bed and pulled me to his lap, Karen stood up still fingering her now dripping pussy. Her A cup breasts with her nipples standing erect caught my eye, I grabbed her arm and dragged her towards me opening my mouth to take in her right nipple, While slowly lowering down on Brian’s now hard cock.

His cock now filling my wanting pussy I rode his shaft and sucked on Karen’s nipple, Brian also saw what he liked and started to finger Karen’s pussy. Karen was now moaning like a freight train.

Brian pulled her towards him motioning for her to climb on to the bed and then his face. We where now facing each other as Brian was licking her wet clit and thrusting his cock hard in to me. I kissed Karen biting her upper lip; this seemed to drive her crazy now riding Brian’s tongue. I reached forward and started to twist and fondle her nipples. She returned the attention and I soon found myself close to orgasm, I rode Brian has hard as I could his cock now deep inside my dripping pussy. Brian making moaning noises as he licked Karen’s pussy. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

We all lay there gasping for air and in the glow of our orgasms.

Karen then looked up and me and said “you did say have a few drinks and then we will have a ball”

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