Written by ANON

15 Nov 2013


I was waiting patiently in the hotel room when I got the text…”Get yourself soaking wet right now”… I always did what I was told and got to it immediately… I had a set of duotone benwah balls so I placed them inside my panties and pushed one ball deep inside me followed by the other. I began to move around on the bed feeling the cold balls move around inside my pulsating pussy. With every movement I could feel the vibration of them hitting each other and my insides would throb more and more. I text my Dom, asking him how long he would be,however, he refused to give up that information and instructed me to push them in deeper but under no circumstances was I to cum. There was no chance I was going to allow myself to cum, I wanted to feel him take me to that level so I proceeded to concentrate on controlling myself…. Just what a good sub should do!

Finally a text came through instructing me to open the door…. Another obstacle… to get to the door and let my Dom in without losing control with the balls still inside…. A slow walk and I opened the door carefully….

Making my way back to the bed I was instructed to get some oil while he got undressed….Finally he laid on the bed and just when I thought I could let go…. He instructed me to massage his body, leaving the balls inside and under no circumstances was I to cum as yet. I poured the oil along the length of his back, barely touching him and shivers ran up and down my spine hinting my libido would not handle it. I ran my hands down his back and tried to push my control through sounds of moaning so as I wouldn’t explode. The feeling I got from putting my hands on his skin and giving him pleasure was my biggest desire. I wanted every part of him. In me. On me. Tasting me. Wanting me. I expressed my concerns on not being able to hold on much longer but he persisted I hold it. I ran my long nails up and down his back and up along his neck through his hair.

Finally he instructed me to lay down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt the balls trying to push their way out as he stretched my pussy wide to see… slowly he pulled the balls out one at a time and started to stroke my clit. I begged him to let his fingers enter me and he pushed them inside me and demanded I hold off from cumming until he instructed me to do so. I knew exactly what he wanted, and I concentrated to make sure the build-up would give him just that. At that point I told him to keep going until I say and then release his fingers. Within moments I told him to let go and he pulled out and rubbed my clitoris as my orgasm took over and the squirting saturated his hands and the bed as it gushed out and let my frustrations release.

Once I had recovered it was time to return my attention to him…. After all there is no more pleasure than giving your Dom pleasure as a Sub…. I had been a little preoccupied when massaging him earlier and decided to complete the task… rubbing oil from head to toe… pushing my fingers into his muscles then following it with soft strokes from my nails…..

I decided to turn my attention to the front of his body… I ran my nails up and down his inner thighs and gently brushed over his balls. I could see him growing again and decided to pay attention to his balls only, giving gentle massage with my tongue…. He began to ask me questions about what I would do to another woman with my tongue… in between licks I responded… “I want to push my tongue deep inside and taste her”….

I knew he wanted to watch me with another woman… and the thought of pleasing him like that drove my libido crazy once again. I sat up and placed my tongue over the tip of his cock…. Teasing it at first… then swallowed his entire shaft in my mouth feeling it reach its full height within. I sucked it hard, playing with his balls feeling him getting closer….. He asked me how much I liked to suck his cock and I responded by sucking it harder. He then asked if I would like two cocks…. Shivers ran through my entire body and covered me in goosebumps as I responded “I would like that”…. “How much?” he demanded and I responded with “I would like it a lot sir”.

He demanded I get my phone and turn around so he could see my arse… he then instructed me to type a text to a fuckbuddy asking him to come and fuck me while my dom watches…. He instructed me to start typing while pushing me down on his hard cock and driving me wild…. I began to type but found it hard to concentrate…. The feeling of having him inside me was too distracting and felt overwhelming. He smacked my arse with great force so the sting would make me jump… and then ran his fingers gently across the red, making me wetter and wetter, till finally I couldn’t stand it anymore…. I pushed down hard on his cock, held my muscles tight around his shaft and exploded, squirting, saturating his cock, balls and bed beneath him.

As we waited for my FB to arrive, my Dom disappeared to the bathroom… I could hear the running water in the shower and figured this would be a good time to rest…. But to no avail, as my Dom returned with a cold face washer, placing it between my legs…. Soothing my raw pussy, getting it ready for what was to come!

He walked over and kissed me, then reached down, licking my nipple…. Driving me crazy when I was meant to be resting…. The pressure building up between my thighs again, I begged him to push his fingers inside me. I closed my eyes…. Concentrating on every pulse that my nipple sent to my clitoris until once again I let go and felt my entire body spasm out of control…. Finally rest time….

When my Dom returned from the shower, we laid on the bed in the cool while I stroked his back with my nails… relaxing him…. Feeling his body release all the tension. For a sub, this is a great satisfaction… probably the one I enjoy most…. Then I played with his arse for a while, licking from bottom of his shaft, up his ball sack and along his arse crack, gently teasing it with my tongue…

When the knock came at the door…. I was quite nervous… I had never had more than one partner and I had not yet been with this FB…. I answered the door quite shy…..We proceeded to the bed and I could feel my breathing getting very heavy and the nerves increased my excitement. I sat between both men… reaching down…. I started to play with my Doms cock with my tongue whilst feeling my FB gently tickling around my thighs and arse…. I could feel my pussy lips squeezing themselves in and out as I was begging for them to be touched. The more I wanted my FB to penetrate me the more I pressed my Dom to the back of my throat…. The more I begged, the more they teased…. Playing with my nipples, stroking my arse, brushing over my clitoris. My Dom reached over and opened me wide for my FB to see…. I felt one finger slide slowly inside me and I pushed hard against it begging for more… until finally I felt the thrust of four fingers and a thumb pushing in and out of me…. Working with my body to reach it all again. I sucked hard and played with my Doms arse until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pressed my mouth against my Doms thigh and felt the pressure of fluid squirting down my legs as my FB made my body spasm for the umpteenth time and the thought of two men getting me to this point seemed to prolong the pleasure before my body stopped orgasming.

I asked my FB to lay on the bed and turned my attention to him….. his Cock was full of precum and ready for my mouth. I played with the tip with my tongue and enjoyed his taste…. I swallowed him into my mouth and felt him grow more inside. I licked his balls and ran my nails across them whilst teasing him with my mouth. I could feel the gentle tickles over my now raw pussy and very red arse and this encouraged me to suck harder…. My legs felt like jelly and I needed to move them so I laid between both men enjoying them touching me…. Hands all over me, tongue in my mouth, tongue on my nipple… it drove me crazy……I leant back and kissed my FB and positioned myself to feel my Dom enter me once more…. He pushed his hard cock inside me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was filled inside. Kissing my FB and feeling him play with my breasts, I closed my eyes, tightened my muscles and got ready to explode…. The second I felt warmth inside of me my body shook uncontrollably and fluid filled me and warmed me. I got up and tuned around…. Playing with my FB’s cock in my mouth until my Dom instructed me to sit on it and be filled up completely. I sat down on him, feeling him press against me and hearing him moan until his body spasmed and pushed all that he had inside of me also…. The sensation gave me goosebumps and a rush that is near impossible to describe. Headspins…. Dizziness… it was all overwhelming…. We fell on the bed exhausted and I had one thing on my mind…. DEFINITELY DOING THAT AGAIN!