Written by Jay N Amber

12 Jul 2017

New and keen

I recently come to Amber and explained i have an interest in the lifestyle.

Knowing the result could be amazing or maybe something a little less positive..

Well after her initial surprise Amber spent some time reading about the subject, and some time later suggested we try a club to at least know if we want to explore it further or leave it behind and move on..

We found a club reasonably close to our place and set the date for ASAP, in fact, the very next night.

We turned up and settled in thanks to the help of the club staff, but as things turned out we had a rather quiet evening.

Towards the end of the night however another new to the lifestyle couple in their early 40's we had been chatting with here and there started to act a little shy and awkward but still inching closer to us..

It was the moment for me to step forward to break the ice and ask them if they would like to play, their shyness melted away and we soon after took a room for a "soft swap"...

That was going nicely with us all taking in the sights and sounds of each other making love, until Amber looked up at me and suggested i ask if they would like to swap..

I of course asked to which they took a moment to huddle, they turned back ready to play.. we quickly traded, kissing and caressing each others partners and occasionally taking a moment to see what our partners are experiencing.

As it turns out max (may not be his real name) was a fun experience for Amber and she mentioned him often on our ride home, as i did Rachel (may also not be a real name).

It turns out we all had a great night and a positive first experience..

These days whenever i suggest a club night Amber gets excited and giggles , rushes out to get a fresh waxing and has her hair done ready for the nights play..

I guess we are swingers now, and decided to join Swingers Heaven to find some nice play mates..

Still no luck, but hoping we can break some ice..

hope to meet you soon..

Couples feel free to message us..

-Jay and Amber. S.H: horny40s74