29 Aug 2016

A wife who fucks other men is in no way a whore...

My husband says "I am fucking awesome"

Never, ever think of my sexy husband as weak! This sweet, fuckable, pussy of mine, totally belongs to him...

But if special friends play their cards right, he and I, will definitily be happy to share my available pussy and other assets with them.

Believe me, I am not a true slut. My husband just likes to see me fuck other men. And I am always ready to do what makes him happy. We've recently found another perfect guy. He is willing to do this and wants me, just as bad as I want to make my husband happy ( a pounding, searing round of orgasms won't hurt me either, ha-ha!).

So guys, I guess what I am asking is "I'd like some ideas and or tips" on what to do when I am with this new fellow, I want to surprise my husband with some new "learned" sexual antics.

Any advice on what to do or sexy tips would be appreciated, and of course I'll be doing what feels sexily natural.

My hubbys birthday is coming up soon. I'd love to do somthing unexpected and extra special for him.

Please share with me any ideas you have. Privately or publicly, I want them all!

I await you all...

Sexily to all, Shona.