Written by 5inchshaved

11 Aug 2014

Finishing work early one Tuesday afternoon in March, it was a nice sunny day so I headed to the local nudist beach (Birdie beach).

As I walked the track from the car park I couldn't see anyone on the beach, once I made it onto the main sand part of the beach I seen two people back near the rocks. As I walked closer the couple sighted me heading there way and the lady we will call P walked off towards the water. I found a good spot to drop my towel and headed to the waters edge I go for a swim, as I did P walked along the waters edge past me saying hello. A bit of small talk and P walked off up the other end of the beach and I went for a swim.

When I came out of the water P and her husband J were both walking towards me, as our paths were about to pass J moved in behind P and they stopped walking, as I got about 2 metres away J put his hands around P's hip area grabbing hold just above her pubic line (not that there were any pubic hairs) and push upwards lifting her pussy up on show. I came to a quick stop as J said hi lovely day, I replied with yes looks good with a bit more small talk we all continued walking off.

I layed down on my towel looking around enjoying the sun, a short time later I noticed P & J back at there towels and heard some laughter. Not wanting to be nosey I didn't look around, after 5 minutes I decided to go for a walk around, as I stood up I noticed P on all fours with J pounding away at her pussy with his large cock. As I took a few steps J looked my way and waved me over, I started walking towards them and could see J telling P I was coming over which may her start moaning and moving in excitement, J lifted his leg as I got close giving me a great view of his cock going in and out of her pussy. I stood enjoying the view and P turned and looked at me saying come over here. I walked around in front dropping to my knees as I watched a nice set of titts swinging below her, by now my cock was hard with the wonderful sights I had seen and I just said to P may I join in? Between breaths she said yes please and I layed down sliding under where I put my lips around her hard nipples. Sucking away going from one breast to the other P grabbed my cock in her hand and was wanking me in turn with J cock pounding her from behind, still enjoying these nice titts I ran my hand down towards her pussy finding her clit which was hard as a rock. Suck and rubbing away P said to me lick my clit, not one to say no to a tongue and pussy encounter I moved under her some more and started licking this rock hard clit while getting the taste of her juices as they run from her cock filled pussy.

Only moments later and J was coming hard inside P and his cum mixed with P juices dripping onto my face, J then pulled out and P got up, turned around and sat on my cock. She rode up and down for a few minutes before I to cum inside her cum soaked juicy swollen cunt. Once I recovered and stood up J said thanks for helping out, she loves cock and I never can give her enough. With that I walked down to the water and washed off and returned to my towel. I looked over a few minutes later and there was a guy walking up to P & J, P was standing bent over with her pussy facing the guy who was in for a treat. I then left with a big smile and a satisfied cock.