1 Aug 2017

I awoke from a most erotic dream this morning. My dream came out of the blue and left me wanting and breathless, when I finally awoke.

I will say I have been receiving texts from a “Swingers” friend (you know who you are Steve!) whom I have spent an erotic morning, skewered between he and Ric, previously.

The texts have been pretty hot and inviting but I have been caught up and not really able to follow through. Steve has asked me on many occasions to make myself available to him, to present myself for his amorous attention, Steve really wants for me to take home his creamy gift for Ric to share.

All his suggested texting eroticism; must have been playing on my mind as I fell asleep last night...

In my dream I found myself accept one of Steve’s most recent sexy text invitations.

Dreaming, I more or less watched myself as I prepared myself, dressed, noticeably without underwear, In my dream I just knew my moistening excitement was way too far advanced to bother hiding it under my panty gusset and I wanted Steve to have immediate access when we met, just so he would know how excited I was feeling about our encounter.

I dreamed on... I watched myself meet Steve somewhere “park like” open and grassy but still secluded. Steve was already there as I pulled up; I got out of my car, straightened my skirt. I, externally, was calm and collected, but between my thighs and inside my belly, I was aching and full of sexual anticipation. I could actually feel the excitement within myself as I dreamt on. I am sure I was grinding and writhing in my bed. I dreamed and watched on, I walked over to him, he was leaning on his front mudguard, smiling at me. I moved into him and we went nuts! Hands went everywhere, fingers grasping, groping, grabbing. Our tongues meshed and thrashed! I had his rigid cock out in seconds and Steve’s hands were between my legs, probing, thrusting up into my wet excitement, I needed that fingering attention. I could not hold myself for a second longer; In my dream I watched myself, I dropped to my knees and sucked his very hard cock! I have not had his beautiful dick in my mouth in ages. Fuck, in my dream, his dick was hard and fuck he tasted so good. I sucked and drooled, I literally attacked his cock, I nearly tore his erection off, I reckon, ha-ha!

I watched myself, I grabbed at his balls and pressed a finger to his anus, and he groaned out loud and let loose a flood of steamy cum. The first hot and silky spunk ribbon, shot down my throat, but I wanted a sexy memento, I pulled him from my mouth and pulled forward my bra. I aimed his pulsing erection into my cleavage. Steve pumped the creamy and delicious balance of his really heavy cum load into my satin bra cups, there was so much cum squirting all over me, gallons I am sure, well enough to fill both bra cups! When he finished I pressed my bra cups against my skin, I was dreaming but I was sure I could actually feel the warmth of his spunk on my breasts and sure I could smell its strong male scent.

I felt I was wet with cum, from my belly to my neck and I had the flavour of Steve’s cum, fresh in my mouth. My bra, my chest and skin was wetly overflowing with Steve’s spunk load. I was so delighted, I knew I had a hot and sticky present for my Ric; there would certainly be no shower for me, I wanted to share.

This was a really fucking hot dream, really fucking hot!

And then I woke up... I was panting; I was excited, wet and wild...

I masturbated like I was “on heat!” I blew my fucking mind...