Written by lucky guy

12 Mar 2012

sue arranged with Ginger to come over friday night, I was told, that they were going to play for me to watch only, my mouth said ok, my cock said bugger, but ginger was the one setting the rules,, so at least I got to see her great body in the flesh, it didnt take long after she arrived for them both to get naked and start kissing and touching each other, sue knew by now my balls would be ready to explode,, i love being in on a ffm, but I sat wanking myself watching them play, and boy oh boy was gingers body worth seeing, hot little figure with nice c to d cup boobs, sue kept looking, and I knew she wanted me to join in, but i had said I would only watch, they sucked kissed licked and touched every part on one another, used my vibrators and dildos in each other and had cum heaps of times between them, and my cock was fit to burst, then i just had to fuck a pussy, sue knew and had worked around so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed, with ginger under her, , much like the last meeting with gingers fellow, but in reverse, so I moved behind her and slid my cock deep in her pussy, it was so wet, it went in first push and i quickly built up speed ginger licked my cock, so i was in luck , mmmmmmmmm but my lust was to high and my balls soon told me it was blow or blow up, so with one huge trust I hit rock bottom in sues pussy and shot my seed so deep in her she gaged, as I slowly came down, I thought ,, should I ,,, and let my cock slip out and hit gingers face, i was in luck she took it in her mouth and sucked me dry oh boy this night was getting better, Ginger licked deep in sues pussy getting as much cum out of her as she could

I rested while the girls played some more, the noise from the vibrators getting quiter as they disapeared deeper in pussies or arses, my cock was full strength , and i moved in behind sue, and slide my cock over her pussy lips, she pushed back taking my cock in her cum soaked hole and I fucked her once more, this time i was going to get some arse too, so with one move I popped out of her pussy and went straight in her arse, slowly but firmly, soon i was pounding her hard and her orgasms were going well,

soon ginger moved from under sue and knelt next to her on the bed, her arse open and her fingers working her pussy, she looked and smilled, I gave sue a hugg and moved over wetting my cock as I went in gingers pussy I fucked her hard, boy she was good, her muscles worked my cock and my balls began to let me know they wanted to send out my seed once more,, but was I going to get really lucky, lets try, so I slipped out and rubbed my cock up and down her arse crack, letting it slip back in her pussy from time to time, then when i was moving over her arse hole I pushed a bit harder, and the head of my cock went in, I held of not knowing if she would let me, but she pushed back my cock going in balls deep first time, I was home, my cock went crazy, with a mind of its own I was fucking her so hard my body couldnt keep up, but it did, and my mind was going wild, sue was now under ginger her face below her, looking up at my cock going so deep inside my balls nearly went in too, then after some 20 mins of extreme pleassure, my balls let go, ream after ream of hot sticky cum shot deep , my cock pushing it out as sue licked up as much as she could, ginger yelled and had one huge orgasm, shaking and squirting as she did, I collasped and my cock slipped out and sue returned the favour as she sucked it dry,

we lay talking, the two girls still not totally finnished were using toys in one another, so I got my 12 inch dildo out, gingers eyes lit up with horror, my god your not going to fuck me with that are you she said,,, of course , was the reply, and with some lube i moved closer as she knelt in front of me, fear showing in her eyes, but also that horny , what the fuck look too, I put the head of it against her pussy and slowly but firmly pushed it in, each inch taking it tolls as she moved some what against the dildo but also away from it, then as the head went in further, she eased back more positivly then before, her body taking it all, her orgasm taking over as she rode it hard, fluid shot out as she once more squirted, sue looked and said she hadnt seen that before, i continued fucking her pussy with the dildo, sue now under her licking her clit to, with a look and a nod sue took over fucking her with the dildo, i lubed up my cock and eased it towards her arse, when she felt me push her hole open she jumped but i told her to take it easy and trust me, with a few more pushs my cock went it, then i worked it with sue as we both fucked her, my cock going all the way in , both holes now filled to the max, she was screaming in delight, orgasm after orgasm ripping tho her, she was now squirting like never before, we carried on like that for around 20 mins or so, my balls now so tight it was hurting me, so with a yell only a guy about to shot his whole lifes cum out of his cock could make, she took the full force of my cum, sue once more covered in gingers fluids, and my cum,,

I collasped big time, on ginger, poor sue taking both our weights on her, as we moved and lay together ginger kissed me big time, just about eating my face, and then she took to sue and kissed her like never before, feeding on her own juices as she did,

it took awhile before any one spoke, ginger broke the silence with a WOW, that was new, we asked what was, and she said me squirting, never done that before, i looked and kissed her once more, so tender yet so lust full too, she responded, and asked if we minded making this a regular event,

sue looked at me and said thats up to you, do you think you have any cum left,

well youd have to be dumb to think Id say no to another meeting, was my reply,

we lay for some time stroking and just enjoying one anothers bodies, kissing with passion and some what a new found love for one another,