Written by Bushyboy

17 Jul 2014

The names have been changed to protect our guys.

Yes it was another great night.

I waited up the road to meet Bill so we could both go down to Stan and Jean's place together but he had to go to Sydney at the last minute for work which was a pity so I continued on down to the house and parked the car outside their place. They are still in the process of renovating and landscaping the gardens so I had to use the back door of the house. I only got to the foot path before Jean came out to greet me to show me the way inside, where she gave the biggest hug and kiss.

In the process my hand fell down over her bum and up under her skirt and lo and behold she had no panties on.... it was so nice to have that lovely warm soft feeling a woman has especially the rounded shape of both cheeks on her bum. Her braless tits brushed up against my tee shirt and they gave me such a warm feeling of the fun that was to cum as she looked at me and smiled..... she is such a honey and loves sex.

We unpacked some of the half time goodies I had brought and grabbed a beer as we made our way through the lounge room, where several parties before was our meeting point. Instead she led me out to the patio where the newly installed spa sat to join Stan, Mick and a new guy called Ron who were sitting on bench seats around a table chatting about everything in general. Jean got me a small bench seat to sit on while she sat down next to Ron so as to make him feel more comfortable and welcome with the rest of boys as we laughed about some of the stupid things that happen in life.

The spa looked fabulous with the many shades of colors of light running through the water as it heated up to the correct temperature and ready for all of us to hop in all naked to enjoy the feeling of bubbles rushing over our bare bodies. After a little while we all felt instinctively that it was time for fun as Mick got up go to the bathroom. Ron and Jean sat next to each other on a towelled bench seat stroking and feeling each other with their hands. He had already pulled her skirt up around her waist as they sat with her hand wrapped around his cock and beaming a smile to say she was loving it and getting turned on and more horny by the minute.

Mick was sporting a new beard he had decided to grow which looked good but he looked much better when he returned from the bath room with nothing on and stood in front of Jean which was so easy for her to hold that gorgeous 8in hard cock of his standing straight out in front of her face. It was so hard, with it's beautiful shaped head just like a London policeman's helmet and already had a drop of precum covering the hole. Yes, he was going to fuck tonight and real good, having been so horny all week .... his balls so full of cum.

By this time the rest of us knew is was time for the fun to start and as the three of us guys threw our clothes off we walked to the large bed next to the lounge. Ron had already taken Jean's dress off who was leading Mick in the same direction by his hard pulsating cock. It was so easy to hang on to because it was right there and she couldn't wait to ride it. As he lay on his back Jean put a finger in her mouth so as to wet the top of her pussy lips and make it easier for her to sit slowly down on to that big piece of meat as it gently entered her. She was already hot and wet inside, so it only took a few seconds for her pussy to open up and start moving her hips just like a Hula dancer from the Pacific Islands.

Ron stood next to both of them running his hands all over Jean's body as he stoked his pride and joy wanting and waiting for Jean to need him. Stan decided to lay down at the foot of the bed so as to get that immense pleasure of watching Jean enjoying herself on top of Mick fucking him .... he loves watching her fuck.To keep him company I knelt down between those legs of his to suck and play with his cock and balls which was already starting to rise because he could hear Jean crying out "oo...ah .... oo...ah" as she reach an orgasm. It was so raunchy and sexy to hear her murmur when she reached the top of the mountain as she uttered words of "yes ...yes ... yes .....immm ... immm.

By this time Mick had to turn her over on her back and without pulling his throbbing cock out of her he give her all of what he had. We all knew it by the way there was a slap and bang with every stroke as he shoved that hard cock right up inside her at "ten to the dozen". She wrapped her arms around him hanging on for grim death as she loved every inch of him inside her to she reach yet another wave of orgasm murmuring "aha ...aha ...aha" in time with his strokes just as he exploded inside her.

When he pulled his cum coated cock out of her pussy she wanted more and without any hesitation grabbed Ron by pulling his cock close to her. It was thick and fat and so excited by the sexy raunchy atmosphere as she lay there on her back with legs wide open wanting to be filled once again. Ron did justice to her like Mick as he fucked her good and hard. The cum that Mick had put there was all through the inside of her which felt so good on his cock while Jean had wave over wave of sexual bliss. He just had to add his pleasure to her by dropping a hot load of cum inside her too.

By this time Stan was enjoying himself so much to see his wife being rooted. His cock stood up real hard enjoying the show and as Ron got up I thought it was time to give her something different and knelt down between those beautiful legs of hers to suck and lick up all that hot juicy cum the boys had given her. Her pussy looked so sweet with her lips slightly open having been stretched wide open by the two hard cocks that pumped the life out of it earlier.

She tasted and smelt so nice as she jumped and slowly moved her hips every time my tongue flicked across her clit or flipped in and out of the bottom join of her pussy.... fabulous. As I looked up at her from time to time she would smile as she fondled Mick's cock.... "I love naughty boys she would whisper to me !!"

I got up just as Stan moved towards Jean and she said "look out here cums the boss" as she opened her legs real wide to take that hard dripping 7.1/2 inch cock of his she knows so well. Her legs were high in the air as she wrapped her arms around him so tight to take all of his gorgeous cock right up inside her with no inch to spare, only the why she knows how ... she loves it. I lay down across her so she could rest her head on my stomach and suck on my cock while she hung on to Ron's cock with the other hand.

Stan was so turned on by the sex all around him and watching his darling wife being fucked by his mates that he gave her all his hot cum that was waiting in his balls. He couldn't help himself because she was cumming too which made him join her and cum as she uttered "aha.. aha.. aha" in time with his strokes and that little squeal of delight as she had a orgasm.

By this time my cock was hard in Jean's mouth and needed to be where Stan's cock had been as I mounted her and slid it inside her on top of his hot cum. He had just put it in her and oh my god it was so hot inside her....beautiful as I fucked her. She loved it matching stroke for stroke as I gave her what she had already got from the other horny guys and blow my load which had been waiting in my balls all week...such a fabulous feeling and what sex is all about.

Now it was time and funny enough a silent agreement appeared where we all needed a rest and made our way straight to relax in the spa. It was nice and warm when we hopped in and everybody was smiling and so happy with such a wonderful feeling as the water bubbled all over our naked bodies. I sat between Stan and Ron and as we settled down and relaxed our hands made their way to fondle each other's cocks which felt so nice in the warm water.

Jean lay across Mick floating at full length on top of the water with her feet close to my chest where we could see every part of her gorgeous slim body. My cock was fully erect in Ron's hand by now and the warm water helped too. Ofcouse looking at Jean's thin strip of pubic hair running all the way down to her "entrance to the planet" didn't help either. She was quite proud of it and showed us how she had shaped it with an arrow head at the bottom of it pointing in the right direction to her clit.

I stood up and Jean with a cheeky smile on her face automatically clamped my fully erect hard cock with her feet rubbing it, much to the delight of all the boys. It was only short lived though because she had already drain my balls of the juice I had and had to wait so I could produce more for later on ... I'm not 21 anymore bugger it !!

Some of us got out of the spa to get another drink while Jean cooked some mini pizzas for us on the B.B.Q. next to the spa which tasted delicious as we sat around the table. It was great for a half time break. Jean sat next to me on the bench seat, our naked bodies touching each other and naturally each hand continued to caressed the sexist parts as we all relaxed and talked.

Mick liked what he saw and stood on the other side of Jean, his manhood showing signs of erection to the delight of Jean. She liked what she saw which got better, bigger and harder as she stroked and played with his cock, so it wasn't long before that familiar horny ache returned to our groins as we all headed to the playroom for the second half of our party .... well that's another story, which was similar to the first half of our party... such a great night and one to keep in our minds for weeks to cum.