Written by fun couple

20 Jul 2012

after i had rested from watching sue and shelia eating one anothers pussies out, my cock was stirring again. With that I moved around and slid my cock right up sues wet pussy while shelia was still eating her out. Cum still seeped out from the 3 or 4 loads she had taken earlier in the night at the orgy we went too. Shelia licked it up as it wet her face. I fucked sue for some time , then I eased my cock into her arse and worked it hard. Sue groaned as her cums rocked her body. Shelia slid a finger in her pussy and worked my cock inside. I grabbed one of sues toys and worked it in her pussy as my cock pounded her butt, shelia now helping me fuck sues pussy for me. Sue screamed as one big cum rocked her hard and she fell resting for awhile, so as not to miss out I took my cock and toy around and started to fuck shelia's pussy again. Then i rolled her over and fucked her doggy. After i had got her hot again I slid my cock out and pushed the dildo in, then eased my cock into her arse once more to give her her first dp. Once she got used to the feeling she lapped it up, cumming time and time again. Sue was now under her face getting eaten once more. We kept going for some time, my cock was hard but my balls empty. Sue handed her big vibrator to me and that went in shelias pussy, full speed ahead. My cock pounding her arse and getting vibed through her inner wall, The girls now were 69 one another, shelia going wild as more new feelings ripped through her and cum after cum rocked her body. Well all good things cum to an end and my balls found some cum or steam not sure what to flood her arse with. Shelia let out a huge scream as she reeled with one huge cum, sue coping us both as we collasped ontop of her.

After resting for awhile, shelia looked at us both and said when can we do this again.

It turned out she had only ever done straight sex with her b/f before and hadn't really thought about bi or anal sex.

Well for some years we all enjoyed many times together, even introducing her to our orgies and other couples. Seeing her take on 3 or 4 guys and more some times.

Being some 10 years younger than most, she was a hit at every orgy. We made sure she had a full house. A cock in every hole as often as we could and after awhile she even took my 10 inch vib in her arse, and my cock in her pussy.

One night around 2 am she came to our house. She had been to a swingers meeting on her own to try things out and was she horny. It seemed that some 20 guys found her body fun that night. She lay in bed with us as I licked the cum running out of her pussy and arse. All around her pussy was red and worn from guys pounding her. She was talking about going back again next week to and asked if we wanted to join her,

was i horny waiting for sat night to cum around.