Written by Director

10 Jan 2013

I have always had the hots for my brother's wife. They are a few years older than me and I used to fantasise about her when I was young, masturbating or when I was banging a girl. I've been married for over 10 years and have never told my wife about my fantasy. My brother's (we'll call him Bob) wife (we'll call her Sandy) however has often caught me having a purve and has even responded with that extra tight cuddle when we either meet or say good bye. My brother and his wife live quite some distance away and we had a few days break over the holidays so decided to spend a few days with them. We don't see each other often. They live on a property and it was great to get away for a few days. None of us have kids.

It was a couple of days after new year's eve and we had a BBQ and had a few bottles of wine it was only the four of us. I found myself sitting on the lounge next to Sandy. Sandy is quite fair skinned, has a womanly body with some very nice curves. Her tits are not as big as my wife's tits (we will call my wife Jane) but I have seen her tits and she has very large nipples. Well it has been hot and Bob and I were in shorts and tee shirts and Sandy was wearing a simple wrap and my wife wearing 3/4 slacks and a tight top (no bra) which showed off her great tits.

Sandy got up to go to the kitchen to grab another bottle of wine and as she passed me I grabbed her from behind and pulled her onto my lap. We all had a laugh and I reckon Sandy felt my hard cock. My brother made a quip that we should share and share alike and it would be all in the family! We had a laugh and made a few more funny sexual remarks. Sandy got up and I followed her and Bob yelled that Jane would have to stay and keep him amused. Jane smacked Bob on the knee and said that he wouldn't be able to handle her. I didn't take much notice but proceeded to follow Sandy to the kitchen.

When I got into the kitchen I asked Sandy what they did for New Years Eve and she said just had family and friends over. I said that I didn't get my NY's kiss. She laughed and gave me a peck on the cheek. I said is that all? She stopped, looked intently in my eyes trying to focus through her tipsy state and then gave me a great kiss on the lips. I just grabbed her and kissed her again whilst trying to remove her wrap but she said no.

We got back into the lounge and Jane and Bob were having a giggle just talking nonsense. After about another 30 minutes and a few more glasses of wine, I suggested that I was tired and was ready for bed but secretly hoping to fuck my wife cause I was so horny. Then, Jane my wife said that she was not tired and jokingly said (more than half tipsy) that if I was tired and if Sandy was too that I should take Sandy to bed. I didn't even blink and said sure why not? I looked to my brother Bob and said that as brothers we should share and share alike not even knowing what to expect. He looked to my wife Jane and he asked her if she was up to it. She laughed and said oh no, no, no. I said come on Jane, it's the new year. Let's try something new. Jane giggled and said "I don't know". Bob just grabbed her hand and assured her "he would be gentle" and gave her a cuddle. Well I'm not even sure that there was consensus or not but I grabbed Sandy by the hand and led her to the spare bedroom where Jane and I were to sleep leaving Jane and Bob in the lounge room. My heart was pounding.

I tried to remain cool and calm and just brought Sandy close to me and started to kiss her. This time she responded without any hesitation and her wrap came off without any trouble revealing Sandy's gorgeous tits and a white g-string. Sandy has mousy blonde hair which she dyed blond and she obviously didn't shave her pussy cause there was a substantial amount of pussy hair peeking from outside her g-string. I quickly took off my tee shirt and shorts and Sandy grabbed my cock through my undies which were off before she knew it. I also grabbed her g-string and all but ripped them off her.

We kissed more. Sandy just kept on saying it was nice that we were kissing as we fondled each other. The lights were still on in the room and Sandy motioned over to the side table lamp, switched it on whilst I turned the room light off. She placed herself on the bed and I followed quickly almost like a teenage kid who was just about to be laid for the first time. I moved Sandy up the bed and I moved down and began to eat her pussy. I started to kiss her inner thighs gently then proceed to move to her clit. All she could do was whisper soft moans almost as if she did not want her husband Bob and my wife Jane to hear us. I could not hear them and frankly I was not too concerned either. I did wonder what was happening with Bob and Jane and to be honest wanted to watch Bob fuck my wife doggy style. More on that later.

Well as I said earlier, Sandy was a few years older than me and her body has loosened up over the years with a few more curves and a little belly but she was extremely sexy. Sandy's had put on a little weight on her hips and arse since I had last seen her. She was quite different to my wife Jane who was tanned, had larger tits and big arse too but was a little more firmer. Anyway, I just kept on eating Sandy who appeared to be in la la land enjoying having her pussy licked and munched on. Within a few minutes Sandy tensed up and no doubt had an orgasm. It was so different to how my wife Jane orgasmed. I could sense her pussy pulsating but she was indeed silent and just laid there tensing up with the orgasm. Jane on the other hand would let out a little yelp and moan a little as well. I didn't want to waste any time so rolled Sandy onto her belly and slid behind her to keep on eating her pussy from behind again as well as moving up to lick her arsehole.

This was no problem for Sandy and I sensed that this was normal for her but I did not get to do this to my wife too often (Jane liked me playing with her arse and would let me finger her arse but we never had anal sex) so I enjoyed every minute of it with Sandy. Sandy then turned towards me and pulled me over to her, she told me to lie on my back and before I knew it, I was having the best blow job of my life. Sandy was so good. She was gentle and took my cock deep into her mouth and throat. She then moved herself on top of me and my cock was soon inside her. Sandy was arching her back and was just riding me. She then placed her weight on her knees and was then pumping my cock up and down and here I was trying not to come. Sandy asked me what I wanted and I said that I wanted to come in her mouth and she said ok, "just tell me when I am ready", she said. Before long, seemed like seconds I said I was about to come and Sandy was off my cock then started to suck me again. I blew my load and Sandy swallowed every bit of my cum. Sandy continued to give me a blow job so I reached down and grabbed her arse and pulled her up and she knew what I was intending and she obliged with a 69'er. We seemed to be content with the 69'er for quite some time and again, Sandy came and this time crushed her pussy on my face. Oh this was just unbelievable. We then laid in bed and started kissing and I was thinking about all the times that I fantasied about fucking Sandy and my fantasies had come true. I just rolled her onto her back and slipped my cock inside her and started to pump her pussy wildly. It was just raw fucking.

I asked Sandy if we should go out and see what Bob and Jane were doing. I said that jane was probably lying back on the lounge with Bob fucking her. Sandy said that Bob like to do it doggy style and usually got his way. This was intriguing and we found ourselves having a playful bet how we would find them when we went back out. We got up and quietly moved out to the lounge room and we were both wrong. There Bob was sitting on the lounge with Jane straddled on top of him. I could see that Jane was almost bouncing on and off Bob (who had a larger cock than me) and I was so turned on to see my him fucking my wife like that. Jane was having a great time and was completely oblivious to our presence. Bob gave us a little smile and Jane then knew we were there. She slowed down a bit but didn't stop. I said to Jane not to stop on our account and it was exactly what she needed to hear and continued to fuck Bob with a bit more vigour. My cock was rock hard now and Sandy knew it so she led me to Jane and Bob knew what to do. Bob slid down to a more horizontal position which allowed Jane to raise her arse a little in the air. Then Sandy grabbed my cock and guided me into Jane's arse. Jane did not even get a chance to say anything so here she was getting fucked by Bob and I (two brothers). Jane has never had two cocks at the same time. I was in ecstasy but knew I wanted to fuck Sandy as much as I could. I pulled my cock from Jane's arse, then grabbed Sandy and led her to the armchair then asked her to kneel on it holding onto the back of the chair with one hand and pulling me towards her arse with her other hand.

Jane could see Sandy manoeuvre my cock into her pussy. I looked back to Jane and was not sure if there was a hint of jealousy or not. Maybe that was my wishful thinking. I proceeded to fuck Sandy like there was no tomorrow. I loved how the back of her thighs and arse cheeks were slapping against my upper leg. Sandy asked Bob why he wasn't "taking Jane doggy style" as this was his usual and it was as if it was his lift Jane off his cock and move Jane into the same position as Sandy. Bob then proceeded to give Jane a right royal pounding. Jane was moaning so loud now and I shot my load and I think because I was more turned on by seeing my wife being fucked then the actual act of fucking Sandy.

Bob then pulled his cock out of Jane and quickly sat down and Jane knew exactly what he wanted and knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth and swallowed his cum. By this time, Sandy was sitting on the armchair in front of me giving me a blow job. Seeing Jane's arse so exposed, I asked Jane rhetorically if I could fuck her again whilst she sucked Bob. Well I didn't give her time to answer and before she knew it I was kneeling behind Jane and fucking her. Sandy moved onto the lounge and was kissing Bob. This was all so mind-blowing. I could not cum anymore. I wanted to cum inside Jane so badly but the lure of Sandy was too much as I saw Bob slipping his finger inside Sandy's pussy. I stopped fucking Jane and moved back to Sandy doggy style again. Bob then lifted Jane into the doggy position and we were both hammering each other's wives and occasionally moved back to our own wife. I finally came (I imagined that I had no more cum left in me) followed by Bob and all fell back on to the lounge. After a while, we decided that we would go back to our rooms but Sandy came with me and Jane went with Bob. We fell asleep after kissing and quicky and some more oral sex. Bob seemed to go all night and I could hear him fucking Jane it seemed all night.

I awoke the next morning with somewhat a little hangover and alone in my bed. I slipped my shorts on and followed the noise to the kitchen where Sandy was making the coffee and I am not joking when I say this but all Sandy was wearing was some high heels and an apron. She was such a prick teaser. My cock never got so stiff so quickly! I moved up behind her and cuddled her from behind. I kissed her on the neck and pressed my cock up to her arse. Sandy knew what I wanted. I saw a little bottle of olive oil next to the stove so grabbed it and drizzled some onto my hand and rubbed it all over my cock. I asked Sandy to bend over slightly and my cock slipped into her arse with little trouble. Sandy knew exactly what to do for me and had planned the high heels and apron just for me. I proceeded to fuck Sandy as I had always imagined slowly but firmly. She knew how much I loved fucking her up the arse and made me even hornier by her moaning. I reached for the olive oil again and drizzled more onto my cock as it was sliding in and out of Sandy's arse. She really loved this too as the oil was quite cool and soothing. It seem like a short time but I came like I had never cum before, loving the feeling of leaving a load of cum inside Sandy's arse. With that finished, Sandy and I kissed some more, and I jumped into the shower. When I came out, Bob, Jane and Sandy were at the kitchen table having breakfast. Jane and I left that morning after breakfast as we had a long drive home. Jane and I had terrific sex that night although we were tired. I have spoken to both Bob and Sandy on the telephone and we are all cool about our encounter. I am sure we will continue swapping when the opportunity arises but Jane and I are now more open to openly swinging / swapping and hope to let you hear of our other encounters.