Written by Pandd2000

13 Sep 2012

It was just an ordinary Friday evening in August 2009., Ordinary with the exception that we were staying on the Gold Coast in a luxury 3 bedroom apartment and had invited a group of friends to join us for the night for dinner and a little erotic play. The women planned to dress in some sexy lingerie and the men in black.

Unfortunately only one other couple were able to join us. Don and Lilly are a couple we had met through AMM and we had joined them for dinner on two previous occasions in order to get to know each other. This was to be our third social meet.

We are Des and Tess, a middle aged couple from suburban Brisbane who have been socialising around the swinger scene for a number of years yet have never been actively involved with anyone.

The night started in a quiet manner, drinks, nibblies, small talk and so forth, each of us dressed in street clothes. At around 8:00 pm, it was decided that we need to eat so the two guys agreed to head off and organise meals etc. On return, they found the two women dressed in their finest lingerie. Lilly in a small red outfit that only partially hid her breasts and a small, see through G string and black high heels. Tess wore a new camisole, small black G String and her new deep red, thigh high leather boots.

During dinner, all was as you would expect from two couples enjoying an evening together, some risqué play and photography on the deck of the unit, enjoying the cool night air of winter on the Gold Coast. The atmosphere developed with the consumption of various alcoholic beverages.

At some point in the evening, Des spoke to Lilly quietly and talked to her about Tess and asked that Lilly "make a play" on Tess to see how Tess would react to the approaches of another woman. This was something Des and Tess had discussed a number of times previously and to this point in time, nothing had ever come of it. Tess was always insistent that she was not interested in other women. This is despite having admitted on a number of occasions that she "might be 30% Bi". It was at this point that Lilly told Des that she had an agreement with Tess that nothing sexually was going to happen that night. An agreement reached between the two women during the absence of the men. After some discussion, Lilly agreed that Tess was used to being touched etc during previous encounters with other people and agreed to go through with it.

As the evening progress, Lilly started making comments to Tess about Tess’s breasts and how they should be showing, and Tess agreed to allow Lilly to bare her breasts and have her nipples showing. Lilly rearranged Tess's clothing to allow Tess's breasts to be in full view. The sight of Lilly setting up Tess's breasts and nipples created an air of expectation amongst all.

Lilly paid compliments to Tess's breasts and asked if she could play with the nipples, Tess agreed and gently played with Tess's nipples and massaged her breasts, Tess seemed to enjoy the attention. Following on from this, Lilly asked Tess if she could kiss her, to which Tess agreed and Lilly commenced with a few light exchanges which eventually grew to more passionate exchanges. This petting continued for a while, with Lilly and Tess kissing and Lilly all the while petting Tess's breasts ad nipples, which displayed an enjoyment of the moment.

Lilly continued with the lead and suggested that Tess should allow her to remove her top, to which Tess agreed and Lilly proceeded to remove Tess's upper clothing, leaving Tess dressed only in her small, black G string and those magnificent red boots. More kissing and breasts massaging continued until Lily asked Tess to stand so that she could remove Tess's G string, Tess obliged, and as she stood there, totally naked except for the red boots, Lilly kneeled in front of Tess and massaged Tess's breasts, nipples and pussy. Through all this, Tess was totally aware of all that was happening and made no attempt to resist any of Lilly's approaches. Lilly stood and kissed Tess, Tess kissed Lilly back and eventually Lilly suggested that they should move to the bedroom, Tess agreed.

As Tess and Lilly lay on the bed, Tess in her red boot and Lilly, now dressed only in her red G string, they kissed and Lilly caressed Tess's body, responding also with her arms around Lilly's body and caressing her back, feeling Lilly's body. Don, joined the two women on the bed, moving between Tess's legs and engaging his tongue with her now, very receptive pussy. Tess reacted according and slowly moved her hips to meet Don's tongue to maximum effect. Lilly and Don worked together to provide maximum stimulation to Tess's body.

Tess broke out with a series of moans and eventually yelled with passion as she had a massive orgasm, the first for the night ...... "Did we upset you?" Lilly and Don said. "NO, I didn't realise it was so good!" was Tess's immediate response.

As the events progressed, with Lilly continuing to tease and caress Tess's body and Don moving between licking Tess's very wet pussy, to kissing her and teasing her body with his hands, Lilly whispered to Tess "This wasn't going to happen. What happened to our ground rules?". " It was totally off my radar!" said Tess, as she continued to embrace Lilly's body and returning the many kisses that Lilly was giving her. As they continued, Lilly kissing Tess and rubbing her breasts, Don continued to lick Tess's pussy and so forth. Tess Kissed Lilly and Don back in return and kissed harder as Lilly put her right hand into Tess's pussy and played while D also licked and sucked.

Lilly put her leg over Tess and rubbed her crotch against Tess's hip. Tess reciprocated by rubbing her hands over L Lilly's body, kissing her in return, all the while thrusting her hips back and forth in response to Don's tongue in her pussy.

Lilly moved to replace Don at Tess's pussy and began to rub Tess while Don moved up to kiss Tess and rub his hands over her body, tummy and breasts. Lilly worked and opened Tess's pussy lips wide so she could get her tongue deep inside Tess’s wet pussy. "Wonderful" said T, "Never, never ever ..... !!". Tess moaned with the pleasure of what she was receiving, groaning with the pleasure and panting, breathless she felt D's hand on her pussy while Lilly played with her.

Lilly took a vibrator handed to her by Des, who during all this had been photographing the activities on digital camera, and told Tess that she had it. Lilly inserted the vibrator into Tess and began to work it. "Never within my life ......" said Tess, "Never thought it would be so good". "Is this fine?" asked Lilly. "Fine? ...... More than fine!" responded Tess.

Lilly climbed aboard Tess and rubbed her body on Tess's as if is the vibrator was part of her and thrust the vibrator further into Tess. Tess Moaned at the ecstasy of it.

Lilly laid on Tess, with the vibrator fully inserted and kissed Des, then kisses Tess, and they all embrace , kissing, rubbing each other's bodies and Tess experiences the full thrust of there passions. Body against body, tit against tit, they writhed together.

Lilly began to suck on Tess's tit's while Don removes his shirt, watching as Lilly gently grips Tess's nipples with her teeth and tugs at them. Don and Lilly then take a nipple in each hand and tug at them. "Never, never ever ....!" moans Tess. "Des always told me to be ........!" Tess says in an almost inaudible voice as she enjoys the attention given to her by Lilly and Don.

Lilly continues to play in T's wet cunt with the vibrator, while Don caress's Tess's body, sucking her tits, then Lilly licks Tess's cunt lips, Don continues to tease Tess's nipples and kiss her. Don then invites Des to become involved. Des agrees and then joins in and begins to also caress Tess, sucking on Tess's tits, while caressing Lilly's buttocks. Des kisses Tess and caresses her as he removes his own G string.

Tess begins to play with Des's cock, feeling it harden in her hand, as Don removes his G string. Don and Des, both now fully naked, continue to play with and Tease Tess's body, "You've wanted this forever ..... I have never trusted anyone like you, ..... you know that!" says Tess.

Don and Des then each take a nipple in their mouths and suck on Tess's nipples and breasts. Tess moans with delight, ... "Never ever had two men at once in my whole life." says Tess. "..... I can't believe it" Tess exclaims, as she moans in total ecstasy.

"That Ok?", says Lilly, after she had sucked on Tess's pussy lips and played with Tess. "Yes, .. Oh God Yes" says Tess as she writhes, totally swamped in the pleasure of what she is feeling. "Is the anything that you don't want?" asked Lilly. "No!, .. I want everything!" says Tess, "I just can't believe what is happening to me , I just like everything, I just like everything, there is nothing that I don't like, I can't believe, I can't believe it, mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm. mmmmmm, ........!!".

More moaning as Don, Des and Lilly all work on Tess's body. "This is ...beautiful" says Tess. "Des always wanted me to have two cocks" says Tess, as she plays with the two men. Don and Des, continue to play with Tess's tits, suck her nipples and kiss her.

The two men reposition Tess on the bed, Des kneels beside her and allows Tess to take his cock into her mouth. Des asked Don to kneel on the other side. Tess switches from Des to Don, and then takes his cock in her mouth, Tess holds Don's bum cheeks to pull him in further, the then switches back to Des, as he also places his hand on her wet, wanting cunt to tease her while she sucks on him.

Tess then takes both cocks into her mouth and sucks them before Des, moves around between her legs, parting them to allow his cock to rub against her wet cunt, he forces himself inside her, lift her legs up and over his shoulder, then holding an ankle in each hand, he spreads her legs, opening up Tess to the full thrust of his cock as it is buried deep inside her, all the while, she continues to suck on Don's cock, enjoying both at the one time. Des, then removes his cock and sucks her cunt while Tess sucks Don's cock. "mmmmOooohhh, oooo", the moans of ecstasy just keep coming from Tess as she pulls Don in closer to her mouth and wraps her legs around Don to pull him harder into her throbbing pussy.

Des once again inserts his cock into her and thrusts as hard as he can, Tess's legs wide open and knees bent. Lilly, standing watching, tells Tess, "These boots weren't made for walking, ...... they were made for fucking!!!". "Can I come inside you?" Des asks, ..... "Ooooh yes", Tess replies "Yes!" Tess then feeling the force of his cum entering her .......

The night continues as Lilly, Don and Des all work to make the evening a joy for Tess. Tess lays there, head on Lilly's breasts, watching Don working between Lilly's legs, licking and sucking Lilly's pussy, giving Lilly the pleasure of the evening. "I want to see Des do that" says Tess. Des moves into Lilly, firstly kissing her mouth, enjoying the woman, before slowing moving down and sucking Lilly's breasts and hard nipples and eventually stopping at Lilly's warm pussy. Des inserts his tongue into Lilly’s and enjoys the taste of the woman, all the while being watched by Tess. "I loved watching what you did to Lilly", says Tess, remembering watching Des licking and sucking on Lilly’s cunt.

Tess moves over, onto Lilly and takes one of Lilly's nipples in her mouth and gently sucks on it. Enjoying it more, Tess opens her mouth and takes more of Lilly's breast between her lips and sucks harder on them. Tess enjoys the first feel of another woman's breast in her mouth and continues sucking, licking and enjoying the feel of a woman. Tess's hands caress Lilly's body and slowly move down Lilly's body, moving into the area of Lilly's wet pussy, caressing Lilly's inner thighs.

They lay in quiet as Tess, laying between Don and Lilly, gently caress each other in quiet solitude, Tess sandwiched between Don and Lilly, facing Lilly... "Don whispers into Tess's ear, "You're bi-sexual". Tess exclaims ...... "I have a label". When asked what the label, is, she replies "Don says I am bi-sexual!” Lilly responds, " ... and it is all my fault" ....... "Yes, it is all Lilly's fault" exclaims Tess.

The night continues until 3:30am when all parties retire for the night. Tess and Des lay in their bed, wrapped in each others arms, feeling totally satisfied with the past events. Lily and Don retire to their own room for their own lovemaking before succumbing to the need for sleep. The time ..... 3:45 am.

Tess continues to enjoy the memories of the experience ........!!